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Pretty Pictures, Not Pretty Work Out, and Three Other Things.

One: Last weekend, I was in the good ole’ Illinois farmland for one of my best friend’s Bridal Shower. I am so thrilled for her and excited for the upcoming wedding. We were even able to do some really beautiful photoshoot of her and of her sister and the two of them together. You can see some of this here and here from earlier in the week. But I am holding off on sharing more just because I didn’t want to inundate you with so much pretty at once! Seriously, what a dream.

alexisfree people miss american pie 1Bridal Shower Jord

Two: Confession time, you guys. So this wedding is pretty close and I kind of put off getting my dress altered because of stupid insecurities and this new medicine I am on that has me gaining weight. But the good news is that I discovered that during my move I donated the shoes I had planned on wearing with this dress so I had to get news ones (which kind of seems like bad news because I am in a complete spending freeze but for this wedding) but they are the perfect height so I don’t need to get the dress altered. I also finally got my “styling details” down for this boho chic affair with help from my roommate and Bauble Bar. I’ll be sharing some inspo and hints next week because even though this is not my normal go-to style, they are all pieces that will amp up my own wardrobe which is always nice…because I am the kind of ride or die bridesmaid that will buy a specific look for you even if I will never wear it again in my life. So, yay!

Three: My roommate bought a ballet bar on Craig’s List and also a subscription to Physique and we are doing the Get Fit Fast 2 Week Challenge on our lunch breaks. It is super challenging. My understanding is that it is Pure Barre on steroids but I am sure I will have some Pure Barre purists (haha) disagree. Whatever. It is super hard. But it feels so good when I’m done. It’s also a workout compatible with my illness. Still loving riding my bike too!


I’m NeenBee on Snap!

I’ve had it forever but I have been hesitant to share it publically but oh, whatever.

Four: I finally bought a bra that fit me. And the crowd goes wild.

Five: I just bought some nectarines and I hope they are juicy and delicious.

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Back for Five on Friday.

It’s Friday and I’m blogging again so yes, we are doing five on Friday. Wahoo!

1. I made the Bridal Shower invites for my friend and just did the Baby Shower invites for another friend. I am really loving the process of this (and I think I am pretty good at it). I love taking their vision or theme or ideas or even just color and vibe and turning it into something. I’ll figure out a way to change the important details (stalkers need not show up to these events LOL) so you can see once their events pass because I don’t want to ruin any surprise either.

2. Want a preview of something coming to the blog next week?5Also, I love paper goods a lot. And macarons.

3. Confession: I have found myself out in the ‘burbs more often. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing my family. But I do not love showing up at the doctor and at 9 a.m. on Saturday in the ‘burbs only to be told and to realize that my appointment is next week. Bug thumbs up, Nina. Way to go!

4. If you read yesterday’s post, you may have seen that I am kind of getting obsessed with biking (I’ll call it cycling when I have more experience. Ha! I don’t feel like I have the right yet!) I was able to get my pretty cream bike with birthday money (along with a trainer for inside because my birthday was in February and I had to be able to ride inside). But now that I am riding outside, I have a really geeky wish list that includes the most amazing helmets, several locks (bike stealing is a major thing here in Chicago), and special bolts for my wheels so no one can remove them. Basically, you probably aren’t interested.

5. I’m not able to see my mom this mother’s day because of this Bridal Shower that is at the opposite end of the state. I will miss her so much. I mean, I miss her all the time but I’m bummed we won’t get to spend the day together.

These pictures were each taken at the end of our senior years of high school. Nuts, right?momandmeI told you I was back for real!

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1. I think something may be happening. Some may call it adulthood. Clutter and stuff that needs to be picked up is now starting to get to me. I mean, let’s be real. I am still a mess in a lot of ways because now I can close my bedroom door. But my room has yet to get crazy messy and I have cleaned it weekly since moving (some people are so not impressed by this). But in the front room, I really try to keep it nice. Is this growing up? I don’t know. I am not the person to ask.livingroom6

2. You guys. You may have noticed that Target released a new brand called Pillowfort. So, it’s for children, a much less expensive amalgam of Land of Nod and PB Teen. But here is what I am going to tell you: it’s amazing. And just because it is for kids does not mean you can’t bring a bit of whimsy to your life and home. Seriously, though.

3. I need to figure out the brake situation on my bike. It is so tight that the front wheel doesn’t turn so I can’t ride it outside and the weather is finally starting to be nice. I can ride it inside because the front wheel doesn’t move when it is on the trainer. So if anyone is a bicycle-brake-specialist…Ha.livingroom

4. I’m selling an iPhone 5s. It’s in perfect condition because if you know me, you know I am insane about my electronics and protecting them. There is also a rifle paper company case that I would throw in that I only used for 1 month before my upgrade. If you are interested, let me know! According to my friend who works at Verizon, I should ask $250 (I’m throwing in the case because I mean…what am I going to do with it? and shipping).

5. I miss The Mindy Project.mindygifchoc

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Faux Marble for the Win.

No doubt: marble is in. I think it has to do with how clean and luxurious it looks at the same time. And while I’d love to add some real marble to my life, it just isn’t in the cards at this point. Thankfully, the marble trend is so on point that the faux marble items look incredible at great prices (four of the five things I have my eye on are from Target!). Faux Marble for the Win, y’all!

One | Square Copper Tray with Marble Inlay

I love this one. I can imagine it on my coffee table with candles and flowers.

Two | Marble Computer Cover

I am all about protecting my computer (I am a little bit intense about it if you know me. Ha!) and the marble trend for Mac has been going on for some time. I can dig it.

Three | Wood and Marble Cheese Tray

I would lay out my current favorite cheese (this white cheddar I found by accident) and pour some wine and enjoy. I’d also take some killer Instagram photos with this (is this too much?). Honestly, I think I would leave it in the center of the kitchen table at all times.

Four | Copper and Round Marble Side Table

I love the look of this. I saw it in person and once again, I was so impressed with Target!

Five| Square Copper Tray with Marble Inlay

This is actually coming to live in the new apartment soon. It fits right up against the couch for the perfect perch for food or wine or a nice book but takes up minimal space in the room. Plus, it is so rich looking. Give me the heart eye emoji!

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I’m Back, Back Again.

I had something else planned for today but then two things–two people left this earth–and I changed my mind. So next week, I’ll be showing you some before and afters of the new apartment, the little changes we’ve made, and where we still have to go but for now (basically, things will be back to normal around these parts with some exciting content, you know what I’m saying?).

Here are my five things on Friday.one
David Bowie.

I always liked Bowie (even though Labyrinth scared me a bit) but I remember distinctly when a friend in high school burned his first album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust. The whole album, from start to finish, is incredible. I mean it: every single song. As an artist, a musician, a song writer, and from all accounts, as a man, David Bowie was legendary for a reason. A lot of people my age aren’t super familiar with him and for that, I’m truly sorry because he was such an artist. If you haven’t listened to the album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust do yourself a favor and do. You will not regret it.Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 12.59.30 PM

twoAlan Rickman.

You probably know I am a huge Harry Potter fan but I have adored Alan Rickman since I was little and watched Die Hard with my dad and brother. He was always just this fantastic actor to me. So when I found out he would be playing Professor Snape, I was so thrilled (also I am a nerd who rereads the books every single year).

I know so many people that for them, that’s who he was–Snape–but he also was iconic in Sense and Sensibility and other great films. When I read what Emma Thompson wrote (a close friend and co-star of Rickman’s in Sense and Sensibility and Love, Actually), I cried real tears.

Both of these men just seemed timeless to me, never old, never young.

I’m well aware I knew neither of them and yet I do feel something. I can’t imagine what their families are going through…the people who knew them both as men and fathers and husbands and also the legends that they also were.

For Alan:wands

threeThings have been off lately.

Everyone says moving is hard. Often times, it is categorized with death and divorce. Having gone through those things in different capacities, I can say it is not as bad as that but it definitely is not easy. I feel bad even complaining because I am in such a good situation now and I happy about that.

But unpacking and figuring things out, creating a new routine, while catching a bit of a sniffle (my theory is that it is just my body reacting to normal Chicago winter temps that we are experiencing for the first time this seasons), has had me feeling off and a bit uninspired.

Then there is the thing of which I cannot talk about which really took the wind out of my sails (honestly, I think that is mostly to blame…In fact, I am nearly positive). When I can share it, I will because I think it is a story worth telling but I just can’t yet for legal reasons which sounds serious.

I was talking to a friend who is also going through a certain other unrelated legal hullabaloo. But we both talked about how draining it is, how in the mornings we wake up with dread in our stomachs.

I really need to give it to God. I know this. There are just constantly moving pieces so I am going to have to do be doing that continually.

Especially because this is my year of gumption:gumption

fourSo many January Birthdays.

So many of my friends and my family have January birthdays it is a bit insane. The pro is that I oftentimes combine their Christmas gift with their birthday gift (which I know some January people actually hate because they get the shaft) but in my case, with my budget, it actually allows me to get them something nicer. I actually do add the two budgets together. Ha!

But man, every morning I wake up and I feel a slight panic at the thought that I may have forgotten someone. So far, so good though. But to all my lovely January born friends and family, I do so love you and am grateful you were born.

fivePreview of my room.

You guys!!!!!!




Rug | Target (aff)    


Carpi Blue Volcano Candle (Best Ever)
| Anthro (aff)    


Carpi Blue Volcano Reed Diffuser (Best Ever) | Anthro (aff)   


Tables | Ikea    


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