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If You Want to Read What I’ve Written Lately, Here You Go

As much as I love freelance writing (and I do love it), you haven’t seen me as often in this space. I am sorry for that but you can read some things I have written lately.


Mary Tyler Moore, Trailblazer

A Letter to the Baby Boomers From a Struggling, Positive Millennial

A Year of Dating Apps: The ROI

The Real Costs of Living in La La Land

That’s just a taste from one publication. Love ’em or hate ’em, I am loving writing.


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What is Fear Keeping You from Trying?

What is fear keeping you from tryingI am going to level with you. I wanted to start my own business for quite some time. I knew I had the tools to provide my clients with what they would need. I knew I was smart and capable in that area. I knew I was good at the job. I was always willing to invest in learning how to be even better in that area too. Now, nearly a year in, it’s so ridiculous to admit the reason why I waited to start my own marketing business.

Quarterly Taxes.

Or least what quarterly taxes represented to me personally.I know. It’s embarrassing. I would love to put the emoji of the monkey covering his eyes here. I remember doing some research about starting my own business and beginning to freelance and I read about quarterly taxes. Um, at the time, it took every part of me to get myself together to do my own. I mean, I had to motivate myself for weeks in order to spend a day doing it. And now quarterly taxes?!

I know. It’s embarrassing. I would love to put the emoji of the monkey covering his eyes here. I remember doing some research about starting my own business and beginning to freelance and I read about quarterly taxes. Um, at the time, it took every part of me to get myself together to do my personal taxes (and still an accountant helped me). I mean, I had to motivate myself for weeks in order to spend a day doing it. And now quarterly taxes?!

Um. I will continue to work in the corporate world, thank you. So I told myself.

Quarterly Taxes also represented a whole other part of my own business that scared me, a fear that probably dates back to some high school math teacher. I’m great at thinking of creative and innovative ways to market for my clients and then executing those plans. But numbers? Figuring out my overhead? No one ever taught me to balance my checkbook! Could I do those things? Back then, I told myself that I could not.

So I put the dream off…over a fear that is pretty easily conquered. I mean, all I needed to do was some research, talk to as many experts as I could, be a sponge, and get organized (whether that was software or something else). Basically, all I had to do was the same things I do when I learn any new skill (and I love learning! That’s the thing that kills me when I think about it now: I love learning about anything! Why would this new arena be an exception?) but it held me back. I believed the lie that I was incapable for far too long.

I’m writing this post after spending an hour getting the month of April reconciled in QuickBooks (a seriously amazing tool…if you are interested in it for your business, please ask me about it. I know someone who not only sells it but helps you to be successful with the software. She cares about your success. Also, please know I get NOTHING out of mentioning this or her. But I believe in this software and I believe in this expert. She is such a gem. It’s been a great tool!)

I’m doing it, you guys. It’s still not my favorite thing in the world to do. But I’m capable. I’m doing the same things I did when I wanted to learn something creative, like photography:

  • I got my hands on as many books as possible (I am a reader so…)
  • I spoke with experts
  • I took classes
  • I tried to be a sponge in every way and with everyone I talked to
  • I sought out advice and asked for help when I needed it
  • I got the necessary tools for me to be successful once I knew a little bit of what I was doing and then learned more through those tools

I think we all have those little lies that keep us from attempting our bigger dreams. I’m sorry I wasn’t good at precalc (let alone calc) but that does not disqualify me from running my own business (including the numbers side of things!). I would say I wish I would have realized this earlier but God’s timing is the best timing and I was learning more about my chosen profession (the non-numbers side) in those years so it all worked out.

There are still days when my eyes are bleary from staring at numbers but that isn’t where I spend the majority of my time. It’s not my favorite thing to do but I am capable.

I am capable.

Meanwhile, I am still growing my business. If you would like more info, email me.

What’s holding you back, big or small, from trying that new thing?





P.S. For me, online dating fell into this category too but I’m not ready to write a blog post about it yet. 😉

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Bex and Scott Photo Shoot | NB Creative Inc.

Bex and Scott

Ask my mom or anyone who has known me my whole life: I love anything creative. One day I decided I wanted to learn to knit so I found someone to teach me. Another day I started to make quilt squares though I never quilted before (and confession: that quilt is still unfinished). When I started blogging, it was all about the writing. I liked thinking of creative ideas and photographs that could go with my entries. Then, I started to enjoy the graphic design and photography aspect of it. I took classes. I’ve gotten better. I decided I wanted to do photography as more than just a hobby around the same time that I decided I was going to start really putting effort into freelance writing and marketing (and other things too!).

Thus, NB Creative, Inc. was born out of passion and hustle and pure love for creating and writing. Be sure to check it out for more info and see other photo clients (more to come!).

I work with companies and I also work one on one with clients depending on their needs. You can read more about NB Creative, Inc. here.

But after I took those photography classes, I begged my friends and family and network: let me take your photos and I will give them to you for free. I recognize (because I am this way) that photography is incredibly important in capturing life’s important moments and there was no way I would feel comfortable doing that and taking money from someone until I had lots of practice. I still have a long way to go but my fees are low and I go above and beyond.

Bex and Scott have been together for five years and married for two. I was visiting her in Florida around the time of their second anniversary and since they had just moved to this new land, Bex had a vision for some photographs. I added what I could and we collaborated.

If you know me, you know I am a perfectionist. We happened to get her all gussied up and ready minutes before a storm rolled in (I did her makeup which will be on her sometime in August). Not only did I have to rush but the light was dimming. If the timing would have worked, we would have waited until after the storm passed because the sky was gorgeous. But that’s the perfectionist in me. Bex assures me that she loves them and even her husband loves him which, she says, is harder to accomplish. She says they are some of their favorite photos of the two of them in five years which means a lot.

I love this couple, the way they love one another, and the way they love others. Without further ado, Bex and Scott Photo Shoot:Bex and Scott 1

Bex and Scott 2

Bex and Scott 3

Bex and Scott 4

Bex and Scott 5

Bex and Scott 6

Bex and Scott 8

Bex and Scott 10Yes, I work with photography clients and I love it. The majority of my freelance business is writing–working with brands and companies where I write blogs and other marketing materials for their own brand and sites, help with SEO & social media, marketing, graphic design and more. For more info on either of these things, visit NB Creative, Inc.

I hope you love the photos of Bex and her man. Aren’t they dreamy?




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