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The Christmas List.

This year, not unlike last year, I have found surprising comfort in Christmas traditions including making the Christmas List. Yeah, I get it. It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. But last year, after the election, my roomie and I could barely pick ourselves up (both literally and figuratively). We struggled hard. In the end, it wasn’t a person or thing that got us off our respective couches but rather Christmas lights, songs, baking, festive jammies, and decorating the apartment. We created the homiest and most cheerful of places to bundle ourselves in and we hoped that some Christmas magic could propel us forward while buffering us from what was going on outside our make-believe snowglobe. And it did in a way. Listening to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” on repeat, we let both the melancholy and yearning in the song move us along like something floating in the ocean.

It wasn’t graceful or perfect. There was no moment where we were better (I’ll let you know when that happens). But honestly, I don’t know what would have happened without those Christmas touchstones we surrounded ourselves with. So I’m doing it again. And from what I see on social media or simply driving down the street, I’m not alone. It seems like a lot of people are immersing themselves as early as possible in the season. That includes gifting. I love giving gifts so much and in my family, we are really asked to provide what we’d like within certain budgets for different people.

I’m not ignoring what’s going on in the world. I can’t. And yes, I’m posting about my Christmas list (it does have affliate links by the way). If nothing else, making it was a brief escape for my mind so I could have enough reserves to engage in the ongoing work. I just want to be super clear that this is not the time to completely avoid hard topics. We all have to engage in whatever ways we can when we can.


1. Letterfolk Felt Boards: This list is in no particular order but I really want this one. Ideally, I’d like the bigger one but also, I like to give price options. So I’d also love the smaller one. I’m digging gray but there is also black and white. Either way, I have just the place to put it.

2. Diorshow Mascara: Yeah, I like an expensive mascara and I swear by it. I typically like to ask for it for Christmas so my family has something to get me that I really use very regularly (I’d say every day but as a writer, I’m not putting on makeup every day…not going to lie to you).

3. Kate Spade Leopard iPhone 7 Case: I had this case for my old phone (it didn’t fit this newer one) and I loved the way my gold phone looked in it. It was just very me (or one facet of me). Love leopard? I put together some of my favorite leopard items here.

4. Sunday Riley Good Genes: I have fallen in love with this skincare brand. I actually tried this lactic acid treatment in this kit which was amazing because I also love the Luna Night Oil. But the investment for the full size is so worth it. I will definitely use this every day. They also now have another kit option with this and their vitamin c treatment that I love, love, love for skin brightening (The kit is called Pretty Bright Thing so…). That combo is bomb. But I’ve gone through Good Genes the quickest.

5. Savor It All Keepsake Box: So they have these for weddings, births and babies, and school years for the kids. I am just obsessed. I am so nostalgic so if without guidance I am sure I will hoard everything from the wedding. I love the idea of having all the important things organized in one place. I found this on the Home Edit’s Instagram. If you don’t follow them, they are amazing. Seriously. #Goals

6. Lorac Mega Pro Palette 4: When I was in college I had a Lorac Palette that my mom gifted me for Christmas. It seriously had the perfect colors for me and I kept it way longer than one should until my favorite colors were dust. Since then, I am always on the lookout for that perfect combo of colors in a palette. I didn’t find them until this (and it is on sale). This would literally replace every eyeshadow palette I have. Lorac shadows are also just great. I’m so excited about this and the makeup purge that would happen if I do get it. (For family members reading, I am 99% positive someone bought this for me already so…)

7. Sunday Riley UFO Set: Like I said, I love Sunday Riley. My skin has greatly improved. But I’d love to try this set specifically for acne prone skin (when will the threat of acne leave me?). These kits give you so much product for the money and allow you try someone. I am dying to try a Sunday Riley mask so this one seems ideal for me.

8. Lush Sleep Lotion: This has a cult following. People swear that you put this on and fall asleep 15 minutes later. So I am really hoping Santa puts this in my stocking. (And I also may gift it!).

9. Anthropologie Capri Blue Silver Candle: I don’t think there’s any question that I love this candle. It’s probably the one consistent thing I have talked about since this blog’s inception. Gah. But I love this scent so much. I have been keeping and collecting the jars of these for years (the $28.00 size) and last year when my roomie saw how many I had, she was ready to get the garbage bag. I was like, “No!” When she wanted to know why, I told her I would use them in my wedding. I hadn’t even met C yet and I wasn’t the type to have any picture of what my wedding would even be then! Ha. So now, I just need a few more once I collect from relatives (since getting engaged I have gifted this candle to people and been like, so there’s one catch. Can you give it back to me once you’re done with the candle? How ridic.) I’m so close to having enough for one at each table as a part of the centerpiece look. Plus, again, this is only my favorite scent in the world so I’d love to burn it for the sheer pleasure of that in the house.

Tell me what is on your list because I always have family members demanding I get a list together (which is so sweet) and it’s sometimes hard to come up with things. That’s why as many gift guides that there are this time of year, and yeah, I do get burned out on them, I still find them useful a lot of the time. So yeah, what are you asking Santa for?


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Treat Yo’ Self for Valentine’s Day.

Heart Jammies Set | Shine Bright Mug | Ugg Luscious Robe
Roses Candle | Monogrammed Business Card Holder
Fresh Sugar Lip | Volupsa Amaranth + Jasmine | Donut You Love Me Jammies
XO Journal | Heart Dressy Sweatshirt | Philosophy Grace Set
Treat Yo’ Self Reusable Bag | Follow Your Heart Throw Pillow | Heart Dressy Sweatshirt (aff)

Growing up my parents would always give us a little something on holidays like Valentine’s Day. These gifts were never lavish; that wasn’t the point. It was just something special between us that made us feel loved and remembered. It was usually a card and maybe chocolate. It depended.

Except the one year where I accidentally was given Hunter’s Boots.

I was flipping through a random catalogue of things and saw these light pink rain boots. I thought they would be so cute for Valentine’s Day. My parents were divorced at that point and so I knew my dad may need some help when it came knowing what to get. So, from this catalogue, where I saw the price as $28.00, I pointed them out to him. I told him maybe he could get them for me for my birthday but in time for Valentine’s Day.

I did not know I pointed out kids boots.

I didn’t even know what Hunter’s were back then in High School.

(If I did know, I probably wouldn’t have chosen light pink.)


[Darling] Rainy Daze ☔️☔️☔️ #theeverygirl #theeverydayproject #chicagoblogger

A photo posted by Nina B. (@nbwearsflowers) on

Not knowing any of this, on Valentine’s Day morning my dad gave me the boots. I was so excited to wear them. “You know,” he told me. “The ones you showed me in the catalogue were for little kids.”

I was shocked but also laughed at my mistake (I must have said: how dumb of me! I’m so sorry!). Remember…I had no idea what Hunter’s were or what they were priced. My dad just told me, “It’s been a tough year and so I went ahead and got them anyway but I want you to know those are really, really, really nice rain boots.”

Please insert the laughing, crying emoji here. Also an applause emoji for my dad. To this day, no matter if I have been dating someone or not in February, that Valentine’s Day present from my dad is the most lavish. It was one of the roughest years for our family so I’ll also never forget it.

(For the record, we are back to a simple card on Valentine’s Day from Dad. Ha!)

All that to say, Valentine’s Day is in the middle of the worst part of winter, when you’re dying for Spring without Christmas to look forward too. Snow has turned dingy. If you live in Chicago, you know you have a minimum of two months (but probably three or four) of gray, cold, winter. Maybe there is someone your life sending you flowers; maybe there isn’t. Who the heck cares? Treat yo’ self for Valentine’s Day. Or you know, here are some great gift ideas for people you love.

I picked things that I want to curl up with–whether it’s a mug or the cutest jams (or these or these) with a luxurious robe and a beautiful smelling candle (or this one) curled around a pillow.

There are practical things too, like the reusable bag. As for the business card holder, let me just tell you, it’s SO practical. When I switch purses, mine goes with me along with my keys and wallet so I am never without my cards…but mine is a couple year’s old and banged up a bit. Everyone needs a journal, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to spoil your body too. Your lips are seriously missing out if they have never tried Fresh’s Sugar Lip (there are a ton of colors including clear). I live for it. And this Philosophy Grace Set is an anniversary set and on sale. I love this chic sweatshirt because I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve…just on my entire torso (laughing so hard at my cheese factor there…).

Maybe you’ll buy a little something for yourself. Maybe you’ll subtly point something out to your significant other. I just want you to know that everything is adult sized and adult priced.




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DIY Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes.

DIY Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes 3Living a studio apartment, there aren’t many ways to hide things (like messes or even organized piles and files). Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to get more organized. Enter: storage boxes that I can easily fit on top of my book cases. Of course, I fell in love with the Kate Spade storage boxes that were outrageously expensive (like…$54.00 for the nesting boxes). I could not afford them and yet I was seeing them more and more on Pinterest. People were making similar ones themselves so I thought I would give it a go. I knew I wanted to do the bold stripe and then decided on a dalmatian print.


What do you need to make boxes inspired like those?
-Boxes (the smaller ones I used and the larger ones both come in pairs, the smaller pair is $10 and the bigger pair $20)
-Painting Tape
-Oil Based Sharpie in Black (and white…if you want to fix a mistake or two) (I got this pack)
-Oil Based Sharpie in Gold (for the accents…a marker is easier than paint)
-White Craft Paint (to fix mistakes)
-Black Craft Paint
-Paint Brush

Let’s get to it, The DIY Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes

DIY Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes 5

First, have all your supplies at the ready (that means the black paint poured out) and paint brush chosen. For the striped boxes, start with the lids to get a feeling for it because they are simplest. To divide evenly, start the tape here where the silver corner begins. See?

DIY Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes 6

Place tape on each side of the lid so there is a large white space between them. Then eye the middle area. Place tape there. You’ll have two windows that are basically equal on each side on that equator line. Tape there.

The goal here is to tape, press that tape down, and paint quickly. Because of the material of the boxes (it’s not like they are super expensive!) if the tape is on too long, it will pull off that shiny layer leaving paper. So press the edges of the tape down and paint quickly (don’t worry about the finesse, just make sure you get around the edges of the tape…I as you can see from the photos, I did not want to extend the stripes of the lid the side of the lid; I used scissors with the tape to get a clean edge). Don’t wait for the first coat to dry before you start a second coat and here is the crazy part…don’t wait for the paint to dry before removing the tape. The first time I did wait and it was a disaster.

There are pros to doing this: the lacquer doesn’t come off and the box doesn’t become papery on the black and white parts (so the straight lines don’t even matter). The con: your lines are not 100% perfect. I used the white paint to fix that issue (of course, you don’t have to use the white paint by all means, don’t!). I also used the black sharpie to create crisp lines.

For the sides, I do not recommend taping all four sides at once (I did this and disaster struck). Tape one side at a time. You’ll take two horizontal lines and keep them as even as possible. Paint and remove the tape. Let it actually dry before you move onto the next side so you can match the placement of the tape.DIY Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes 6

For the smaller boxes, I actually drew with the oil based sharpie the dalmatian print. I used a print I liked and mimicked it for awhile before I had it down. Again, I started with the flat surface of the lids.

DIY Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes 2

Use the Gold Oil Based Sharpie to color in “the hardware” and the “edges.” Decide which way you’ll have the boxes face and place the now gold “label holder” (official title?) on the appropriate side of the box.DIY Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes 1

Then start organizing! It’s more fun when you’re organizing using pretty things or is it just me? I actually ordered two more small boxes for more space. I will probably leave those white and change the silver hardware to gold.

Here is the thing: these do need a few touch ups. But the fact is, this project and I needed a break from one another because it was bringing out all my neurosis. But I love them and I am so glad I did it. I might do more. Ultimately, with the supplies I already had plus the fact that these are customized to my design aesthetic, I have so much more storage for a lot less money than if I would have gone and bought the Kate Spade Single Set of Nesting Boxes For a Lot of Money (even though I obvi love Kate Spade).

Is this a project you would try for your girl boss office storage?

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When Kate Spade Gives You Lemons Giveaway.

When Kate Spade Gives You Lemons Giveaway:

When Kate Spade gives you lemons, you get a toiletry/cosmetic travel kit that is so organized it will blow your mind. You can fit your straightener in one section of it–it’s that big. And yet, I tested it and it fits great in a carry on. I could do away with all my separate containers and just use this single one! Do you know how exciting that is? If you do, you are probably skipping this paragraph and already entered. Meanwhile, the fabric (beautiful fabric) is covered with plastic so you can simply wipe it down when your eyeshadow breaks mid flight and you open your bag upon arrival and realize: wonderful, pink dust is everywhere. That’s a wonderful thing in my opinion.lemons

You want to know what else is a wonderful thing? These ladies who are helping me give this away. I mean, listen. We are here to give you lemons, on a cosmetic bag, made my Kate Spade, and you do not need to make lemonade unless you feel like it.kslemonsAnne | Christina | Lindsay
Bex | Summer
Nina | Liz | Sheryl

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Coming at you this week is a beautiful makeover and finally the reveal and tutorial for the faux Kate Spade storage boxes that save you oodles of money and take your girlboss office to the next level. And possibly some footage from the Billy Joel concert I went to…with Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence. No, but really. Let’s get this week started.


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The Best Giveaway I’ve Ever Done | Kate Spade Coral Clutch and Other Fun Friyay Goodies.

It’s Friday and I’ve been waiting for this day so I could share this giveaway with you. So obviously that is numero uno but stay tuned for the rest of my five things.

1.Kate Spade Coral Clutchkatespadecoral2When I say this is the best giveaway I have ever been able to host (along with these lovely ladies), I truly mean it and we are so excited to share it with you. I don’t think anything could be more apropos than the words emblazoned in gold on the storage bag that the clutch comes with to house this beautiful, coral leather baby: “She tucked her coral lipstick away and floated back to the party.” 

Isn’t that darling?

So enter to win the perfect  Kate Spade coral clutch to tuck your fab coral lipstick into and float away to many summer parties.giveawayjune2015

Anne | Bex | Nina
Susannah | Lindsay | Alexis
Faith | Daisy | Liz

a Rafflecopter giveaway
2. Guys! Next week I am fulfilling a life long dream of going to Harry Potter world. Seriously. It has been on my bucket list. Expect lots of photos here and on IG and probably some tweets. If you love HP, I love you. #always

3. MEET ASHLEY!Feature Post One. I’m Ashley and I blog over at Keeping Up With Ashley and Cody. You will find a variety of posts on my blog including marriage, life in general, recommended products, tips and advice, along with community posts.

Two. These are my children Mio and Luna. Almost every month they take over the blog for a day. They are full of personality and they trust us to no end, which you can read about here.

Three. Community and Family are very important to me. I am studying to become a teacher which involves community and family to no end. Not only am I studying education, but I love reading about blogging and marriage. On my blog you will find community in various ways including guest posts in series like Learning In the Kitchen or College Survival 101; or in swaps and features of other bloggers.

Four. Cody and I got married last July 12th. We are getting ready to celebrate 1 year of marriage and 6 years of being together! We are high school sweethearts and you are sure to find him popping up on the blog through my writing. Just a little sneak peak…We are going Sky Diving to celebrate 1 year, and guess what…this will be on the blog next month.

I hope you stop by and learn a little bit more about me. I love meeting new friends so click the links and lets connect! twitter // facebook // instagram // pinterest // bloglovin

4. SAY HEYO TO LIZ! June Daisy Collage One. Hi! I’m Liz and I blog over at Baby Got B.A., where I talk about me trying to do life (not always successfully).

Two. I am a cat mama to Binx, my wonderful kitty, who was sadly just diagnosed with lymphoma.

Three. I firmly believe that What Would You Do by City High is one of the best songs ever written.

Four. I am a huge coffee fan, and recently shared my favorite cold brewed coffee method.

Nina here. Liz also wrote one of my favorite blog posts I have read in a long time: Why I don’t Care that Nobody Reads my Blog.

5. You can check out a post I wrote for Cassie on the scariest and most important story I ever told today. There is also a discount code over there too. And this week has been spent doing some amazing upcoming things for the blog so please stop by next week and the rest of the summer!

I love summer and Fridays! I’m linking up with Darci, Christina, Natasha, April, KarliAmy.five on fridayxo,




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