I’m in the process of getting all my freelance work on to this site. It should be ready soon.

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4 thoughts on “Writing

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  2. Sasha from UIUC (Art History)

    Nina, your blog is inspiring. Firstly, I am so glad to see that you are out here in San Francisco too doing your thing and making your dreams come true. Secondly, I love your gift guides and still credit you for introducing me to Lush Cosmetics (I swear by the solid shampoos and bath bombs). Lastly, keep on doing what you’re doing because I can see you’re doing it right. Best of luck with everything! Hope you and your family are well.

    1. Nina Post author

      Thank you so much, Sasha!! I so appreciate your words. I’m just trying to do me and the fact that it is Inspiring means the world to me. Shoot me an email? Where are you? What are you doing? Please keep reading and commenting. It means a lot!!


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