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A Perfect, But Easy Margarita.

Confession: I’ve never had a margarita. I didn’t think Tequila was my thing. New Confession: I just needed to try good Tequila. Enter: Agavero Orange and Gran Centenario.IMG_1563

My girlfriends and I were meeting to watch Luann’s one-on-one special on Bravo and this seemed like the perfect time to try my first margarita, especially since I’d have my girls to guide me. Because let’s be honest, as much as we wanted to watch this half hour special, I knew we’d spent hours just talking, laughing, and being ridiculous in the best way. IMG_1565

So, I have my girls to thank for helping me make (and drink) my first margarita.

Here’s the recipe we followed, keeping it simple. Honestly, it was so easy I can’t believe I haven’t tried it before.

1 part Agavero Orange Tequila

1.5 parts Gran Centenario

1 part Triple Sec

1/3 part Lime Juice

1/3 part simple syrup

Sugar rimmed glasses with lime for funphoto

I learned to make simple syrup from watching my friend which turns out is actually super simple. Just boil water and add sugar and stir. Once combined then let it cool so it doesn’t warm your icy and refreshing margaritaIMG_1584

As for those fun and yummy sugared rims? Cut a lime for the edge of the glass and just slide it on and turn to coat the entire rim in juice. Then remove the lime to put the glass in sugar and put the lime back on.

IMG_1564My girls were on point and now I know that I can make a margarita on my own the next time they come over. The Agavero Orange and the Gran Centenario was so smooth. Honestly, we loved it on the rocks and next time we get together after we a book signing we’re going to together, I’d like to try them frozen. We all agreed that the orange flavor was subtle and perfect since so many recipes add orange juice anyway!

I had such a good time with the girls and I needed that time. The margaritas were just an excellent (quite excellent and highly recommended) bonus!


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Yogurt to Go!

I’ve been trying to implement more protein into my diet just to feel stronger but it’s hard to do on the go! Anyone who knows me, knows I love Greek yogurt. And it may be one of my fave places to get protein. But it’s not always to easy to bring a spoon and bowl wherever I go. That’s why when C saw these Dannon® Oikos®  Nonfat Yogurt Drink 4 packs at Walmart, he picked them up for me. It was so sweet of him because, first of all, I was sick at the time, and secondly, things have been so busy lately with wedding planning.


Since he has summers off, we are trying to get as much done as possible now. And these are great because they combine a lot of the things I love in food right now: easy to grab, protein, oh yeah, and my go to fave, Greek yogurt! I’m so glad he picked these up at Walmart and I’ll definitely be going back for more.

C tried the Dannon® Light & Fit® Nonfat Yogurt Drink 4 pack (also found at Walmart…I’ll try to convince him how great Greek yogurt is when we are married. Ha!). And he says those are great too. Basically, we’ve said cheers a few time with these yogurt drinks while we are in traffic coming back from wedding vendor meetings.

Other times I have found myself grabbing them?

When I have to take the C’s dog, on a walk, as a favor, and because, you know, she’ll be my dog soon…Perfect thing to drink and walk with!


When I am busy working with a deadline and want something healthy but have no time to cook…Even though I work from home, it doesn’t mean I always have more time.


When I’ve already called for an uber or Lyft, but then I realize I’m hungry. So easy to grab!


Also, yes, in the middle of painting my nails, I found myself very hungry and I could open this yogurt drink one handed.  #winning


I’m always on the lookout for healthy items that are easy to grab and are also good for me! Use this ibotta rebate to make them even more economical.

IMG_0738Remember, you can find either of these yogurt drinks at Walmart!


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Great Protein on the Go.

This summer we’ve been way more on the go than I expected. Whether it is a trip out of state to introduce C to some of my friends (or vice versa) or just going out to the suburbs for the day to watch my little sis or just the endless errands, I’ve been out of my comfort zone more than normal. I’m also trying to eat as healthy as I can during all these transitions because I want to keep my chronic condition in check and feel my best. But there aren’t a lot of grab and go healthy options or at least ones that didn’t feel stale.24816D83-0BF1-4F87-BFB0-DABC79789986

Enter Lorissa’s Kitchen Meat Snacks. I know what you’re thinking: I got these for free and that’s why I’m talking about them. Yeah, it is why I am talking about them but I actually really like these meat protein bites. They don’t require refrigeration. They meat is responsibly raised, grass fed, nitrate free (the second can be harder to find than you think!). No antibiotics are used. There are no preservatives. And yeah, there are 11 grams of protein.

So when we went on a road trip? I brought them. When we had a pool day and people were indulging in chips and salsa (no judgment!)? I brought them. When we babysat my little sister and I had to keep up with a seven-year-old’s energy? Yes, I brought them.4F76B543-7EE0-43F1-A181-62EAD86F66A5

There are four flavors (Korean Barbeque, Sweet Chili, Szechuan Peppercorn, and Ginger Teriyaki). Currently, I’m all about the Ginger Teriyaki and I’m going to need to restock. They are so filling and savory that they really hit the spot and I don’t feel like I am missing out and yet I’m still taking care of myself on the go.IMG_1109.JPG

If you want to know more about this brand go to the Lorissa website here. It was new to me so you may way to check it out. If you just want to go ahead and purchase, you can do so here. This is my summer road trip necessity of 2017 without question!


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Boating is Best.

Growing up, for several weeks in the summer, we’d go to Michigan to stay with friends who were family. They were huge into water sports and we spent days on the beach. There’s nothing like the taste of normal old sandwich after you’ve been on the water all day, am I right? With windblown hair that looks nothing like the commercials but is worth is because a day on the water is pure liquid gold.

The summers of my childhood were always marked by these trips. I was trying to keep up with other kids who did their water sports and boating the whole year. But I did my best.


I would go to sleep, exhausted in the best way. There was a kind of pure happiness that came from the water. And it’s summertime again, and just like when I was a kid, I am longing for some boat time. So where do I go (as I live in Chicago)? Well, there are plenty of water related activities to find local to me (and to you wherever you are) here at Discover Boating. You can sign up for their newsletter so you really know what’s what. And if you’re lucky enough to have the boating itch so badly you want to buy a boat, Discover Boating has that info too.

BTW, Discover Boating is an unbiased just source of information about this stuff for people like me who just love being on the water.

All I know is that I have some HUGE news to celebrate with you guys and it has me longing for some time on the water to relax, unwind, and remember life’s simple pleasures. If you know about my news, you know how important and excited I am. I want time to stand still.

Life has a way of doing that on the water.IMG_2024

So, whether you’re like me and just like being out there, or you are looking to vacation, check out Discover Boating.


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Satisfy Your Cravings with a Healthy Indulgence with Kemps Yo2 Frozen Yogurt.

You all know that I am all about being healthy…but I also have a major sweet tooth. My mom is the same way and so when she came to visit, we had to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings with something delicious while also keeping our health in mind. Enter Kemps Yo2 Frozen Yogurt.IMG_8105

We tried four flavors but you can see our two absolute faves in the video and pictures: Chocolate Peanut Butter and Rasberry Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt (although all of them are delicious…try the Cold Brew if you especially love coffee).

I also LOVE the clean label. There is NO high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, and of course, no artificial growth hormones. Eating clean is important to me but I also like to indulge. IMG_0844

Want to try it? Go to Jewel (okay, I love Jewel…it’s where I do my weekly grocery shopping) and while you’re at it use this coupon! Check out the ice cream aisle but keep it healthier with Kemps Y02 Frozen Yogurt!IMG_0384
What flavor would you try? And don’t forget the coupon!

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