Friday Confessions.

Yo, here are some Friday Confessions that I puked on to the computer screen. Please take them with a grain of salt. 😉

Confession: The IRS strikes fear in me FOR NO REASON. Because I am the ultimate rule follower. And yet, I cannot think of anything scarier at this exact moment that I am typing. Except ya know, the political climate, health issues friends are dealing with, saying goodbye to a loved one, and actual things that make sense to be scared of.

Confession: I have been in the word daily again (I’ve been so bad at it for months and months and months) and It’s been so fruitful. Like, why do I think I can make it on own…ever? Just wondering. I annoy myself. Often.

Confession: it really annoys me when people drive while doing Instagram Stories or Snapchat. I’m not calling anyone out; but just generally, why are you driving and videoing? I get that some people are parked. But I can see the trees and other cars passing in the window! And I am sure some people live in more rural areas where there are country roads so it isn’t quite what I am imagining as someone who lives in Chicago. But it makes me so nervous, both for the person videotaping and also other people on the road. If it is illegal to text then it should be illegal to do this, even if your phone is attached the dash. But like, I just found out the GOP passed the tax bill in the House so this is all coming out way more intense than it should.

Confession: Getting back into blogging has been harder than expected. I don’t know how I used to post content five days a week. I truly don’t get it. I mean, a lot of my emotional labor is being used right now to not freak out about stuff constantly on the news and so I get it. It’s hard to realize that so much changed for so many of us last November and we are all just dealing. It isn’t even all politics. I can only handle so much when it comes to these men of power abusing women as someone who was abused. It can be too much sometimes.

Confession: I organized the apps on my phone by color while I was sick. It was at the point when you’re just well enough to be bored but still sick enough to be in bed. I like the way it looks and actually, I worried about finding stuff but it’s going okay. 

Confession: I decorated for Christmas and I don’t even care. I wrote about why here. It brings me joy. I said to a dear friend the other day, “Jesus and twinkle lights are getting me through.”

Confession: So I thought the worst part of wedding planning would be all the big decisions but it’s not. It’s all the little operational things. It’s finding out from the location how long the aisle is via email so then I can call the florist and tell her. Thankfully, I am so fortunate to have people in my life who either help me or let me vent.

Confession: Still have not registered for the wedding. I’m down to the wire because my mom needs to order shower invites.

Confession: I ate way too much ice cream while sick. Because of my throat, I only ate popsicles, soup, and ice cream. And that isn’t healthy for anyone. So I really need to get it together.

Confession: Acupuncture has been helping my Fibro. So naturally, my acupuncturist is leaving the city for Wisconsin.

I’m out.

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1 thought on “Friday Confessions.

  1. Brita Long

    I’m looking forward to helping my dad decorate his house for Christmas… after Thanksgiving. 😛

    Also, I do know how I used to blog 2-3x per week. A lot of my old blog posts are 500 words or less, with a single crappy photo or graphic. Now most of my blog posts are 1500-3500 words, with 1-5 images, and at least 1 is pinnable.

    When so much of my traffic is from search engines, it just makes sense to cut back on the fluff to focus on the in-depth writing. But I feel you on emotional labor, because I’m taking a break from that in-depth writing because it’s HARD on my spirit to write so much on feminism and politics.

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