How’s Wedding Planning?

I emailed my bridesmaids a quick check in because I needed numbers for hair and makeup and one of them wrote back, “You’re so on top of planning!” and I actually started laughing aloud all by myself.  I remember when I was a senior in high school and the go-to question was: where are you going to school next year? Now, since the engagement, the question is most definitely, “How is the wedding planning going?”

No one ever asks C this. But that’s another post.Pink with Diamond Icon Photo Engagement Announcement

I have a different answer every time. Or rather, I have a different answer every time but I don’t always share that answer. Because a lot of my angst comes from how expensive everything is just because it is for a wedding. If this was just a party, the food, the drinks, the music, everything would not have, what I call, the wedding surcharge. And speaking of this budget angst, am I really going to complain when people have been very generous to me? And furthermore, I refuse to complain about wedding planning because the truth is C and I decided to get married. We also decided not to elope and have a wedding instead. We also get to plan a wedding. Like, what? Am I supposed to complain that I found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with?

And yet, I do not love wedding planning (I think I would love it more if it wasn’t my wedding). It isn’t my forte to organize something like this. I am not good at numbers so being in charge of budgets hurts my head. Logistics aren’t my forte. And I am not good at getting out of my own way and being objective about an event I am partly in charge of. But I am trying to be good at these things. I am trying not to complain. And to be very honest with you, I think most people who know me well would say I’ve been a lot more low key than expected. I know expected me to be a lot more high strung than I am.caffe6

Basically, I approach one thing at a time and just try to cross it off the list. Sometimes it goes smoothly and sometimes it doesn’t. So far, I’ve had two real panicky moments which I am going to mark as a win. What does feel weird is writing these checks for a day in March. I just want to fast forward the next six months and be walking down the aisle toward C.

If anyone has any tips for planning a wedding, I will take them.

All my love.

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3 thoughts on “How’s Wedding Planning?

  1. Sarah Olsen

    Planning a wedding is supposed to be one of the most exciting times of someones life. That being said, it can also be the most stressful. You’re mentality and ‘take a step back and REALLY look’ approach is great. One of the best tips I can offer, which at this point might be too late, is to create an email address that is strictly for the wedding. That way, you can look when you’re good and ready, at responses from vendors, with invoices, etc., vs. logging into your personal email and seeing things you’re not quite ready for. PLUS, at the end of it all, you can cancel and close your wedding address so you’re not getting all the spam emails, (which, believe me…they’re coming).

    I also found it to be beneficial to buy things for the wedding that I could use, or that I could then give out to my guests. For example, we bought 17-20 lanterns for center pieces… WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THAT MANY LANTERNS? I gave away about 15 of them the morning after my wedding — a little extra thank you to certain guests, and myself and some immediate family members how hang the same lantern from our special day. People won’t remember the linen colors, or the mini candle you gave them as a guest favor. I think it’s a very nice touch to instead leave a small note on tables saying that in lieu of wedding favors, you and your husband decided to donate an amount of money to X charity, that will benefit such and such.

    I’m rambling. But, I love sharing wedding ideas 🙂 Best of luck! XO

    1. Nina Post author

      Sarah! Those are such good tips. That email tip is sooooo good but I think I am in too deep. Any bride I ever meet in my life I will pass it along to them because it’s so smart. And actually, C and I are doing exactly what you suggested with the favors. We’re picking where we’d like to donate…There are a few ideas floating around. And please! Always ramble. I have NO idea what I am doing so any advice and/or tips, I very much appreciate. xx

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