Surprise! Moving?!

moving1Here’s the thing about me, I am the girl who flew across the country with a suitcase and a promise of a job interview. I ended up living and working in San Francisco for two years and I loved it. But I am the girl who had 48 hours to pack the suitcase and organize my things as if I was moving.

So really, no one should be shocked (including me and yet I am) that surprise: I’m moving before Christmas!

I am so glad I decorated for Christmas last week.

Really, I am just so glad that I chose this year to be the year when I decorate this early for the first time.

I’m that girl too, I suppose.

The opportunity arose on Tuesday. I saw the place that same day and I was ready to go. In truth, I have needed to move for a long time. My budget has changed and I am living in a very luxurious building in a great location in the city of Chicago. This chance came at the right time and was too good to pass up. So now I am trying to sublease my apartment through August.

You know anyone?

No, but really.

It is a jewel and because of the way I resigned in the summer, it’s below market value right now. So I am dead serious.

Do you know anyone looking for a place in Chicago? Do you know anyone who knows anyone?moving

Moving is stressful. I told myself after I moved back from San Francisco to Chicago that I would never, ever do it again. But much like my move to San Francisco, this is another instance where I didn’t have time to think and that is a good thing. Because this is the right move and time to think would only mean time to stress and remember how horrible moving is (and Nina, can you imagine moving during the holidays?!). But it also means I have a solution to a problem I’ve had which is I’ve been living above my means since I began freelancing and things shifted. So I am pumped.

It means a new start for a new year in a new place. It’s good.

My mom said, “So, it’s good stress.”

“No, it’s not good but it’s manageable and it’s the right thing to do and for that I am at peace.”

Also I am frantically cleaning and kind of packing? I don’t even know. Today I was going to write about refugees but it’s been a blur since I got the text about the apartment on Tuesday. It’s so weird how real life keeps chugging along while these horrific things are also unfolding. It’s hard for a girl to process.

But I don’t have time to stress. I have time to do.

So I do the next thing. By the way, Thanksgiving is next week. Cool.



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30 thoughts on “Surprise! Moving?!

  1. Ashley J

    Thanks to bloglovin I some how came across this… Super strange. I’m possibly going to be apartment hunting in Chicago in December. What’s your location in Chicago? You say luxurious.. What’s the month to month rent?

    This is a serious interest
    Ashley J

  2. Anne

    Congrats!! Good things ahead for you. And for what it’s worth some of the best things I have done have been spur of the moment decisions.

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  4. Sheryl

    Congratulations Nina! I am a believer that the right doors open at the right time. I’ll be thinking about you as you pack and get ready for your next chapter. XOXO

    1. Nina Post author

      Very true! It was a bumpy journey because some things fell through but then the right things happened.

  5. Emily

    You know what I think? Moving must be like painting… when you’re in the middle of it, you swear you’ll never do it again because it’s so painful and horrible. But then a little time goes by and you’re like, “Omg let’s move! It’ll be so fun! It’ll be easy and quick and painless!” But… you know, it’s not.

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