5 Quick Awesome or Important Things.

Five quick things because. Because.

One. What should one do in Portland? Anyone live in Portland? Yeah, so what’s that like? And if someone is to visit, where must she go? Asking for a friend. Haha.

Two. I love Sangrias. In Mexico, I feel like they add limeade because they are fizzy (which I will somehow someday replicate here in the states). I enjoy a cocktail now and again but this summer with super aggressive food as medicine, I cut way back to water only for drinking any time of day or night. At Influence, Bex, Faith, Cassie, and I went to a/my only favorite restaurant in Indy: Bakersfield. Because I love their Sangrias. At this point in the week, I would like one again. Please know I am writing this in the evening though it is being posted in the morning. I do not have Sangria and eggs. Although I am sure Sangria would be delicious with anything. sangriaBonus on my Instagram:

Three. Speaking of Instagram, I cannot get these jammies my sister has out of my head. Do they come in my size? If I can’t eat donuts right now, can I wear them?

Four. I’m really excited for some writing projects that I have percolating. I swear I am going to do this thing. Please pray for my patience, my work, and my courage.

Five. You wouldn’t waste a prayer on my family’s health…in that a couple people I love very much have some very serious health situations going on. Would you pray for their fear and anxiety and also healing…whatever needs to take place. ‘m linking up with Darci, Christina, Natasha, April, KarliAmy.five on friday Talk to me. Signature             Visit the Peony Sponsor:

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16 thoughts on “5 Quick Awesome or Important Things.

  1. Emily

    Yes, I still love those donut jammies too. LOVE THEM. You know, I have never been to Bakersfield. Which, crazy, considering I’m from Indy. Next time I’m home I will try it!

  2. Yelle

    hello from chicago as well! just found your blog. i must say, those donut jammies? i too would rock them. i think they would be perfect for xmas morning pjs, considering i have yet to find the perfect pjs for xmas that aren’t too cheesy!

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