Today I am linking up with Katie ElizabethCarlyMiaKristal for their Thankful Thursdays. It’s a link up I’ve always wanted to do but I somehow always forget when it comes to Thursday. This week on my little bloggy calendar, I wrote in permanent marker and kept a list. It also helps that I am in this very transitional time in my life where even the smallest thing makes me want to curl up with gratitude AND I’ve been consistently doing #100happydays on Instagram. More to come on that next week.21

249121_10101912600989089_235860299_nI am so unbelievably thankful for the support I received about my big announcement and the next adventure. People here, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter, people I am not even super close with, people I lost touch with…have all been so supportive. Also, the ball is already beginning to roll in some directions which just affirms for me (and isn’t it nice to have affirmation on such big decisions?) that this is the right decision. I don’t know if I will ever finish packing but…

SONY DSCI sold my first item on Craig’s List and it was picked up yesterday. Goodbye beautiful teal and white chair I never once sat on! Hello one less thing for me to move! (Also, if I don’t post on Friday, that means I was stolen by this person on Craig’s List and you should probably contact the authorities but I am being safe and so I am already thankful for this person because they bartered well! Completely off topic, but I am convinced most people do not know how to barter well and I might need to teach a class on it. Obviously my nonna would be the professor and I would be the TA but still.)

SONY DSCI finished packing my books which was my first hurdle. All that rests on my bookshelves now is some knick knacks. It could look sad but it doesn’t. You know what it looks like? Progress. (That picture is nowhere near how full of books my book cases ended up. Nowhere near…)

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 6.40.16 PMI started a new eating plan. It’s basically very low carb, no sugar, high protein. I feel so good and…I’ve lost three pounds in three days. I know that seems like a lie but nope…I’ve been writing that weight down every day. If you read my announcement, you know that I allowed stress to take over all areas of my health. This isn’t about bikini season for me; it’s about owning what I put into my body.

Finally, I am so thankful to be doing two giveaways with two groups of ladies. Originally, they wouldn’t have been happening the same week, but things change and we must be flexible. Plus one of my favorite things do is give gifts. Not for the monetary value but because it gives me joy to see someone open a box or win a giveaway. So you should definitely enter!

I am so happy to bring this giveaway to you guys, but without the help of some lovely blog friends of mine this would not be possible! Meet your co-hosts:
The winner of the giveaway will be announced Monday, May 5th. All entries will be verified, so make sure to play fair! 🙂 Good Luck!

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17 thoughts on “Thankful.

    1. Nina Post author

      I have wanted to but I just always forget!! So now it’s in permanent marker! Me too! You seem awesome!

  1. Maegen @ The Modern Tulip

    So I had to click back and read your big announcement that I missed. SO excited for you, dear! I’m kind of obsessing over your bookshelf. And I wish I could have bought those beautiful teal chairs. Your style is my style… of course.

    1. Nina Post author

      Why am I not surprised? Haha. I designed the bookshelves and then paid my building manager to make to make them with a desk kind of thing in the middle…It all detaches which I like because knows where I will be. And I was only selling things locally but I am selling some other things too! 🙂

  2. Carly

    So happy you linked up with us today! I missed your announcement about moving but just went back and read through your post/story and it’s so inspiring to read & so happy you were able to find clarity in a decision that’s such a huge deal. I am obsessed with your bookshelf & love the chair you sold! That diet plan sounds like something I need to consider- my biggest issue is SUGAR! I can never say no!

    1. Nina Post author

      Thank you! You just gave me so many compliments. The bookshelves are actually hand made by my bulding manager out of old door and they seperate which is nice too because I don’t know what my next place will be like. Sugar is an addiction for me. I once went six months without any and I have never felt better. This time it’s more of a sugar detox.

  3. Rebecca Jo

    I’m bad at bartering myself. Thank goodness my husband is a pro at it! 🙂
    I woulda totally bought that chair! Cute… but yes, nice to not have to think about extra stuff when packing up! 🙂

    1. Nina Post author

      You just need someone in the family 😉 I was only selling locally. If you’re near SF, I have plenty of other stuff up for sale.

  4. Sarah

    Lovely! I’ve been doing the #100happydays as well and it is such a really wonderful thing! I am almost halfway and I am a little afraid I will miss it when it’s gone! Congrats on rocking out items for the big move! <3

    1. Nina Post author

      I know right? I’m only like 14 days in but it’s a bright spot in the day for sure!

  5. Mia @ MakeMeUpMia

    First of all, thank you Nina for linking up with us! I went back and read your exciting news, that is awesome! I love it. My husband and I live in Oklahoma and listed our house for sale in March, we are up and moving to Florida for the beach! Chicago is an awesome place, I went in Oct and can’t wait to return! Can’t wait to now follow along 🙂 I love that chair too!

    1. Nina Post author

      You’re so sweet, Mia. I saw your five minute tutorial on Maeg’s blog and we are doing the giveaway together 🙂 I’m from Chicago so I am excited to be back. These last two years have been wonderful but it’s time for another adventure. I can’t wait to read about yours.! xo

  6. Katie Elizabeth

    Can I just say I LOVE your apartment?! Those bookshelves are Pinterest worthy 🙂 I’m thankful you’re moving back here and for our upcoming blates!

  7. Nancy

    Enjoyed your post today….and regarding the diet. I’ve been doing the same thing and have lost at least 20 lbs so far. More to go, but I feel so much better already. have a great day and your moving posts are very interesting…:)

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