Everything was Beautiful…At the Ballet. Or the cutest photos you’ve ever seen.

A Chorus Line anyone? At the ballet? Okay, prepare yourself because my little sister is adorable and she will be in a tutu in the following photographs. I love these images because they capture a lot of her little (and growing) personality.SONY DSCShe is growing up so fast! I cannot believe it. She looked forward to dance class the whole time I was there and I felt so fortunate that I was able to go and be the paparazzi.SONY DSCThe funny thing is my mom majored in dance in college. So when I was Ava’s age, she put me in a dance class. I hated it because I was so bored. All we did is the butterfly stretch. Ava’s class was not like this at all. The teacher did an amazing job of teaching them actual technique but making it perfect for little girls.SONY DSCShe grinned and giggled the whole time and I looked like a crazy person clicking away at the camera but I don’t even care because I love my little sis so much and I love to see her happy. Even though she is growing up to be an actual person way too fast.SONY DSCShe is always surprising me and I learn so much from her, no joke. Meanwhile, God continues to knit our modern family together in the craziest of ways. I never was a dancer; like I said, I didn’t enjoy it. Ava loves it. In fact, Ava and I facetimed Miss Sandi (aka my mom) and we told her Ava learned the positions (don’t worry I have pictures of that for another time) for the first time. My mom then did them and Ava giggled and said, “You did it, Miss Sandi!”SONY DSCThat’s me…In my one and only class. Don’t mind the ‘fro.SONY DSCFinally, after dance, we went to the grocery store and I couldn’t help but add this picture of her squashed tutu.

I just love her.


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15 thoughts on “Everything was Beautiful…At the Ballet. Or the cutest photos you’ve ever seen.

    1. Nina Post author

      So you get it!! I love being a mod fam. Yes, a few months ago I asked my dad and stepmom if they would have another baby and they laughed in my face. Haha.

  1. Katie Elizabeth

    These pictures are adorable! And so special you were able to be there. I bet you’re excited to be living near her again! 🙂

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