You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet. B-B-Baby, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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Before the blog, I took plenty of Instagram photos of San Francisco. I want you to come along on my adventures and these were some of my very first. Some of these photos are so quintessentially SF and I had no idea at the time. Also,  I had no idea before I moved here but people don’t call it San Fran. People will know you are a tourist and at best, inwardly roll their eyes (at worst, they will do it outwardly). The same goes for Frisco. Sorry I’m not sorry, as San Franciscans will also say. Also, I know I am about to break your hearts but no one in California calls it Cali. I know, I know. This was a shock to me as well.

You know what was also hard for me? Spelling San Francisco. Also to this day, every time I write my return address on envelopes, I feel exhausted. It’s so long. A long word that sometimes I forget how to spell if you must know.

1 | I love fresh flowers and even though it can be a splurge (not major but no one needs fresh flowers) and there is a little stand I love where I bargain with them every single time. Every single time. This was one of the rare times I bought some hydrangeas. They are gorgeous but they don’t last as long and I live in one of the most expensive cities in the country (I know) and so I bargain with the man at the flower stand.

2 | One of my favorite things in San Francisco is the details. Exhibit A: these delightful mailboxes. If this was your mailbox, wouldn’t you feel like you were in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? (Except minus Audrey Hepburn’s profession in that movie…speaking of which, can we talk about this picture I’ve seen on pinterest of a little girl dressed up as Holly Golightly? It’s an adorable costume, don’t get me wrong. But I think that mom needs to rewatch that movie or maybe have someone explain to her what Holly does for a living. (Just my two cents.)

3 | My first Sausalito ice cream, on the day I first crossed the bridge, on the first day I saw where Tupac grew up, on the first day I went to Sausalito.

4 | My first Blue Bottle Coffee ever. You guys, I honestly hated coffee until I started drinking it in Italy. It’s just…mmm. So then I came back and I guess Italian coffee was the gateway drug to Starbucks. But Blue Bottle Coffee? It’s as close to Italian Coffee as I ever tasted.

5 | This may be my favorite Instagram I’ve taken of SF. It’s the church where Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio were married. Except I heard from someone this weekend they were married at city hall and took pictures in front of this church. (No clue if that is true) But honestly how gorgeous is that church with the green grass and the sun…!

6 | Oysters…I’ve had my fair share of them since coming here. Let me just say things I love like oysters and avocado are in abundance here and usually less expensive than when I was in the Midwest. And I can eat them all year round.

7 | When I took this picture in Sonoma, my caption was: #GrapesOfWrath #NotActuallyFunnyIfYouReadTheBook. Which is true. Anyway, this is how Sonoma looks in July. Gorgeous.

8 | A little bit lopsided but isn’t this city oh so lovely?

9 | Seriously, the Bay Area is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Like I mentioned, it’s all in the details. Everywhere I look, there is a picture to be taken.

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Here’s to you SF,


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25 thoughts on “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet. B-B-Baby, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    1. Nina Post author

      Florida is far away. My family always wants to go on vacation there and I’m like…that’s the farthest point from me. 🙂

  1. Ashley

    One of my good friends just moved out to SF and I can’t wait to come visit! Blue Bottle Coffee and a nearby trip to wine country are on my list!

    1. Nina Post author

      Sounds great…I am still getting to know people. Maybe your friend and I could grab a blue bottle coffee together.

  2. Sunny

    I love these Instagram photo posts you’ve been doing! It’s dead and barren here, and your pictures are so colorful. I need warmer weather!

    1. Nina Post author

      Thank you. I am trying to get better at IG. Although these were pure luck because they were taken a year and a half ago. I just like how clean it looks.

  3. meagan

    love fresh flowers SO much…these are such fun pictures. i want to visit san fran SOO bad–my parents went a couple years ago and fell in love!

    PS i’m loving the “if you’re a bird i’m a bird” mug 🙂 happy wednesday friend!

    1. Nina Post author

      I really like that mug too! It’s really easy to fall in love with SF. I actually believe that you can (metaphorically) fall in love with a city. LOL

    1. Nina Post author

      I have no idea. I just facetimed my family. What would we do without technology? Probably be more relational. LOL. But that’s what I love about blogging.

    1. Nina Post author

      Hey Lisa. Yes, these were all taken with my old iphone 4 a year and a half ago. The only editing I did was instagram filter. Now I do more editing with my IG photos but these were from when I first moved.

  4. Jenni

    Oh San Fran! I want to visit so bad! It looks so delightful!!
    LOVE all those pictures! I so want to go to wine country too! Day Dreaming NOW!!

  5. alduina

    These pictures are gorgeous. I love the hydrangeas. I was lucky to see this church a lonnnng time ago, when I visited SF.

  6. Rita

    Lolll I couldn’t help but sing your title…with an extra emphasis on the b-b-b-baby:)! I love this post! Thank you for my new list of places to visit while I’m in SF:). P.S. I agree….such a picturesque city. Sausalito is my fav! Have you ever been to Tiburon?

  7. Laura

    Thanks for the new additions to my list of things to do, Nina!
    1. Visit San Fran before I die and don’t forget to find a Blue Bottle Coffee cafe while I’m there!
    2. Splurge and buy myself some fresh flowers soon!

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