Until the Sun Comes up Over Santa Monica Boulevard.

I’m taking a break in the regularly scheduled Christmas programming to talk about our day trip to Santa Monica a few weeks ago. Naturally, this had my aunt and I singing Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do.” Which brought us to a profound discussion of Sheryl’s “If it makes you Happy.”

I sang it for the car. They loved that.

“You know, Auntie Laura, that song, if it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad? That song is a lie, man. If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad. A codependent relationship? Ummmmmm. It can be that bad. If drinking too much makes you happy? Drugs? It can be that bad. What if–”

And then the car told me to be quiet.SONY DSC

Votes were split on Santa Monica (okay, maybe not split…maybe just one person didn’t love it…I’ll give you a hint–it was Nonna) but most of us loved it. SONY DSC

This little girl LOVED it because there was basically a playground at the beach. Considering she loves to jump off of anything and as soon as we got to the baggage claim, she asked when we were going to the beach, she was in her glory.SONY DSC

This sums up a lot of things. Number one, Ava has an extreme need to be a daredevil. She didn’t want to hold her mom’s hand; she wants to jump off of everything. And number two, everyone needed pictures on their iPhones. My aunt and nonna finally got iPhones before the trip. They were naysayers about getting new phones but then became a little bit obsessed.SONY DSC

She’s getting so big. Her little brain is thinking, right in this moment, how can I jump from the highest point here?SONY DSC

“Mom, Mom! Let me go. I can do it.”–A quote repeated by Ava many times. Ava could have spent her life here but we eventually moved on to the pier.SONY DSC

These two crack me up together. I especially love when Ava bosses Joe around and Joe goes out of his way to drive her crazy and then they just end up laughing.SONY DSC

Some bossing around was taking place here. She was teaching him how to be a pirate.SONY DSC

Hilarious to me. More importantly to me, it is amazing to see how we are being knitted together as siblings and how even with the age differences between us, we still act as three siblings would with only two years separating them. Ava picks sides. Joe and I tease Ava. And all of this brings such joy to me and such thankfulness because God is good and so much smarter than we are. We are siblings. Period. Done.SONY DSC

Like Joe and I trying to win something for Ava. Joe won and Ava and Joe liked to tease me about it. “Nina,” Ava said. “You did not win. Joey won the game for me.”SONY DSC

I felt like we were at the movie version of what a carnival should be as we walked along the pier.SONY DSC

The Beach.SONY DSC

I’m not flipping this picture because this is how Ava took it with my camera (while it was still around my neck.)SONY DSC

Please look at her face. She will make a playground of anything.SONY DSC

Look at just the pure wonderment in Ava’s eyes. And in Nonna’s, too.

SONY DSCThe colors, the sounds, the smell of funnel cake. It was such fun with a mix up of people that I would have never expected two years ago–Joe, Ava, Karen, Nonna, Auntie Laura, and me.


We watched the most gorgeous sunset before we went to meet Dad.SONY DSC

It was one of those perfect days, really…Until my dad forgot his iPad where we ate. But then again, the iPad was recovered. So I guess, it was a perfect. Adventures with this groups is crazy–so many ages, so many personalities. But I look at these photographs and think: that was magical.


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18 thoughts on “Until the Sun Comes up Over Santa Monica Boulevard.

  1. La Tache

    We LOVE Santa Monica! Seriously!!! WE lived about 5 miles from there and would ride our bikes down there and spend awesome days and beautiful evenings on the beach! So much fun!

    1. Nina Post author

      Lisa, don’t worry this was on vacation too. I thought illinois was a long state. Haha. I don’t get to see this everyday but I do have some other spectacular views I’ll have to show me. I would love to see more of that beautiful color like your Christmas card 😉

  2. Elizabeth

    What a fun day! I’m so glad you loved Santa Monica… I grew up and still live in LA, and I hope you get to explore more of it. Let me know if you need a food recommendation next time you’re down here! 🙂

  3. Karen

    Ava an I just looked at these photos together and she said “can we go back there, Mama?” It was a fun beautiful day! Now back to singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”
    Love the time and memories!

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