You can fall in love with a city. It’s happened to me three times. The first time, Chicago, surprised me because I knew Chicago so well, spent so much time there, grew up twenty minutes away. But like some love affairs, we only have to open our eyes to what is in front of us. Falling in love with Chicago was like falling for the boy next door. The second time I fell in love with a city, Rome, shocked me  since I hated Rome the first time we met. But again, like other loves, sometimes it takes more than one impression to truly fall. The third city I loved, San Francisco, was simply love at first sight. I think you’ll see why.

SONY DSCSONY DSCIMG_0752 SONY DSC IMG_0738 SONY DSC SONY DSC IMG_0733 SONY DSC IMG_1055 IMG_0944 IMG_0837You can fall in love with a city.



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