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Treat Yo’ Self for Valentine’s Day.

Heart Jammies Set | Shine Bright Mug | Ugg Luscious Robe
Roses Candle | Monogrammed Business Card Holder
Fresh Sugar Lip | Volupsa Amaranth + Jasmine | Donut You Love Me Jammies
XO Journal | Heart Dressy Sweatshirt | Philosophy Grace Set
Treat Yo’ Self Reusable Bag | Follow Your Heart Throw Pillow | Heart Dressy Sweatshirt (aff)

Growing up my parents would always give us a little something on holidays like Valentine’s Day. These gifts were never lavish; that wasn’t the point. It was just something special between us that made us feel loved and remembered. It was usually a card and maybe chocolate. It depended.

Except the one year where I accidentally was given Hunter’s Boots.

I was flipping through a random catalogue of things and saw these light pink rain boots. I thought they would be so cute for Valentine’s Day. My parents were divorced at that point and so I knew my dad may need some help when it came knowing what to get. So, from this catalogue, where I saw the price as $28.00, I pointed them out to him. I told him maybe he could get them for me for my birthday but in time for Valentine’s Day.

I did not know I pointed out kids boots.

I didn’t even know what Hunter’s were back then in High School.

(If I did know, I probably wouldn’t have chosen light pink.)


[Darling] Rainy Daze ☔️☔️☔️ #theeverygirl #theeverydayproject #chicagoblogger

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Not knowing any of this, on Valentine’s Day morning my dad gave me the boots. I was so excited to wear them. “You know,” he told me. “The ones you showed me in the catalogue were for little kids.”

I was shocked but also laughed at my mistake (I must have said: how dumb of me! I’m so sorry!). Remember…I had no idea what Hunter’s were or what they were priced. My dad just told me, “It’s been a tough year and so I went ahead and got them anyway but I want you to know those are really, really, really nice rain boots.”

Please insert the laughing, crying emoji here. Also an applause emoji for my dad. To this day, no matter if I have been dating someone or not in February, that Valentine’s Day present from my dad is the most lavish. It was one of the roughest years for our family so I’ll also never forget it.

(For the record, we are back to a simple card on Valentine’s Day from Dad. Ha!)

All that to say, Valentine’s Day is in the middle of the worst part of winter, when you’re dying for Spring without Christmas to look forward too. Snow has turned dingy. If you live in Chicago, you know you have a minimum of two months (but probably three or four) of gray, cold, winter. Maybe there is someone your life sending you flowers; maybe there isn’t. Who the heck cares? Treat yo’ self for Valentine’s Day. Or you know, here are some great gift ideas for people you love.

I picked things that I want to curl up with–whether it’s a mug or the cutest jams (or these or these) with a luxurious robe and a beautiful smelling candle (or this one) curled around a pillow.

There are practical things too, like the reusable bag. As for the business card holder, let me just tell you, it’s SO practical. When I switch purses, mine goes with me along with my keys and wallet so I am never without my cards…but mine is a couple year’s old and banged up a bit. Everyone needs a journal, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to spoil your body too. Your lips are seriously missing out if they have never tried Fresh’s Sugar Lip (there are a ton of colors including clear). I live for it. And this Philosophy Grace Set is an anniversary set and on sale. I love this chic sweatshirt because I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve…just on my entire torso (laughing so hard at my cheese factor there…).

Maybe you’ll buy a little something for yourself. Maybe you’ll subtly point something out to your significant other. I just want you to know that everything is adult sized and adult priced.




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One, Two, Three, Four, Five: Go.

As always, Thanks A. Liz AdventuresThe Good LifeCarolina Charm, and Hello!Happiness for hosting five on friday. five on friday





The novel. Dun. Dun. Dun.

I’ve written novel length stories before–actually a lot of times–since middle school. But each time has felt like practice. I don’t want to jinx anything but I am on the third chapter of something I’m really excited about. It just feels good to be excited about writing fiction again, to make my weird versions of a story boards, to build out these characters into full flesh and blood. Anyway, I am trying. And I sit at my desk while I write which is also a step in the write direction.





Speaking of writing…

I am a lover of black Moleskines but I found a new love. This is my second SugarPaperLA gold striped notebook and I love them. I am very particular. I just started doing Beth Moore’s “Breaking Free” (the updated version) for the second time in my life and it’s just as good as the first time. But I am a journaler at heart. That’s how I process a lot so I’ve been waiting and it came with an adorable handwritten note. They are a great brand and here are some of their cute valentine’s day cards as well. SONY DSCSONY DSCPicMonkey Collage1


Sugar Paper LA




Skin Solutions

This Glow Tonic has been a cult favorite in the UK but I refused to spend the money on shipping. How happy was I when I found out they now have shipping in the US? I am excited to start using it. I am also considering starting to use the oil cleansing method. Does anyone know anything about this? Any personal experiences?SONY DSC






It’s my goal that next week I’ll be giving you a tour of my apartment. When I wrote this about organizing and asked for tips, you all complimented me on my decorating. Haha. It made my day. But as the purging project comes to a complete….or will somewhere around early next week. I live in a Studio but I have struggled to make the bathroom feel anything but cold and sterile. I’ve tried a lot of things but I’ll be looking for tips. The tiny kitchen also didn’t feel like my own but that has since changed. But that bathroom….I’ve got to figure it out. Also just to update you on the nightstand, I love, love, love it. But be heed this warning about mirrored furniture. It shows dust so quickly you have no idea.





Please read this article on addiction.

Yes, it is by Russell Brand (appearing in The Guardian) who has quite the reputation. But I found it through my high school English teacher’s facebook and it has been making the rounds for its candor, truth, and quality writing. Understanding the nature of addiction like this is incredibly important and this is a must read.

There’s my five. I can’t wait to catch up with you all.


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