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Santa Baby Beauty.


I have mixed feelings about Gift Guides this time of year. On one hand, I love them because I truly have found great things to buy for family and friends or to add to my own list.

They also work for me because my family treats Christmas presents as a gift registry. You make a list and then a single person is designated to give people the correct gift that fits in with their price range and to make sure there are no duplicates. For example, my mom is that person (on both sides of my family) for me and my brother. My stepmom does it for my little sister. And on it goes. So in many ways, gift guides are perfect to help me “register.”

On the other hand, it’s that time of year again when everyone is doing gift guides. I mean, they are starting to slowly trickle in but after Thanksgiving there will be a flood. But I cannot ignore the Sephora VIB sale which starts on Friday. Plus, this week has been heavy with Monday’s Do I have it out for Men? post and yesterday’s Veteran’s Day post. And then there is still discussion about last week’s The Only Way I Can Keep Blogging post that still has great discussion going.

So here we go with some beauty, babes.

One place that does not disappoint is Sephora with their Holiday Beauty Bundles (PLUS, can I say AGAIN, if you are a VIB member, you get 20% off starting Friday!). If you love make up at all, if you are frugal but like nice things, if you have any other females to buy for, these beauty sets are where it is at. They are worth waiting all year for because of the price for the quality and quantity cannot be matched.

You can click on the boxes below or the links. In fairness, I always let you know when/if a few cents of your purchase is fed back into the blog. That’s the case here but it’s at NO cost to you. Zero.

These are my picks and I’ll tell you why. I give you, Santa Baby Beauty:

These crazy pretty brushes are probably the only thing on the list that I added because they are pretty. I am a sucker for both rose gold colored things (who isn’t these days?) and leopard.

Tata Harper does amazing, natural skincare. A friend of a friend works for Tata (she’s a real person!) and I’ve seen the instagram pics on her farm in Vermont to prove how “down to earth” these products are. I’ve also used them and they are fab. The downside is the price. Isn’t it always? But you can’t beat their complete skin care system and mask for this price.

This–Urban Decay Setting Spray–isn’t a beauty bundle but it’s supposedly on sale for Christmas. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews on this. Honestly, I am going to go into the store to try it out before I add this to my “official” Christmas List (trust me, we have a “maybe list” and the “official list). If it lives up to its hype, I’ll actually be saving money in the long run because it sets everything so well. But for the price I need to know it works.

I love this Living Proof Hair Set. It’s such a great brand for any type of hair and this set is perfect for your toiletries. Sure, when I am hope I have special shampoos and conditioners for my curly hair but I do love this brand and what it stands for. And I do love that I don’t need to think about if I can check my luggage based on hair products.

Stila is an awesome all around brand and this is a price you cannot beat for what you get. I’ve bought Stila packs like this before and I love them still. If ever there was a time to purchase, it’s now because have I mentioned the holiday deals that Sephora has?

The same goes for Tarte. A few years ago, I got a version of this and it was/is amazing. You get so much for the money, it’s insane. I happen to love Tarte as a brand. It’s a great place to start if you want you want to move up a level from drugstore make up. No hate for drugstore make up!  It’s just the brand I recommend when my friends say, “I have no clue about make up but I want something nice.”

So this Dry Bar set…If the day should ever come, when my Chi hair dryer dies (just discovered that my baby is on major sale at Ulta right now), I believe I would replace it with this (honestly, that sentence was so hard for me to even write…my blow dryer is almost ten years old–eeep–and it was an investment in the time for sure but my baby and I have been through some times and traveled the world together). I am impressed with DryBar and their products as well. Again, for what you are getting, this is a good price. If you think I am joking, you have probably never had your hair blown out by a blow dryer that cost over a $100. I am not saying that to be a snot. I am saying that because I have very curly hair and that price point is a game changer. The other hair dryer I would consider is Harry Josh because I have heard good things everywhere I turn.

Usually, Sephora comes out with a mascara box, a lip box, their “faves for the year” box/the hot box, and an eyeliner box even. The lip box this year? Amazing colors and amazing brands.  I just felt for the price, even a girl who love her lippies like I do, would have plenty. And what a cute case.

Speaking of lips, I love Tarte’s LipSurgence. Basically, it feels like a lip balm and yet you have the color. The color isn’t as bold as a lipstick because it pulls from your own natural lip color so it’s automatically flattering. While lip gloss has it’s place, none of that stickiness is involved here. I bought one of these 18 months ago and use it on the daily almost and I just finished it. Love.

Merry Christmas, ya bodacious babes! (Get it…Like Home Alone?)



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Holiday Gift Guide (Part 1)

I love giving gifts…to the point where it can be a problem for my bank account. I just love finding the perfect gift for the perfect someone. Some people like matchmaking…I do this instead. And I think I am pretty good at it, too! So making a holiday gift guide made me really happy inside. So happy that I am also going to make two more for the next two Fridays because I have so many gift ideas! So, um, I hope you like it because I liked making it.

Either I own these items, I am asking for them this Christmas, or I am giving them to people this year. You would think: Nina, how is that going to work? What if those people read your blog? Oh, silly reader, (you’re not silly, I promise) don’t you know that I am horrible at keeping gifts a secret? Horrible. Beyond horrible. I just get so excited; I can’t keep it to myself.

Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 6.31.27 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 2.36.57 PM1    2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14

  1.  Mini Capri Blue Glass Candle//$12.00//Anthropologie//Why it’s on the list: I’ve said this before on this blog but if I was Oprah and if I had a television show and if I did a Favorite Things show, this would be a gift on the list every single year. I love the smell more than anything. It’s the perfectly subtle and dreamy. It  just makes everything right in the world. Then once the candle is finished, I have a glamourous container for anything. These minis are even more fun!
  2. Ceramic Jewelry Plate in Mint//$19.50//J. Crew//Why it’s on the list: Isn’t she lovely…Isn’t she wonderful…Doesn’t she like to display her jewelry?
  3. Luxor Pillow in Wheat//$30//Belquist (on Etsy)//Why it’s on the list: I won’t lie to you. These pillows are on my Christmas list. Hopefully, I’m not on the naughty list because I love the textile that is used and I can’t wait to see them on my gray bed. (Hint, Hint, Santa aka Mom!) Also, I love supporting women who make things. Period. I searched high and low for the perfect pillows with a hint of glint for a long time and as soon as I saw these, I knew they were it!
  4. Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug//$10//Anthropologie//Why it’s on the list: Anthropologie is typically out of my price range but Nonna didn’t teach me nothin’ for nothin’. There are great finds at anthro (like the candle) that are totally within my price range (I just won’t be sporting one of their dresses for awhile or purchasing their bedding. Best of all, you can wander through anthro and live in a fairytale for FREE). Who doesn’t love a golden monogram? This is the perfect gift for your girlfriends or your boss (outstanding pencil holder) and really, who wouldn’t want to drink hot chocolate out of this (but probably not both without washing it)?
  5. Wine Bottle Basil Garden//$36//Why it’s on the list: I love Basil! And I love easy things like this. In fact, you can grow an entire herb garden this way! A great gift for moms or anyone who likes to cook (Nonna, close your eyes!).
  6. What would Blair Waldorf do? pencils//$8 for 6 pencils//The Carbon Crusader (on Etsy)//Why it’s on the list: Again, I love supporting a woman making things. She has a ton of pencils that say different witty sayings. What I’ve done in the past is buy some and add them to a group of gifts. Perfect gift for a friend: the mug, the candle and a pencil.
  7. Aromatic Stress Treatment//$80//Aromatic Irritability Treatment//$65//Aromatic Bedtime Treatment//$60//Tata Harper//Why they’re on the list: Because they WORK! These are the most expensive item on the list but frankly, I don’t know what I did before these oils. I happened to get a deal on them that since passed but I am giving these for Christmas to some people. Don’t be offended if you get the irritability one, okay? But in all seriousness. Yes, I am gifting these to a few people and it is all they will get because it is luxury. What is amazing about the brand in general is everything is COMPLETELY natural and you are paying for the PRODUCT not the packaging. I have many friends in beauty and they will tell you that when you pay for high end products that is where the money is going–the packaging. That ain’t so in Tata Harper’s case. I’m in love with these.
  8. The Original Sequin Hanger//$18//Pearls and Pastries (Etsy Show)//Why it’s on the list: Again, I love supporting women who make things. At first, you think, why does anyone need a sequin hanger? And then you realize: why does anyone not need a sequin hanger? I have one that hangs on a mirror and another I am planning to hang in the bathroom with a print. The hangers are very well made as well. What a fun unexpected treat, I say.
  9. Bubbly Gold Champagne Flutes (set of 4)//$34.50//Why it’s on the list: who likes champagne? This girl. I love these flutes because they have a Kate Spade feel without the price tag. I think they’re so fun.
  10. Scour the World Gold print//$30//Everygirl//Why it’s on the list: I just love this saying. And this blog. So I love this brand.
  11. More Adventures, Less Plans Card//$4//columbusandtutu (on Etsy)//Why it’s on the list: Again, I love supporting women who make things. I found this shop when a friend sent me a handmade card and gave me an early present of an art piece (hint: it includes elephants!). The card my friend sent me was perfect and honest and handmade. Again, this would be great to pair with a pencil and two or three of her cards.
  12. Keep Not Settling iPhone 5/5s case//$34//Everygirl//Why it’s on the list: I have a severe fear of settling. Let’s keep not settling. Blog post for later.
  13. Cabana Stripe Notebook//$16//Sugar Paper//Why it’s on the list: I love this list and I love this brand. I am very picky when it comes to notebooks and line sizing and this one is perfect and chic.
  14. Threshold Wood & Brass Bar Cart//$129.50//Target//Why it’s on the list: So it is expensive but what a great gift for a couple? Maybe your parents need a hip gift? Or maybe someone you know and love (a lot) that lives in an apartment would like it? Maybe your guy fancies himself a mixologist? I also happened to spot some gold, retro cocktail accessories at anthro.

Anything you’re adding to your Holiday lists? Anything catch your eye for someone else? Let me know!

Yay, Gifts!



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