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Beautiful Inside and Out: Martha Kate Stainsby.

I am not a writer, she says, but then she writes, and I read because what she has to say is important. I am not perfect, she says. I am learning that perfection wrecks and grace saves, she says. And I read her words, eating them up because they warm me up like my nonna’s chicken soup. She thinks we all wear masks (she is right) and she takes hers off, willingly, to shed light on the hardest of things–like the eating disorder she struggled with for over 12 years (she’s been in recovery for three years).

The thing that sums Martha Kate Stainsby best is in her bio: I want to spend the rest of my life loving on people. MK3

She writes over at Leaving Perfection and Learning from Grace and I have to say, her posts often have me sitting back. Most recently she wrote a post called Why I Won’t Call You Skinny. It is a must read for everyone–any female, any mother, any sister, any father, any educator. It tells the story of affirmation Martha Kate received in the beginning of her eating disorder (she refers to it as ED) when a teacher complimented her and said, “You’re so skinny!”

Have you ever heard those words or said them?

I’ve heard them and said them.

That’s why you have to read this postMK+B4

She educates her readers on ED but the picture is so much bigger. Her theory is if that if only we all took off the masks we wore there, would be less hatred, competition, and addiction. She writes about scandalous grace. Yes, she says she is not a writer (not true). But that we all have a story, something that I believe, and some of my favorite bloggers also believe.

As hard as some stories are to hear, they need to be spoken or written.  They need to be read. Martha Kate tells the hard stories because she isn’t interested in the shallow–”grace is bigger and perfection kills dreams.”MK2

Martha Kate is beautiful inside and out. It has nothing to with how she looks. Her heart, her big heart, radiates out of everything she writes, every email, every post. I am so grateful to have found her blog. Please go check it out. Start with this post: “Why I Won’t Call You Skinny.”






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