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Loving and Coveting in February.

It may be the end of the month (thanks to the extra day a leap year gives us) but this is what I am loving and coveting in February. Some are things I have gotten and some are things I wish I had. Either way, let’s be honest, I have great taste (haha). I’m just so funny on Mondays.

Copper String Lights

String lights? Yes, please. In the shape of paper cranes? Uh, yes. In the color copper? Well, it’s more like rose gold so definitely.

Hourglass Accent Table

Target calls this copper. I call it rose gold and I saw it in person. Since I am on the hunt for side tables in the office where we, like I said, are looking to bring in rose gold, these are a definite option. After seeing them in person I am even more sure they are on point.

Window Daybed

Who got this West Elm Daybed on Craig’s list aka for a lot less money? My roommate. You thought I was going to say me but ha! No. The good thing is that it lives in the shared space of the office which name indicates it is shared. I’m pumped that we have an extra space to sit when working back there and also that guests have a bed of their own. Plus it is seriously fab looking.

Dusty Blush Luster Velvet Pillow Cover

West Elm, what up? In the office, where the daybed we use as a sofa/bed lives, we want to bring in rosegold and blush colors based on our desk vibes (you’ll see the office soon…after the front room/living room and the completion of my bedroom but you’ll see it). I love West Elm’s pillow covers. And be sure to give them your email address so you get 15% off. What?!

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick

To be fair, I got three of these lipsticks for free in an Influenster Box (Pepper, Gazpacho, Berryroot) and I am in love. I didn’t have to blog about them at all so know that this is true. Bite Beauty lippies are made from edible oils. I love the colors and it is creamy and long lasting and I just feel lucky I got them for free. But dare I say this may be the brand I go to for lipstick over MAC? I don’t know who I am right now.

Cyclops Magneto Bike Trainer

If you don’t know what this is, that’s cool because I didn’t until recently. It lets you ride your bike inside and since I got a bike for my birthday (more on this in another post to come…it’s true love), this is great. It doesn’t make a lot of noise and I can work out no matter the weather. I honestly don’t know why people buy super expensive exercise equipment now that I know about this. I ride and watch my favorite tv shows on Hulu and it’s fab. Seriously!

Mobile Charger

One day this month the whole block lost power for eight hours during the day and into the night. It was like living on the frontier and as my phone slowly ran out of batteries just as I needed a flashlight, I saw the intelligence in having one of these. Instead, we went in my roommate’s car and listened to You’ve Got Mail on audio because the screen didn’t work as the phones charged. This mobile charger also happens to be super cute.

“Hello” Doormat

I bought this. I passed it and I said, “That’s super cute” and my roommate admitted she almost bought it last time she was at Target. The price was right since my roomie felt like this was a bit more welcoming than my DIY “Lose the Shoes Mat” (to be fair, when I made it, I had white carpet, which I do not have any longer).

What are you loving and coveting in February?





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Loving and Coveting in January.

It’s winter in Chicago, people. Having spent most of my life living in such winters I’ve learned that certain comforts inside (and a few outside) the home are so helpful in the quest to stay cozy. Since I am transition (I just moved but I am sleeping in the Dining Room until the third roomie moves out) the things that are comforting and cozy to me are small and simple. Plus since I am living out of a suitcase, my wardrobe is limited which means it is more important than ever to have pieces I can cuddle up with. I know Christmas just passed so this isn’t a wish list but instead what I am loving and coveting in January to stay cozy and feel at home (also I’m sure we all have some giftcards burning a whole in our wallet).

I am not going to lie; I judged Ugg slippers. I thought: how in the world can one justify the price? Can they really be worth it? They can. They truly can. I sometimes keep mine on my bed because they are just that comfortable. As someone who struggles with chronic pain, they are a Godsend, no joke. But everyone I know who has them, says they are worth every penny. I am loving these more than ever during the move as I find the warm spots in the house.

My roommate, MK, came home with these ROAM candles and they smell amazing and have special meaning as well because each scent represents a city. MK spent a large chunk of her life in NY and I spent a chunk in SF so she got one of each. They also smell incredible. Little touches like lighting a candle, especially one like this make me feel warm and fuzzy amidst the chaos that is my current life.

A classic piece like this watch just makes a girl feel put together on days when she is anything but. You feel me?

Hand Cream like this is a luxury. And when you are living out of a suitcase you take your tiny luxuries where you can get them. This scent? It’s the same as my favorite candle so I am coveting this pretty badly.

I found this oversized leopard cardigan at Target on sale. I plan on living in it these next few weeks until I have a closet.

You know how I feel about a bright lip…Everything is gray around these parts, but my lips don’t have to be. I love this color on its own or to layer. But lipstick as I switch out items in my suitcase may be my saving grace.

If you have Hunter Boots and you live anywhere that gets remotely cold, do yourself a favor and get some Hunter inserts. They come in all sorts of styles (I have leopard…are you sensing a trend?) but your Hunter’s can double as snow boots and you don’t need another pair of shoes (like I have room for them anyway right now).

If you don’t have Hunters stay cozy with socks like this. I am not going to lie…I hate sleeping in long pants but when I am lounging I get cold. Here is the solution. Also what a great boot sock.

I am dying for a faux fur vest and I love this one. I would live in it. Definitely coveting.

Finally, these curtains. Again, this is a covet for me. But have you seen my vision for my room? As I write this in a room full of boxes that cannot be unpacked yet, I am dying to nest. Anthro, why do you do this to me?

Anything here strike your fancy? What is keeping you cozy in the new year?





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