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How to Stuff them Stockings. (Gift Guide Part II)


Joining the link up with Cheers Y’all and Down with Dearmore’s…These all fit in a stocking…Promise! And here is the first gift guide…

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  1. Giraffe Trinket Dish//$16//Anthropologie//Why it’s on the list: I admit I bought this little baby for myself. I couldn’t help it.  Giraffes are almost as cool as elephants (but not quite). It’s perfect for your rings and bracelets and little trinkets. And it makes a statement in your room. Instead of just flinging things on a dresser (me), fling them on this dish and keep everything looking fab.
  2. Sugar Kisses Mini Trio//$28//Fresh//Why it’s on the list: If you don’t know about Fresh’s sugar lip treatment, you are missing out. Nothing keeps my lips smooth and perfect like these little ones do. What I love is that, yes, there is one without color, but these have color so you can basically be popping your lip balm, looking fly, with ruby red lips. This is a great stocking stuffer for any girlfriend (or yourself).
  3. Lavish Luxe 10 piece set//$29.99//Sonia Kashuk at Target//Why it’s on the list: I am always on the lookout for quality brush sets. The thing is, they are always so dang expensive. This one isn’t though. And I love the gold touch. This brand at Target tends to be high quality so I could safely assume these are great brushes for an incredible price.
  4. 2013 Red Cup Ornament//$4.95//Starbucks//Why it’s on the list: Everyone freaks out when the red cups come out. Including myself. One day, I ordered a venti and they started to write my name on a white cup. “Do you have the holiday cups?” I asked. They told me they were all out for venti. “In that case, I’ll have a grande,” I told them. For many of us, these cups mark the beginning of the holiday season. Why not hang it on your tree? Perfect for the stocking.
  5. Gigantic Swiss Dot Tights//$25//Kate Spade//Why it’s on the list: I love these tights! I love these tights! Or are they stockings? Anywhoo, put them stockings in my stocking!
  6. I just want to drink coffee create stuff and sleep T-shirt//$18//Why it’s on the list:  …………… …………… I really think this shirt speaks for itself.
  7. Kate 2014 Desk Calendar in Rasberry//$52//SugarpaperLA//Why it’s on the list: I love this brand. It’s a little pricy but it comes with the stand and next year you can replace just the cards. I can tell you that Sugarpaper is extremely high quality. And pretty. Growing up, we always got a calendar in our stocking.
  8. Bow USB//$50//Kate Spade//Why it’s on the list: This is a bit extravagant but how cute? Techie is the new chic, baby!
  9. Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker//$40//Why it’s on the list: Now you can jam in the shower to Beyonce all you want!
  10. Gold Lip Tease Mug//$25//Reiko Kaneko//Why it’s on the list: I love this mug. So creative and unusual. I love. I love. I love.
  11. Success is Not Easy iPhone Case 5 & 5s//$34//The Everygirl//Why it’s on the list: Again, here is a brand I love. Moreover, I love this iPhone case because it is a constant reminder of something important. (Right now, my iPhone case is a reminder of how much I love leopard print.) And of course, it’s gorgeous. Are you seeing a trend here?

Stuff those stockings!


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