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Loving and Coveting in January.

It’s winter in Chicago, people. Having spent most of my life living in such winters I’ve learned that certain comforts inside (and a few outside) the home are so helpful in the quest to stay cozy. Since I am transition (I just moved but I am sleeping in the Dining Room until the third roomie moves out) the things that are comforting and cozy to me are small and simple. Plus since I am living out of a suitcase, my wardrobe is limited which means it is more important than ever to have pieces I can cuddle up with. I know Christmas just passed so this isn’t a wish list but instead what I am loving and coveting in January to stay cozy and feel at home (also I’m sure we all have some giftcards burning a whole in our wallet).

I am not going to lie; I judged Ugg slippers. I thought: how in the world can one justify the price? Can they really be worth it? They can. They truly can. I sometimes keep mine on my bed because they are just that comfortable. As someone who struggles with chronic pain, they are a Godsend, no joke. But everyone I know who has them, says they are worth every penny. I am loving these more than ever during the move as I find the warm spots in the house.

My roommate, MK, came home with these ROAM candles and they smell amazing and have special meaning as well because each scent represents a city. MK spent a large chunk of her life in NY and I spent a chunk in SF so she got one of each. They also smell incredible. Little touches like lighting a candle, especially one like this make me feel warm and fuzzy amidst the chaos that is my current life.

A classic piece like this watch just makes a girl feel put together on days when she is anything but. You feel me?

Hand Cream like this is a luxury. And when you are living out of a suitcase you take your tiny luxuries where you can get them. This scent? It’s the same as my favorite candle so I am coveting this pretty badly.

I found this oversized leopard cardigan at Target on sale. I plan on living in it these next few weeks until I have a closet.

You know how I feel about a bright lip…Everything is gray around these parts, but my lips don’t have to be. I love this color on its own or to layer. But lipstick as I switch out items in my suitcase may be my saving grace.

If you have Hunter Boots and you live anywhere that gets remotely cold, do yourself a favor and get some Hunter inserts. They come in all sorts of styles (I have leopard…are you sensing a trend?) but your Hunter’s can double as snow boots and you don’t need another pair of shoes (like I have room for them anyway right now).

If you don’t have Hunters stay cozy with socks like this. I am not going to lie…I hate sleeping in long pants but when I am lounging I get cold. Here is the solution. Also what a great boot sock.

I am dying for a faux fur vest and I love this one. I would live in it. Definitely coveting.

Finally, these curtains. Again, this is a covet for me. But have you seen my vision for my room? As I write this in a room full of boxes that cannot be unpacked yet, I am dying to nest. Anthro, why do you do this to me?

Anything here strike your fancy? What is keeping you cozy in the new year?





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3 Tips for Dressing Your Body Shape.

Hey guys! I’m Bex from Butcher’s Niche, a blog about finding the beauty in every day life, ok mostly I just share a lot about fashion. But that’s because I think what we wear is incredibly important to who we are as women, and how we present ourselves. So today I have some tips for you to get the most from your fashion choices.


I’ve found that when women talk about their bodies, we automatically go to our size, our height, our weight. But we need to talk about our shape. All of our us are unique, and so are our bodies. Our shapes are going to determine our size, and our height/weight are just a part of our shape. So you see, our shape is most important when it comes to fashion.

Before we get onto the 3 tips, I really want to stress that we can’t let our bodies determine who we are as people–as women. We can’t change our shape. Sure, we can lose weight, our bra size might go down with that, as we get older we might get taller or shorter. But we can’t change our shape. These are our bodies that God gave us and we need to thank Him for them, take care of them out of our reverence to Him, and use them to spread His good word. Complaining about them and trying to change them is the complete opposite of what he wants from us.

But we all want to put our best foot forward, and look our best. Fashion can help with that. So here’s 3 tips for dressing your body shape . . .


image via

1. Wear clothes that are your size –

Repeat after me: size doesn’t matter. size doesn’t matter. You have two women one is a DD and 5’5″ with an hourglass shape, one is 6” wedge shaped and a B cup – they probably wear the same size. A large shirt will be long enough for the tall girl and have enough fabric to stretch out for the DD’s. So if you think you’re a size 12, but that gives you a muffin top . . . buy a size 14. That size 14 will make those lumps disappear. Guess what, it’s ok. Because size doesn’t matter.

2. It’s all about contrast –

Why do you think black and white are so classic? They contrast each other. It’s all about balance, ladies. If your body is soft, add structure; if it’s angular, add softness. If you have a triangle shape, wear bright colored, patterned, full bottoms. Think hot pink circle skirt with a simple white spaghetti strap top. Contrast.

3. Create an Illusion –

Fabric and makeup works wonders, ladies. It can make people think they see something when they don’t. Apple shapes, wear v neck tops to create the illusion of a longer torso or wear a belt to create a waist. Rectangle shapes wear sweetheart cut tops to create the illusion of some cleavage and full skirts to create hips.


Do any of you have any tips on dressing for your shape? I’d love to hear, so be sure to come visit and tell me!

Nina, here. It’s no secret that I love Bex and we are real life friends. This is post truly captures the things people love about her: her sense of humor, her love of fashion, her ability to break down a topic so it’s easy to understand (like when I call her for organization help?), and the fact there is a heart behind what she does (in this case helping women dress for their shape). I love her Get it, Girl attitude. Make sure to check out her blog. You’ll fall in love because that’s how I met her and ten months later I was staying at her house for a week. You’ve been warned.

P.S. Bex is the Peony Sponsor this month and as you can see she is at the end of every post. If you’re interested in any sponsorship, please go ahead and use the code MintToBe for 25% off.


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You Oughta Know Jamie.

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 2.35.42 PMOh, helllooooo! I need to introduce you to someone. Her name is Jamie; she’s lovely. And she blogs at Candy Stilettos.


Isn’t she gorgeous? And I just don’t mean outwardly. I think such pictures capture so much more than the external. Just the other day I read how her mom is her best friend and it left a little lump in my throat. In fact, her mom likes to say Jamie was born in high heels. 🙂


Her mom is probably right (not only because she’s, you know, Jamie’s mom) but because Candy Stilettos is filled with fashion that makes me want to grab my wallet and head to the mall (what? I get cash back. Just kidding. I get my kicks from her amazing outfits). Her style is effortless and chic, and most importantly attainable by the every girl, with a little edge that’s all Jamie. That’s probably why she blogs for Guess, Nordstrom, and Topshop. (Loooove it!) She also does editorial work for a wedding blog.


You may have noticed Jamie and her blog, Candy Stilettos, below my signature on posts. I came up with a cute tag line: she’s sweet but her fashion is fierce. Because it’s true. Need proof? Leather & Color.  Street Style.  Striped Maxi. #holla


She loves her husband (check out their wedding). Aren’t they cute? And her little fur babies–Zooey (dog) and Jingles (cat).

jamiehusband.jpgIn her spare time…that’s kind of a funny way to start a sentence because Jamie works by day at an ABC affiliate in marketing and media…she enjoys fashion (obviously), traveling (just wait), and photography. Also, I would remiss to mention her alma mater, UCONN; she is just a wee bit obsessed (or a lot).

She’s been to Italy but she has a travel bucket list that’s awesome: Poland (her mom was born there), Ireland (Hubby is Irish), Egypt, New Orleans (her dad is a jazz musician and would love the vibe and food), the Virgin Islands (she’s crossing that off over the fourth of July), Barcelona, Paris, and San Francisco (hey girl, visit me before I move). That’s not the end of the list; this girl is adventurous and that’s one of the many reasons I like her. She looks for fashion inspiration around the world. Not to mention her posts about food. Yum.


She blogs because she loves to write and she figured since she was born in high heels, why not combine two things she loves? Fashion and Writing. But those other things I mentioned? The people and things she loves, they make plenty of appearances too. I loved her post: when life hands you lemons, make limoncello. (I’m a sucker for anything Italian.)

jamie collage.jpg

Please note: she completely transforms. And most importantly, girlfriend wear flowers in her hair!

Like I said, Jamie is sweet but her fashion is fierce. We’re briends now. You know, blogger friends. Get to know her. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with her style and her sweetness, just as I did.

Here’s where you can find her:

Candy StilletosFacebook Instagram | Bloglovin’ | Twitter YouTube | Pinterest Email




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She’s sweet but her fashion is fierce. Check out Jamie, May’s Peony Sponsor.candystilettos

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