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New Apartment Living Room Reveal.

So as I may have mentioned 2,345 times, I moved. But you don’t know the full story. MK, my current roommate, had a roommate before me that needed out of the lease three months early. This was great for me because I needed to move. So I started packing and slowly moving stuff over but then the other roommates situation fell through. I panicked, obviously. This back and forth happened a few times before the other roommate suggested I still move in for the last three months of their lease and live in the dining room (it is a spacious two bedroom). Ultimately, her situation ended up kind of working out so I did get her room but her things still live her and she is slowly moving out. As

Ultimately, her situation ended up kind of working out so I did get her room but her things still live here and she is slowly moving out. As her things are moved out, mine are moved into place which had a different vibe than hers. MK and I have a similar vibe so it has been working out well (when she moved in, she moved in to the old roomie’s stuff) and I want to show you the living room which is the most finished (I would say it is at 95%).

We like clean lives, open spaces, and expensive things that we either don’t pay full price for or things from Target that look expensive. I would say that is our aesthetic in this space. Also, bikes (you’ll see).

Here’s the before:livingroombefore

And here is the after:livingroom6You may recognize my little gray couch and the poufs:livingroom5How cool is that gramophone? You put your iPhone in it. The couch and the pillows are from Homegoods. The white side table is from Target, as is the lamp on the other side of the table (we love the lamps because they look so expensive). The poufs are One King’s Lane and the throw is West Elm. Most of this, I owned in my previous apartment. As for the other side table, more on that to come.

Speaking of stuff from my old apartment, you’ll recognize this setup in a different order (ikea, baby!):livingroom1You may notice the bikes which we can ride inside thanks to this trainer and watch The Mindy Project at the same time. I kind of love them because they are decorations in and of themselves. Also, my bike is cream, not yellow. I am very sensitive to this. Ha.livingroomSee how pretty they are? And functional for working out! They also go great with the artwork from MK’s sister. She is seriously amazing. Her etsy shop is on hiatus but I can’t wait to feature her here and for now you can find her on IG. Speaking of, we are going to add two more of her paintings to that wall (the one that is up there now will go in the middle and it will be a series).livingroom4On the opposite wall, above my gray couch, we will be getting a mirror so that the art will reflect and also this huge room will appear even bigger. The artwork and the mirror are the only two things left to do in this apartment.

That floor lamp matches the other table lamps and is also from Target.

One of the greatest finds was our coffee table which is actually nesting tables which we un-nested and use the babies as side tables. MK got this Safavieh set up for super cheap…and when we went to pick it up (she needed muscle), this wealthy family was also like, “Hey, do you need rugs?” to which we said, “Yes, fancy people we would love free rugs” (those are in other parts of the apartment). The rug in this room was given to MK from her parents when they no longer needed it. I didn’t know if I would love it but now I do! On to, the coffee table. livingroom2I think we have truly transformed this room into a place that is light and bright. We are both creatives so we spend time in here not just watching tv but also working (the office/dining room is in process but soon, soon it will be ready).

What do you think? Remember this is a rental so we had to be creative in order to transform it?





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Faux Marble for the Win.

No doubt: marble is in. I think it has to do with how clean and luxurious it looks at the same time. And while I’d love to add some real marble to my life, it just isn’t in the cards at this point. Thankfully, the marble trend is so on point that the faux marble items look incredible at great prices (four of the five things I have my eye on are from Target!). Faux Marble for the Win, y’all!

One | Square Copper Tray with Marble Inlay

I love this one. I can imagine it on my coffee table with candles and flowers.

Two | Marble Computer Cover

I am all about protecting my computer (I am a little bit intense about it if you know me. Ha!) and the marble trend for Mac has been going on for some time. I can dig it.

Three | Wood and Marble Cheese Tray

I would lay out my current favorite cheese (this white cheddar I found by accident) and pour some wine and enjoy. I’d also take some killer Instagram photos with this (is this too much?). Honestly, I think I would leave it in the center of the kitchen table at all times.

Four | Copper and Round Marble Side Table

I love the look of this. I saw it in person and once again, I was so impressed with Target!

Five| Square Copper Tray with Marble Inlay

This is actually coming to live in the new apartment soon. It fits right up against the couch for the perfect perch for food or wine or a nice book but takes up minimal space in the room. Plus, it is so rich looking. Give me the heart eye emoji!

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New Apartment Bedroom Inspiration.

Moving is driving me a bit crazy, more specifically, packing. I can’t even say I have done a ton of work because I am intimidated. Instead, I am so overwhelmed I cannot tell you. Moving back from San Francisco was so insane but moving within a city is just as crazy. Basically, as one person told me in the comments: moving is awful; don’t do it. That is not an option though so this past weekend and on Cyber Monday, I dreamt a little of the new apartment bedroom inspiration.

I looked around the space I created here in this tiny studio. I’m so excited to have more space at the new place, truly. But because of my chronic pain, my bedroom will always be my oasis. It has to be. So I looked at what I already had and just dreamt a little about what I would want in my new space. I can’t spend much money and it’s definitely a use what you have situation.

I’ll be going with white bed linens and a white duvet again. I once wrote about what it means to me to have white bedding but I got over it and I love it. Although I have to say, after nearly two years, the current white duvet has to go.

On Cyber Monday, I got a deal on a duvet from Target I have been eyeing (it’s reasonable even when it is not Cyber Monday). I knew I wanted some type of ruffle or ruching. I wanted to keep it simple but white bedding shows wrinkles. This one should be great. The whole point of having white bedding is for it to be clean and crisp and so in this case the ruching keeps wrinkles from showing.

I’m keeping my beloved Belquist Throw Pillows and the Faux Fur Throw I got last Christmas. I love them.

I am also keeping my mirrored nightstand. I love the mirrored look and this was definitely a great purchase when I was in SF. I love that it is so tall with plenty of storage. I got it at a great price too.

As for the art, I have so many gallery walls currently that I want to keep it simple with black frames. I’ll buy a canvas and do the DIY abstract animal art.

I will (very securely) hang the white elephant over my bed (he is currently in my hallway). I love the white on white on white look with as many neutrals as possible.

Meanwhile, I have been dreaming of an overdyed Persian Rug. Rugs are so very expensive though! I knew it was not in my budget and that I would probably have to wait a year. And then I saw almost an exact replica on my good friend, Bex’s blog. I told her, “I have been looking at the same rug!” But it wasn’t the same rug. The one she found was on sale at Target! I’m talking less than $100 for the bigger size (with my Target debit card). I feel like it will ground the room and also be the only real and true color.

I also found a great deal on Cyber Monday for headboard. The last year and a half I’ve had a platform bed. I love the look but it’s better for my back to have a headboard so that will be added as well. It’s a very subtle gray with some grommets that attaches to a simple bed frame (which I still have to get). I could have made it. But it was under a hundred dollars…with supplies and time and everything it was worth it (remember to DIY or not to DIY?)

You can click on the picture to see any of these items (or in a few cases, similar items). Fair warning, a lot of it was on sale when I did get it, whether it was Cyber Monday or back in the day in SF. Also, it may be on further sale. Who knows?

Any of the stuff featured was my choice and I put together this based on what I wanted and I like. I am not at the point in blogging where people are sending me beds. Haha! As always though, I just want you to know that if you make a purchase, that brand pays this blog a few cents (at no cost to you) that keeps this blog running. I always give you full disclosure because I think you’d be shocked to know all the links you click on in this blogging world!

So what do you think? My only concern is that it remains simple and neutral. When I crammed everything together on Photoshop I liked it (and I still do) but it will still be interesting for it to all come together.

What do you think?





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