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Soft, Ballerina Makeup Session to be Photographed.

I’ve always loved makeup itself and doing other people’s (sometimes more than my own…ha!). I have no formal training but I consider the fact that I have done two of my friends’ weddings as my credentials. Who you let near your face on your wedding day is a big deal (at least in my mind) and they both looked gorgeous because they looked like themselves–the most beautiful version of themselves, not someone standing in for them. Have you ever seen pictures like that? Where the makeup is beautiful but you are wondering: ummmm, where is Meg/Lara/Jane/Whoever?

Remind me to tell you the story of how I became friends with one of my best girls…her brow bones…I needed her to let me do her eye makeup, just once. Now, we are like this and I did her makeup for her wedding.

So when Bex decided she wanted to take special anniversary photos with her husband, she asked if I wanted to do her makeup, knowing that I’d enjoy it. I wanted her to look like herself but feel especially pretty because her outfit was just so pretty, reminding me a little bit of a ballerina in the stylish, I am not even trying way. You feel me? Also, I had to be aware that this was a makeup session to be photographed.

Bex washed her face and we took the before photo of sunscreen and previous makeup. I didn’t edit either photo but by the end of the makeup session the sun was beginning to set. You’ll see the look a couple different ways in various ways but we were on a tight schedule so these are the most similar “head on shots” I have. #badbloggersbeforeafter

First of all, I did not have all my supplies because I traveled to Florida with a carry-on. Bex and I are also different skin tones because she was so tan and Floridian…and I am not. So with a mixture of what I had and what she had (it so happened she was running out of some things so the cards were really stacked against us), I think a beautiful and feminine look was achieved.

A few notes on what I did before I tell you what I used. Bex normally uses a liquid liner with a bit of a wing that starts at the middle of her eyelid. I asked her if I could line her whole top lid with liner and the corner on the bottom. She gave me the go ahead. Now, this can make eyes look smaller in general so I don’t suggest that if you that situation going on. But for people with big eyes (like Bex, like me…Seriously my pupils are scary big) it can be a nice effect for a smoky but ballerina look like this. I blended it super well because there is nothing worse than someone taking a picture (or just plain looking at you) and all they can see is the liner.

Important PSA: if you are putting mascara on your eyes without curling them first you are doing it wrong. You must curl. IMG_3680

I highlighted and contoured trying out the NYX product. But then I went back to my tried and true Tarte bronzer to contour and Benefits High Beam for highlighting. I also used the beauty to blend really well.

As much as both Bex and I are fans of a poppin’ lip. I wanted this to be soft and feminine. I wanted her dewy and a bright lip went to do. The lip I used is seriously an amazing nude-pink that looks amazing on everyone. IMG_3598

Please go ahead and ask questions about my technique or any of the makeup I used which was (Bex and I used a combination of what I brought and what she had because this wasn’t planned…Fortunately I took notes in my Bullet Journal)

Primer: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, Radiance
BB Cream: Loreal, Light
Concealer: Laura Mercier, Secret Concealer
Setting Powder: Makeup Forever, HD High Definition Powder
Bronzer: Tarte, Amazonian Princess
Illuminator: Benefit, High Beam
Also used for highlight + contour: NYX, Wonder Stick, Medium
Eye Primer: Urban Decay, Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Eyeshadow: Tarte, Steph’s pearl + Tarte, Erica’s dollhouse + Tarte, Jess Storybook (this palette is no longer available…This one is similar)
Eyeliner: Bare Minerals, Lasting Line, Absolute Black
Brows (pencil + gel): Jour, Brow Definer  + Anastasia, Clear Gel
Mascara: Dior, Diorshow
Blush: Benefit, Posie Tint
Lip Liner: MAC, Spice
Lip Gloss: Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect, 157
Also used the Beauty Blender a lot





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3 Tips for Dressing Your Body Shape.

Hey guys! I’m Bex from Butcher’s Niche, a blog about finding the beauty in every day life, ok mostly I just share a lot about fashion. But that’s because I think what we wear is incredibly important to who we are as women, and how we present ourselves. So today I have some tips for you to get the most from your fashion choices.


I’ve found that when women talk about their bodies, we automatically go to our size, our height, our weight. But we need to talk about our shape. All of our us are unique, and so are our bodies. Our shapes are going to determine our size, and our height/weight are just a part of our shape. So you see, our shape is most important when it comes to fashion.

Before we get onto the 3 tips, I really want to stress that we can’t let our bodies determine who we are as people–as women. We can’t change our shape. Sure, we can lose weight, our bra size might go down with that, as we get older we might get taller or shorter. But we can’t change our shape. These are our bodies that God gave us and we need to thank Him for them, take care of them out of our reverence to Him, and use them to spread His good word. Complaining about them and trying to change them is the complete opposite of what he wants from us.

But we all want to put our best foot forward, and look our best. Fashion can help with that. So here’s 3 tips for dressing your body shape . . .


image via

1. Wear clothes that are your size –

Repeat after me: size doesn’t matter. size doesn’t matter. You have two women one is a DD and 5’5″ with an hourglass shape, one is 6” wedge shaped and a B cup – they probably wear the same size. A large shirt will be long enough for the tall girl and have enough fabric to stretch out for the DD’s. So if you think you’re a size 12, but that gives you a muffin top . . . buy a size 14. That size 14 will make those lumps disappear. Guess what, it’s ok. Because size doesn’t matter.

2. It’s all about contrast –

Why do you think black and white are so classic? They contrast each other. It’s all about balance, ladies. If your body is soft, add structure; if it’s angular, add softness. If you have a triangle shape, wear bright colored, patterned, full bottoms. Think hot pink circle skirt with a simple white spaghetti strap top. Contrast.

3. Create an Illusion –

Fabric and makeup works wonders, ladies. It can make people think they see something when they don’t. Apple shapes, wear v neck tops to create the illusion of a longer torso or wear a belt to create a waist. Rectangle shapes wear sweetheart cut tops to create the illusion of some cleavage and full skirts to create hips.


Do any of you have any tips on dressing for your shape? I’d love to hear, so be sure to come visit and tell me!

Nina, here. It’s no secret that I love Bex and we are real life friends. This is post truly captures the things people love about her: her sense of humor, her love of fashion, her ability to break down a topic so it’s easy to understand (like when I call her for organization help?), and the fact there is a heart behind what she does (in this case helping women dress for their shape). I love her Get it, Girl attitude. Make sure to check out her blog. You’ll fall in love because that’s how I met her and ten months later I was staying at her house for a week. You’ve been warned.

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Bex and Scott Photo Shoot | NB Creative Inc.

Bex and Scott

Ask my mom or anyone who has known me my whole life: I love anything creative. One day I decided I wanted to learn to knit so I found someone to teach me. Another day I started to make quilt squares though I never quilted before (and confession: that quilt is still unfinished). When I started blogging, it was all about the writing. I liked thinking of creative ideas and photographs that could go with my entries. Then, I started to enjoy the graphic design and photography aspect of it. I took classes. I’ve gotten better. I decided I wanted to do photography as more than just a hobby around the same time that I decided I was going to start really putting effort into freelance writing and marketing (and other things too!).

Thus, NB Creative, Inc. was born out of passion and hustle and pure love for creating and writing. Be sure to check it out for more info and see other photo clients (more to come!).

I work with companies and I also work one on one with clients depending on their needs. You can read more about NB Creative, Inc. here.

But after I took those photography classes, I begged my friends and family and network: let me take your photos and I will give them to you for free. I recognize (because I am this way) that photography is incredibly important in capturing life’s important moments and there was no way I would feel comfortable doing that and taking money from someone until I had lots of practice. I still have a long way to go but my fees are low and I go above and beyond.

Bex and Scott have been together for five years and married for two. I was visiting her in Florida around the time of their second anniversary and since they had just moved to this new land, Bex had a vision for some photographs. I added what I could and we collaborated.

If you know me, you know I am a perfectionist. We happened to get her all gussied up and ready minutes before a storm rolled in (I did her makeup which will be on her sometime in August). Not only did I have to rush but the light was dimming. If the timing would have worked, we would have waited until after the storm passed because the sky was gorgeous. But that’s the perfectionist in me. Bex assures me that she loves them and even her husband loves him which, she says, is harder to accomplish. She says they are some of their favorite photos of the two of them in five years which means a lot.

I love this couple, the way they love one another, and the way they love others. Without further ado, Bex and Scott Photo Shoot:Bex and Scott 1

Bex and Scott 2

Bex and Scott 3

Bex and Scott 4

Bex and Scott 5

Bex and Scott 6

Bex and Scott 8

Bex and Scott 10Yes, I work with photography clients and I love it. The majority of my freelance business is writing–working with brands and companies where I write blogs and other marketing materials for their own brand and sites, help with SEO & social media, marketing, graphic design and more. For more info on either of these things, visit NB Creative, Inc.

I hope you love the photos of Bex and her man. Aren’t they dreamy?




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4th of July Healthy Dessert + Cocktails | Firecracker Melon Pops.

I’ve been talking a lot here about steps I have taken to improve my health situation–mainly the idea of food as medicine, and eating like this as a way of life in order to reduce my pain. In the past, I would see a holiday or a vacation as an excuse to indulge but I am just not in a position to do that and yet I was fortunate to be visiting Bex for eight days.

4th of July Health Dessert + Cocktails | Firecracker Melon PopsNot only is she a supportive friends but she and the Mr. have been wanting to eat healthier too. “You’ll be our kickstarter,” she told me. For this post’s purpose, I wish she would have said or even sung, “Baby, you’re a firework.” Despite her lack of the perfect Fourth of July Katy Perry song, she made me feel supported and loved.

The eight days I spent with them, we all worked together to create healthy yet delicious food and I still kept eating #foodasmedicine. We even had a faux fourth!

Bex made a healthy cocktail that in some circles is considered paleo and others not. Even if you are avoiding alcohol, like I am currently, check out her recipe for the Sparkling Watermelon Spritzer because it’s great as a mocktail.

I’ve always been a dessert girl and my love for greek yogurt is well documented so I made Healthy Firecracker Melon Pops with Greek Yogurt Frosting and Berries.Healthy Firecracker Melon PopsThe frosting is simple. I just used two packets of Stevia to sweeten a small container of greek yogurt and stirred it up. For the watermelon, I won’t lie. I am not great with knives but I tried my best to cut the watermelon in sheets and used a star cookie cutter Bex had on hand. Then I frosted the stars as if they were cookies.healthyfirecrackermelonpops1The final touch is adding some berries. This may sound crazy but since it’s summer I like to get the frozen mixed berry bag. A few hours before I am going to use them, I move them from the freezer to the fridge because the juices melt together and create a nice sauce to pour on top.healthyfirecrackermelonpops2You could easily stick a popsicle stick in these for kids. Also by using the cookie cutter, there should be no rind. Except for the the first test I did which you can see in the picture of above and the perfectionist in me is cringing but you know what, Perfectionist Nina? Keeping eating food as medicine because it’s working.

And baby? You’re a firework.

Try out one of our healthy recipes! Plus, what are you doing for the Fourth?




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Project Wellness with Bex.

I’m starting a new project with my blogger friend turned real life friend called Project Wellness. I’m going to let Bex introduce it to you today and let you know what this month’s focus will be: Project Wellness Whole 30.project wellness

Hey guys! I’m Bex the girl behind Butcher’s Niche. The most talked about topic on the Niche is style . . . and being a fashion blogger I’ve learned takes a whole new kind of confidence. Sending a selfie to your mom, your best friend, or your boyfriend/husband of a cute outfit you’re rocking is much different that putting several styled pictures on the internet for all to see. The internet can be mean . . .


I’ve been lucky so far. Not much negative has been said. But I haven’t been doing it all that long either. It’s still sometimes hard though to hit publish on those posts (or schedule since I’m a organized, multitasking planning over achiever). Ya see, I’ve never been skinny. In the 3rd grade I was 5’5 120 lbs and wore a 34 b. The 3rd grade. I was 7 years old.

I wish I could tell you that I’m still that size. That I work out regularly and eat right and that I just went through puberty much quicker and earlier than most. While that part is most definitely true, I did not stay that way.


Thankfully, in the world we live in, it’s better than it used to be about size. People are more accepting of you whatever size you. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, but it does mean that a plus size fashion blogger could actually make it in this big bad world.

My blog started as a way to document my wedding (which super awesome even though my mom gave everyone red solo cups), but eventually those posts ran out. My wedding was only 1 year of planning and 1 day of actual the actual event; then it was time to be married. So I started doing fashion posts . . . I started for a few reasons

photo 4 (2)

Of course, there was the obvious. I liked fashion and this was going to get my creative juices flowing in that area and keep me accountable to be fashionable, not frumpy. I wanted that anyway so it was a no brainer.

I also did it to give myself confidence. That picture up there in the blue skirt . . . those are all my favorite pieces. I feel comfortable. I feel pretty. stylish. confident. healthy.

I also did it because I want other to feel that way. Hopefully, even if there’s just one girl that I can give an outfit idea to and she feels encouraged and hopeful . . . pretty even. Then it’s worth it.


This isn’t about being a certain size, or a quick fix, and it’s not just about eating right and working out. It’s about general wellness . . . health, fitness, mindset, skin care, body image, self esteem, I could go on and on . . . So Nina and I have started a project. We’re essentially going to be accountability partners for each other about our general wellness. Each month we’ll each post about a certain focus topic.


For me, wellness is going to start in the kitchen with weight loss. Food affects our mood, our behavior, our mindset, our self image . . . food affects all of it!! And before last week I mostly ate bad stuff that made me feel even worse. Nina and I will be following a whole 30 diet. Go to whole30.com for all the details and check back in at the end of February to see how we did, how we feel, and what the next topic will be.

Where does wellness start for you?

Butcher’s Niche // twitter // instagram

Please feel free to join us! We want this to be ongoing and about the inside and the outside–just being well and healthy and whatever that means uniquely for you and for us. What do you think? (Isn’t Bex great?)





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