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New Apartment Bedroom Inspiration.

Moving is driving me a bit crazy, more specifically, packing. I can’t even say I have done a ton of work because I am intimidated. Instead, I am so overwhelmed I cannot tell you. Moving back from San Francisco was so insane but moving within a city is just as crazy. Basically, as one person told me in the comments: moving is awful; don’t do it. That is not an option though so this past weekend and on Cyber Monday, I dreamt a little of the new apartment bedroom inspiration.

I looked around the space I created here in this tiny studio. I’m so excited to have more space at the new place, truly. But because of my chronic pain, my bedroom will always be my oasis. It has to be. So I looked at what I already had and just dreamt a little about what I would want in my new space. I can’t spend much money and it’s definitely a use what you have situation.

I’ll be going with white bed linens and a white duvet again. I once wrote about what it means to me to have white bedding but I got over it and I love it. Although I have to say, after nearly two years, the current white duvet has to go.

On Cyber Monday, I got a deal on a duvet from Target I have been eyeing (it’s reasonable even when it is not Cyber Monday). I knew I wanted some type of ruffle or ruching. I wanted to keep it simple but white bedding shows wrinkles. This one should be great. The whole point of having white bedding is for it to be clean and crisp and so in this case the ruching keeps wrinkles from showing.

I’m keeping my beloved Belquist Throw Pillows and the Faux Fur Throw I got last Christmas. I love them.

I am also keeping my mirrored nightstand. I love the mirrored look and this was definitely a great purchase when I was in SF. I love that it is so tall with plenty of storage. I got it at a great price too.

As for the art, I have so many gallery walls currently that I want to keep it simple with black frames. I’ll buy a canvas and do the DIY abstract animal art.

I will (very securely) hang the white elephant over my bed (he is currently in my hallway). I love the white on white on white look with as many neutrals as possible.

Meanwhile, I have been dreaming of an overdyed Persian Rug. Rugs are so very expensive though! I knew it was not in my budget and that I would probably have to wait a year. And then I saw almost an exact replica on my good friend, Bex’s blog. I told her, “I have been looking at the same rug!” But it wasn’t the same rug. The one she found was on sale at Target! I’m talking less than $100 for the bigger size (with my Target debit card). I feel like it will ground the room and also be the only real and true color.

I also found a great deal on Cyber Monday for headboard. The last year and a half I’ve had a platform bed. I love the look but it’s better for my back to have a headboard so that will be added as well. It’s a very subtle gray with some grommets that attaches to a simple bed frame (which I still have to get). I could have made it. But it was under a hundred dollars…with supplies and time and everything it was worth it (remember to DIY or not to DIY?)

You can click on the picture to see any of these items (or in a few cases, similar items). Fair warning, a lot of it was on sale when I did get it, whether it was Cyber Monday or back in the day in SF. Also, it may be on further sale. Who knows?

Any of the stuff featured was my choice and I put together this based on what I wanted and I like. I am not at the point in blogging where people are sending me beds. Haha! As always though, I just want you to know that if you make a purchase, that brand pays this blog a few cents (at no cost to you) that keeps this blog running. I always give you full disclosure because I think you’d be shocked to know all the links you click on in this blogging world!

So what do you think? My only concern is that it remains simple and neutral. When I crammed everything together on Photoshop I liked it (and I still do) but it will still be interesting for it to all come together.

What do you think?





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Bedroom Reveal (ish).

IMG_7959I know I promised you a bedroom reveal but really it is more of a bed reveal (the entirety will come later…when it is done) which may not be a big deal to you…but my bed is probably the where I put the most time and effort (besides where my books will live) and that is because I have an illness that results in chronic pain every day. The reason I don’t talk about it here is because of my job or future employers. It is very much under control and doesn’t affect my work but I never want anyone to think that it does affect it because it just doesn’t (I don’t know how many ways to say that but please email me one on one if you have questions). So because of my every day aches and pains, I put a lot of thought into my bed because I consider it to be a little sanctuary in the busyness of city life. It’s the first part of the apartment that is complete. And it has always been this way for me.beddingSo here we go. This apartment is going to be filled with white. White everywhere. It is a bit dangerous but we are going there. Hints of gray and black will make an appearance as well as metallics. But I am not worried about the white being too stark. It makes the place look bigger and I think, with those other colors, warmer actually.IMG_7951I’m kind of obsessed with this rug (overstock) and the placement of the bed may change now that I found a couch (um…Home Goods $200…and it is amazing). IMG_7881Just another picture of the rug because I love it so much. It may be hard to vacuum though. We will see. These shoes are amazing. I walk comfortably all over the city with them, they are on sale, and come in many colors. Just sayin’. Check them out hereIMG_7964Let me give you the real deal on the Anthro bedding. I like it. I am glad I got it on sale. Unfortunately, this bedding is sold out and no longer on sale. But that is something similar. It is so luxurious, really. The throw is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and those pillows? Aren’t they so lovely? They are from a shop called Belquist and handmade. Love. Them.IMG_7953This weekend and yesterday were hard and awful for a lot of reasons. And when I have a hard or awful day (or both), I count myself fortunate to rest my weary limbs on this bed which serves the purpose I set for it: a sanctuary. Not a hiding place. But somewhere to rest and wake up to the new day and experience His new mercies every morning. I’m really happy with it. Minus the wall behind it which is why I may be changing things with the couch. And you know, I will be hanging things. Maybe even my deer. I’ll be even happier when the replacement for my desk arrives (the original was damaged) so I don’t have to type this in bed or do things like this:IMG_7974

Purse (here) | Phone case (here on sale as I write this)
So there it is. My grown up sanctuary. When I get things on the wall and finish “the bedroom” I will give you another update. In the meanwhile, I am unpacking boxes. I am almost done with the kitchen. Grin. And I’ve used it to make some home made treats. So there’s that.





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Instagram Weekend where I taught Hashtags

WeekendOnce upon a time, Instagram became an art; sometimes I enjoy it and sometimes I lack patience for it. This weekend I enjoyed it. This weekend:

1 | Napa with my Dad included this winery: Mario Andretti’s. It also included the time I explained hashtags to my father. #OldDogNewTricks #NotThatOldThough

2 | Hunter boots and colored gravel makes it look like I have the watercolor app which I don’t (yet). However, let me tell you a story about these Hunter boots. A long time ago, in the beginning of high school, when I didn’t even know what Hunter boots were, I saw these cute light pink rain boots in a catalogue. “Ooh! I love these for valentine’s day!” I told my dad. The catalogue said they were 20$ and my dad usually gets me a little something for vday because he will always be my valentine. He did get me the boots. However, he informed that the 20$ pair I spotted? They were for toddlers. Since then, he sticks with flowers. #CoolDad #LoveYou

3 | Seriously I love these pillows so much and am so glad Santa (my mother) got me them for Christmas. They remind me of The Great Gatsby and the Chrysler building and everything art deco. #CoolMom #LoveYou

4 | North Beach dinner at our favorite hole in the wall with my dad, the ending to a great day. #BellaNotte #ItaliansAlwaysEatItalian

5 | I received my Studio Mucci garland weeks and weeks ago and just never opened the box. How amazing is this? I can’t wait to hang it. #pretty #CrushingOnBlush

6 | Barrels and barrels of wine. We drank it all. Not. #winos #ButNotReally #DadLovesTheDryestCab #ILoveNotesOfWatermelonAndPeach #ImAChild #AlsoImRidic

7 | More Napa. #TimeToTakeAPowerNapa #AkaSunday

8 | I went to pick up my dad at his hotel and told him we needed something in our stomachs before we went wine tasting. Someone on the plane told him about this waffle thing? “Blue bottle coffee, baby!” I replied. Good thing we were meeting the group at the Ferry Building were we found lattes and waffles. My dad ate his so fast I really don’t even know if he got one. #NomNomNom #WaffleMonster

9 | I posted this Golden Gate Bridge photo with the caption: “I’m coming home” and my mom texted me and asked, “What does that mean????” and I patiently texted her back, “It’s a song” and tried not to roll my eyes loud enough for her to hear in Illinois. #Parents #ICanGoAllDay

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Five on Friday: Post Christmas

Screen shot 2013-12-26 at 1.30.03 PMI am linking up with A. Liz AdventuresThe Good LifeCarolina Charm, and Hello!Happiness. Thanks for hosting, Ladies!

This is my first official Five on Friday and not only am I excited but I hope the structure gives me the blogging bug again. Christmas threw me off a bit; plus, we were all sick…including my little sister.SONY DSC





 …Merry Christmas, I love you.

Two of my three cousins aka the twins...obvi they love taking pictures with me

Two of my three cousins aka the twins…obvi they love taking pictures with me

On my mom’s side of the family, where I spend Christmas day, I am the only girl cousin. I get ganged up on and made fun of and mostly, love every second of it. But I mean: sorry that I just don’t love watching sports the entire day long. Is there no compromise left in the world? Granted, I purposely do things to annoy them. I need to prepare them for the world, you know.

However, this year there was a new rule & we laughed so hard. We (let me honest, they) could say anything they wanted to me as long as they added: “…Merry Christmas. I love you.”

Here is an example: “Nina, I want to punch you in the face…Merry Christmas. I love you.” (Disclaimer, we are not an abusive family but get four boys together and there is rough housing. They don’t touch me because I’m a girl. They just use their words.)

The bigger picture is that I laughed so hard with both sides of the family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I mean so hard that I thought I was going to lose it. I collapsed to the floor several times in spastic giggles. It felt so good. Laughter is the best medicine, according to, you know–me.




Go West, Young Man. Go West, Young Woman.

Do you feel my pain?

Do you feel my pain?

This morning my brother started the drive to Portland. My dad decided that this was an ideal time to take a picture of the three of us kids. It couldn’t have been when I had makeup on? Or at least no bed head? And maybe a Hogwarts sweatshirt wasn’t the most chic outfit option? Even Ava needed to be bribed with chocolate. (All I know is, no one offered me chocolate to smile).

So I hugged him tightly even though we will both be on the west coast. It is insane to me that our parents produced two kids who are both ending up out west (at least for awhile). You have to understand. I grew up 15 minutes from both side of my grandparents. As we drove up to my aunt’s we talked about how crazy it is that as different as we are, as different as we view the world, we refuse to settle (not that staying in Illinois is settling, but opportunities presented themselves or we created opportunities.) We both want adventure and boy, are we getting it. I never thought I would end up in San Francisco. Manhattan? Sure. Philly? Yeah. I don’t think San Francisco would have even come to mind but here we are. You can fall in love with a city.SONY DSC




It’s not about the gifts. But…

And it’s not; it’s about Jesus. But my mom found a Hogwarts Alumni sweatshirt. How cool am I? So, so, cool. I also got a lot of elephant things, these pillows I’ve been coveting, the Naked 3 pallet (woot, woot) and even more exciting–money towards a new computer. Hip, hip, hooray! Currently I am typing on a computer from my sophomore year of college. This past quarter, when it came to hitting my number and bonus, my motivation was: computer, computer, computer. So needless to say, I’m excited!

via//I won't be getting a decal but I do love this clever one

via//I won’t be getting a decal but I do love this clever one





Like Cher said, if I could turn back time.

These two crack me up

These two crack me up

It’s been a huge blessing for many reasons that I’ve been able to spend a huge chunk of time with my family during this season. But it’s going by so quickly. We joke that we need to go on Shark Tank for something and I guess mugs aren’t going to cut it long term (although there is a sale right now; 15% off with the coupon code comfortandjoy). Well, I nominate the idea of investing in bottling  time so that when I laugh around the table with my aunt and nonna, I can just stop time. So when my cousins make faces at me and I fall to the ground laughing, I can just call time out. 

One night I just could not sleep and went out in the middle of the night just to take pictures in the snow.

One night I just could not sleep and went out in the middle of the night just to take pictures in the snow.





I love being a big sister from a Mod Fam.

momava2My brother is only two years younger than me and my sister is three years old. I love that I get to talk about adult things with my brother. I love watching my sister enjoy the magic of the season with such childlike wonder. You know, she is just happy whenever anyone gets a present. “Oh my gosh, Dad! That’s amazing! I love it.” It was a shaving kit. Ha.momava1

Furthermore, I love my mom. She is so great. Watching my mom come over and give my little sister, who she chooses to love because she loves me, her present, was lovely. Miss Sandi (mia mama) gave Ava books. Which is perfect because on her Thanksgiving placemat, Ava said she is most thankful for books. Yeah, Girl! That’s my sissy! Watching Ava “read” these books to my mom side by side on the couch, made my heart just squeeze and squeeze and squeeze. Let me be clear: the fact that we can all be in a room (Mom, Dad, Stepmom, Ava, and Me) with minimum to no awkwardness is a complete God thing. A complete God thing. None of us can take any credit it for it. But we can all be thankful for it.

Well that’s five,


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Support Small Biz Gift Guide IV

favorite+things+3I’m excited to participate with Cheers Y’all and Down with the Dearmore’s in their Holiday link up again. The requirements are that everything be under $100. I added one more caveat to that because I really wanted to feature small businesses that make their own inventory. I always think it’s such a pleasure to support someone in their business and art and so I combined those two rules and this is what I came up with.

Some of these items would be less expensive if we could buy them at a big chain store but when someone is spending the time to create something and dealing with the overhead of the business, it isn’t as easy to have a 1$ aisle (not that I don’t shop in that aisle too.) So just remember that as the holidays become more commercialized there are plenty of resources and businesses who are following their dreams. I like helping them.

Here are some of my favorite stores, as well as places I asked friends to recommend. Enjoy!

Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 6.31.27 PMScreen shot 2013-11-27 at 12.16.21 PM1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11  12   13

  1. Metal Buckle Engraved Dog Collar//$27.99//Etsy: Shopmimigreen//Why it’s on the list: I think these are adorable and there are dog lovers in every family! Plus then you don’t here that jingling of tags. Haha. In all seriousness, all the other dogs on the block will be jealous of these collars.
  2. Harry Potter Typography Poster Platform 9 3/4//$15//Etsy: Entrophytradingco//Why it’s on the list: I own this. It’s amazing. What I love about it is that obviously anyone who is a Harry Potter nerd is going to freak out over it but if they aren’t it looks totally cool and graphic. Here it is on my wall. I love it!
  3. Love You Nightlight//$25//Artist: Rachel Evergreen SFMoma//Why it’s on the list: How cute. I mean, really. For a friend who is expecting? Or for anyone really! Except maybe my brother…
  4. Bookmark//$2//Etsy: EmDashPaperCo//Why it’s on the list: I love this store and I included the bookmark because I am surprising a friend who reads this blog with something else from them. I’ve given gifts from this store before and I’ve always had great results.
  5. Pardon my Swag//$12//Etsy: Michelledwight//Why it’s on the list: Now this is something I could get my brother…LOL
  6. Faux Deer Head//$89.89//Etsy: Whitefauxtaxidermy//Why it’s on the list: I love this. I want it for myself. I know so many people who would think this is the coolest thing on the planet. Don’t you? They have all kinds.
  7. Newlywed Ornament//$17.95//Etsy: Peachwik//Why it’s on the list: This store was recommended to me. They have all types of things but know any newlyweds? There are all types of styles.
  8. Ladies Quarter Zip Monogram Pullover//$40//Etsy: SEMbroideredBoutique//Why it’s on the list: A friend has this on her wish list in our college colors. We can’t help it; we bleed blue and orange. And while I wish our college colors were prettier, I love a good pullover and a good monogram.
  9. The Jessica Hammered Gold Necklace//$38.75//Etsy: BibandBob//Why it’s on the list: This is perfect for so many of my friends. I don’t know what else to say except I think the picture speaks for itself. For my close friends, the price is good and it’s an obviously thoughtful, handmade gift.
  10. Custom Illustrated Family Portrait//$75//Etsy: Chicksnhens//Why it’s on the list: Someone I know had their wedding invitations done by this store and LOVED the results. I know a couple of people who would love this. How cute would my friend Heather’s family be with this picture be illustrated?
  11. Day Designer//$55//Whitney English//Why it’s on the list: This is actually on my list. It’s not just a planner. It helps you achieve goals and brainstorm and plan. I really hope Santa gets my letter. Plus, so chic!
  12. Bombay Pillow in Fuchsia//$30//Esty:Belquist//Why it’s on the list: I think it is pretty obvious that I adore her pillows. Housewarming/Holiday gift? Love them and love the girl behind the brand. She really puts her all into it.
  13. Chevron Notepad//$13//Office Luxe//Why it’s on the list: This business is run by Mom and Daughter and has a great inventory of chic office supplies. I love these Chevron notepads but there is a ton of other things as well. And they just started carrying Kate Spade!

***In my other gift guides, I have also featured other shops including PearlsandPastries, Columbus and Tutu, and the Everygirl. I wanted to feature them again (because I adore them) but I have already featured them twice. But I still love them! Find them on my other gift guides here, here, and here.

‘Tis the Season to Support Small Biz,



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