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Beauty Products I Buy Again and Again.

beauty products I buy again and againI don’t know about you all but I kind of skip around with beauty products. There are so many new things to try. For example, I am still trying to find the perfect skin care and it’s easy to convince me to try something new. When I moved, I told myself I would not buy anything new until I had finished old things (with expiration dates in mind). But there are six products that I have either reused and rebought or am about to run out of (and some of this stuff takes awhile to run out of) that I consider to be beauty products I buy again and again.

I thought this topic would be a good one considering the topic of April’s vlog (join us on Thursday, April 9).

(Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy) Nothing keeps my lips soft like this stuff. I ran through so much of it in my first Chicago winter. It comes in colors which is great for daytime but my white bedding means that night time, I slather on the clear coat. If you’ve never tried it, do yourself a favor and go to Sephora or a Fresh Store and try it. Oh my.

(Neutrogena Anti Residue) Katie recommended this shampoo to me and I love it. It gets rid of all the residue created by the products I use to blow out my hair. Simple, amazing, and nothing has come close to comparing.

(Macadamia Nut Oil Masque) Katie also recommended this to me. My hair is crazy that if I wanted, I could have dreadlocks in about four days. This detangles and moisturizes and makes my hair feel crazy healthy. It can be used as a conditioner or a hair mask.

(Laura Mercier Concealer) I asked Twitter for concealers to try and someone said Laura Mercier. I tried it and loved it. Bex tried it too and loved it. I will be rebuying this.

(Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer) Do you know how long it takes to actually get to the bottom of a bronzer? And yet I have with Tarte. Again, I will be rebuying this. I have tried other things and this may be one of the products I have stuck with the longest.

(Dior Show Mascara) The price tag is no fun and someone hooked me in high school. Since then, I often get it at Christmas time or for my birthday. This may be the longest relationship I have had with a beauty product. I love it and you will too. Trust me.

Tomorrow I’m sharing something personal, if you’ll stick with me.




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