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Soft, Ballerina Makeup Session to be Photographed.

I’ve always loved makeup itself and doing other people’s (sometimes more than my own…ha!). I have no formal training but I consider the fact that I have done two of my friends’ weddings as my credentials. Who you let near your face on your wedding day is a big deal (at least in my mind) and they both looked gorgeous because they looked like themselves–the most beautiful version of themselves, not someone standing in for them. Have you ever seen pictures like that? Where the makeup is beautiful but you are wondering: ummmm, where is Meg/Lara/Jane/Whoever?

Remind me to tell you the story of how I became friends with one of my best girls…her brow bones…I needed her to let me do her eye makeup, just once. Now, we are like this and I did her makeup for her wedding.

So when Bex decided she wanted to take special anniversary photos with her husband, she asked if I wanted to do her makeup, knowing that I’d enjoy it. I wanted her to look like herself but feel especially pretty because her outfit was just so pretty, reminding me a little bit of a ballerina in the stylish, I am not even trying way. You feel me? Also, I had to be aware that this was a makeup session to be photographed.

Bex washed her face and we took the before photo of sunscreen and previous makeup. I didn’t edit either photo but by the end of the makeup session the sun was beginning to set. You’ll see the look a couple different ways in various ways but we were on a tight schedule so these are the most similar “head on shots” I have. #badbloggersbeforeafter

First of all, I did not have all my supplies because I traveled to Florida with a carry-on. Bex and I are also different skin tones because she was so tan and Floridian…and I am not. So with a mixture of what I had and what she had (it so happened she was running out of some things so the cards were really stacked against us), I think a beautiful and feminine look was achieved.

A few notes on what I did before I tell you what I used. Bex normally uses a liquid liner with a bit of a wing that starts at the middle of her eyelid. I asked her if I could line her whole top lid with liner and the corner on the bottom. She gave me the go ahead. Now, this can make eyes look smaller in general so I don’t suggest that if you that situation going on. But for people with big eyes (like Bex, like me…Seriously my pupils are scary big) it can be a nice effect for a smoky but ballerina look like this. I blended it super well because there is nothing worse than someone taking a picture (or just plain looking at you) and all they can see is the liner.

Important PSA: if you are putting mascara on your eyes without curling them first you are doing it wrong. You must curl. IMG_3680

I highlighted and contoured trying out the NYX product. But then I went back to my tried and true Tarte bronzer to contour and Benefits High Beam for highlighting. I also used the beauty to blend really well.

As much as both Bex and I are fans of a poppin’ lip. I wanted this to be soft and feminine. I wanted her dewy and a bright lip went to do. The lip I used is seriously an amazing nude-pink that looks amazing on everyone. IMG_3598

Please go ahead and ask questions about my technique or any of the makeup I used which was (Bex and I used a combination of what I brought and what she had because this wasn’t planned…Fortunately I took notes in my Bullet Journal)

Primer: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, Radiance
BB Cream: Loreal, Light
Concealer: Laura Mercier, Secret Concealer
Setting Powder: Makeup Forever, HD High Definition Powder
Bronzer: Tarte, Amazonian Princess
Illuminator: Benefit, High Beam
Also used for highlight + contour: NYX, Wonder Stick, Medium
Eye Primer: Urban Decay, Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Eyeshadow: Tarte, Steph’s pearl + Tarte, Erica’s dollhouse + Tarte, Jess Storybook (this palette is no longer available…This one is similar)
Eyeliner: Bare Minerals, Lasting Line, Absolute Black
Brows (pencil + gel): Jour, Brow Definer  + Anastasia, Clear Gel
Mascara: Dior, Diorshow
Blush: Benefit, Posie Tint
Lip Liner: MAC, Spice
Lip Gloss: Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect, 157
Also used the Beauty Blender a lot





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Fave Fall Nail Polish.

Fave Fall Nail PolishLifetime achievement: a friend I see semi regularly via Facetime and visits recently told me, “This is the first time I’ve seen you without nail polish,” which means she thought I was the type of girl who kept her nails right and tight all the time (which would be an achievement). One of the first things I was chastised for in SF when I moved was not painting my nails everyday and though you may think me a liar, I am not which is how I figured out how to make my own at home manicure last nearly as long as a salon gel because time and money (am I right?) and also let’s just be honest those gel manis wreaked havoc on my nails.

One of the reasons I love fall besides the fail safe Pumpkin Spice Latte and the smell of autumn in the air is the nail polish. I am not kidding because though I like to keep it light and bright on my toes, I prefer darker colors on my nails because it makes me feel cool (like hipster barbie). Without further ado, my fave fall nail polish

OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques

This has been at the top of the list for several autumns. I found it and it was magic. I called my friend and said, I found a nail polish color you will love. And then she said: no way, because I found one you will love. And then together we said: it’s called You Don’t Know Jacques. I mean, it didn’t happen exactly like that (we didn’t speak on cue) but that did happen. A few days later, we saw our other best friend (I just finished watching The Mindy Project and I learned that the label “best friend” is a tier which I think is brilliant). Anyway, our friend had this gorgeous taupe, gray, chocolate color on her nails and we wondered: could it be? And it could. All three of us bought this color within a week of each other. All three of us have different skin tones, different nails, and different personalities and styles. And you want to know what? It looks great on all of us.

Essie’s After School Boy Blazer

Raise your hand if you buy nail polish based on its name? This was the case here but I fell in love with the deep navy, with a hint of indigo that varnished my nails. I love the midnight vibe. Guys, can I just tell you that I really want to paint my nails now?

OPI’s My Private Jet

Think velvety chocolate with a hint of sparkle. It’s grown up but with a flair and pulls in bits of maroon and red as well. This is an OPI classic that does not disappoint.

Essie’s Shearling Darling

I like a super deep red for fall and this one fits the bill most especially because it pulls in quite a bit of brown and maroon into it. I have quite a few reds but this is my favorite for fall and not just for it’s name. This makes me feel fabulous without feeling stuffy and is more chic than a loud red.

Essie’s Cashmere Bathrobe

Again, these names. I could go for a real cashmere bathrobe but in the meantime I really love gray on my nails. I really just love the color gray in general. This turns the volume up a bit with a bit of sparkle so it’s comfy like cashmere but also amazing like cashmere.

What’s your go to fall color? Do you wear any of these? And can I just suggest that a nail polish is always a thoughtful and quick gift to throw in the mail to a girlfriend or a sister or a daughter.




P.S. I chose my faves (promise!) but these are affiliate links which help keep the blog afloat at no cost to you…I just have to let you know!

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