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The Christmas List.

This year, not unlike last year, I have found surprising comfort in Christmas traditions including making the Christmas List. Yeah, I get it. It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. But last year, after the election, my roomie and I could barely pick ourselves up (both literally and figuratively). We struggled hard. In the end, it wasn’t a person or thing that got us off our respective couches but rather Christmas lights, songs, baking, festive jammies, and decorating the apartment. We created the homiest and most cheerful of places to bundle ourselves in and we hoped that some Christmas magic could propel us forward while buffering us from what was going on outside our make-believe snowglobe. And it did in a way. Listening to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” on repeat, we let both the melancholy and yearning in the song move us along like something floating in the ocean.

It wasn’t graceful or perfect. There was no moment where we were better (I’ll let you know when that happens). But honestly, I don’t know what would have happened without those Christmas touchstones we surrounded ourselves with. So I’m doing it again. And from what I see on social media or simply driving down the street, I’m not alone. It seems like a lot of people are immersing themselves as early as possible in the season. That includes gifting. I love giving gifts so much and in my family, we are really asked to provide what we’d like within certain budgets for different people.

I’m not ignoring what’s going on in the world. I can’t. And yes, I’m posting about my Christmas list (it does have affliate links by the way). If nothing else, making it was a brief escape for my mind so I could have enough reserves to engage in the ongoing work. I just want to be super clear that this is not the time to completely avoid hard topics. We all have to engage in whatever ways we can when we can.


1. Letterfolk Felt Boards: This list is in no particular order but I really want this one. Ideally, I’d like the bigger one but also, I like to give price options. So I’d also love the smaller one. I’m digging gray but there is also black and white. Either way, I have just the place to put it.

2. Diorshow Mascara: Yeah, I like an expensive mascara and I swear by it. I typically like to ask for it for Christmas so my family has something to get me that I really use very regularly (I’d say every day but as a writer, I’m not putting on makeup every day…not going to lie to you).

3. Kate Spade Leopard iPhone 7 Case: I had this case for my old phone (it didn’t fit this newer one) and I loved the way my gold phone looked in it. It was just very me (or one facet of me). Love leopard? I put together some of my favorite leopard items here.

4. Sunday Riley Good Genes: I have fallen in love with this skincare brand. I actually tried this lactic acid treatment in this kit which was amazing because I also love the Luna Night Oil. But the investment for the full size is so worth it. I will definitely use this every day. They also now have another kit option with this and their vitamin c treatment that I love, love, love for skin brightening (The kit is called Pretty Bright Thing so…). That combo is bomb. But I’ve gone through Good Genes the quickest.

5. Savor It All Keepsake Box: So they have these for weddings, births and babies, and school years for the kids. I am just obsessed. I am so nostalgic so if without guidance I am sure I will hoard everything from the wedding. I love the idea of having all the important things organized in one place. I found this on the Home Edit’s Instagram. If you don’t follow them, they are amazing. Seriously. #Goals

6. Lorac Mega Pro Palette 4: When I was in college I had a Lorac Palette that my mom gifted me for Christmas. It seriously had the perfect colors for me and I kept it way longer than one should until my favorite colors were dust. Since then, I am always on the lookout for that perfect combo of colors in a palette. I didn’t find them until this (and it is on sale). This would literally replace every eyeshadow palette I have. Lorac shadows are also just great. I’m so excited about this and the makeup purge that would happen if I do get it. (For family members reading, I am 99% positive someone bought this for me already so…)

7. Sunday Riley UFO Set: Like I said, I love Sunday Riley. My skin has greatly improved. But I’d love to try this set specifically for acne prone skin (when will the threat of acne leave me?). These kits give you so much product for the money and allow you try someone. I am dying to try a Sunday Riley mask so this one seems ideal for me.

8. Lush Sleep Lotion: This has a cult following. People swear that you put this on and fall asleep 15 minutes later. So I am really hoping Santa puts this in my stocking. (And I also may gift it!).

9. Anthropologie Capri Blue Silver Candle: I don’t think there’s any question that I love this candle. It’s probably the one consistent thing I have talked about since this blog’s inception. Gah. But I love this scent so much. I have been keeping and collecting the jars of these for years (the $28.00 size) and last year when my roomie saw how many I had, she was ready to get the garbage bag. I was like, “No!” When she wanted to know why, I told her I would use them in my wedding. I hadn’t even met C yet and I wasn’t the type to have any picture of what my wedding would even be then! Ha. So now, I just need a few more once I collect from relatives (since getting engaged I have gifted this candle to people and been like, so there’s one catch. Can you give it back to me once you’re done with the candle? How ridic.) I’m so close to having enough for one at each table as a part of the centerpiece look. Plus, again, this is only my favorite scent in the world so I’d love to burn it for the sheer pleasure of that in the house.

Tell me what is on your list because I always have family members demanding I get a list together (which is so sweet) and it’s sometimes hard to come up with things. That’s why as many gift guides that there are this time of year, and yeah, I do get burned out on them, I still find them useful a lot of the time. So yeah, what are you asking Santa for?


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Leopard Love.

I decided to lighten things up after my last post.

Jenna Lyons, formerly of J. Crew, famously said, “Leopard is a neutral.” Well, I happen to agree. I’ve always loved a touch of leopard. Too much is too much, but one piece? I constantly find myself drifting towards it. So much so that one of my bridesmaid’s asked me if she could wear leopard shoes in my honor. I told her, “Of course!” Because I’ve got some leopard love.

Once I had someone assume, aloud, that it was because I am Italian. I don’t see the correlation except maybe that Jersey Shore was on at the time and when leopard is done wrong, it is so very wrong? Or maybe because the Real Housewives of New Jersey (most of whom are Italian) wear a lot of animal prints? I didn’t take offense to the comment because first of all, she meant nothing by it. Second of all, it’s now a joke between us. And thirdly, I probably have done leopard wrong in my life.

But I won’t steer you wrong here. (And yeah, I did use affiliate links. They cost you nothing. But I’m hoping they pay for another year of hosting this blog).

Here are five pieces of leopard out this season that I love (a few of which I have my eye seriously on):

1. Claire V. Calf Hair Foldover Clutch

I’ve had my eye on this bad boy for years. I just can’t bring myself to pull the trigger. But, how chic, right? It could dress up jeans or pair with an LBD.

2. Kate Spade Leopard iPhone 7 Case

I had this and I loved it but then I upgraded my phone and it didn’t fit anymore. I’ll probably ask for this as a stocking stuffer. But if you have a good iPhone? How can you resist?

3. Leopard Pattern Apple Watch Strap

Do I have an apple watch? No. Does this make me want one? Kind of. If you have one, upgrade your strap. Super affordable!

4. BP Mixed Leopard Scarf

Again, affordable in the BP section of Nordstrom’s. It also looks bigger than the normal scarf. I’m not saying it’s a blanket scarf but…it’s amazing enough that I want to do some research. Love this look with jeans and a black shirt so much! Add a camel color riding boot and bam.

5. Kate Spade Blush Fawn Leopard Calfskin Milano Too Heel

Confession: I am seriously considering getting these for engagement photos. There the right height to still be comfortable. It’s a pump heel so that’s also comfortable and they are gorgeous. Is it a splurge? Yes. But as someone who studies leopard,  I am very picky. It’s been years and years since I found a leopard shoe that I could truly get behind. (That time it was Target so you win some, you lost some).

Do you dig leopard or not? Man, it’s weird to ask a question like that and write a post like this one. But I’m trying it on, to see how it fits.

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This Week, Today.

This week, today. Get it? Like John Oliver? Only less smart and less British. This has been a long week in a lot of ways and man, I am feeling it today. At the same time, some things are falling into place so I’ll take it. I’m ready for some easy days, you know? I’m going to summarize the week in GIFs, okay? Cool.

Don’t even think I am phoning this in. Do you know how long it took to find the right animated GIFs for my week? And you do not want to know how long it took to load them because everything kept timing out. Whatever, man. Par for this week’s course, I suppose.

I told you I was back to blogging:

ggSaying goodbye to one of my best friends and her family in the midst of one month until her wedding and all that nostalgia, plus hormones (just sayin’):

greys1I’m hashtag blessed to have a few persons but they are all incredible. Weddings and hormones make me nostalgic, for real though.

Seeing everyone dressed up for the bridal shower all awesome like:minIt was so fab, you guys. And the photoshoot we did afterwards…no words.

Work has been…………this week. Well, this is how I feel about it. Like Lady Mary says, “No names, no pack drills.”da no names no pack drillOh man, I love me some Lady Mary.

How I handled that work situation:fnlCoach Taylor with his speeches and integrity. What’s not to love? #ClearEyesFullHeartsCantLose

Riding my bike (love) & Physique workouts (really hard):

min3Chris Messina would motivate me. Just saying.

Random moment I cried this week. And I am not a crier:greysWhy does my curly hair not look like Cristina Yang’s? Oh, probably because I am not on a television show. How could I forget this.

What I’ve been learning during this season in life (for awhile now):hpIn other news, it’s almost time for my annual Harry Potter reread in a few months.

How I feel about the fact that it is almost Friday:breakfast at tiffs

min1What moment on TV would perfectly sum up your week?

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Things I am Loving On Monday.

I had something more polished but then it just seemed too intense or a Monday, you know? So here are a few things I am digging as of late.

Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece by Piece”

It’s a beautiful, heart-wrenching song and her performance on Idol (a show I didn’t even watch) was so touching. It is hard to be vulnerable and she is doing it and people are celebrating it and I have to get behind that.

Babies who Love Adele and Repeatedly use sign language to ask for “more” when she is playing. When I asked the baby which song, she replied: “Hewwo.”

I cannot even handle the cuteness of it.


This post speaks for itself. If you get the joke then you are my people. Follow me here, if ya feel like it.


Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack. ⚓️

A photo posted by Nina B. (@nbwearsflowers) on


Getting back to planning quality posts and investing time and effort here in this space.

It’s happening. All I can say is that things have been rough and though I wish I could go into detail I can’t. But really, I am back. Or I want to be and I hope my body is willing.


You can use the code nbwearsflowersxoxo to get a free month and who doesn’t love free? Not I, said the fly. Check it out here. It’s like Stitch Fix for jewelry.


My first Rocksbox ???Want your own FREE month? Use this code: nbwearsflowersxoxo

A photo posted by Nina B. (@nbwearsflowers) on


My bed.

It’s my haven, you guys.


Hello new bed linens ?? Ciao germs ??#pursuepretty #petitejoys

A photo posted by Nina B. (@nbwearsflowers) on


Good news from friends.

It’s not mine to share but boy, am I so excited.

One of my best buds visiting SF and going to my favorite brunch spot.

So jealous and so happy at the same time.

What are you digging this Monday?




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The Case for Trays.

Here’s the deal: I always thought trays were decorative, pretty but not necessarily used for function. But after a variety of experiences recently, I am making the case for trays. They are more than functional and you should consider getting yourself one for the following reasons.

a) They keep things organized. You may have seen yesterday how we keep all off coffee tables on the tray. It’s just not feasible to not have odds and ends on a coffee table but put them on a tray and things look organized.livingroom2

b) They make it easier to clean areas. I just pick up the tray on the coffee table and spray my glass cleaner. On my vanity, where I have a tray for my makeup, I pick up and wipe. It’s that easy.

c) They are mobile. I love using a tray for my make up because let’s say I want to get ready in front of the television or MK and I want to get ready while we catch up on like. I just carry my tray to the living room and when I am done, I carry it back…without trying to balance all my makeup and tubes and brushes in my hands.


c) They are useful. I make lunch in the kitchen and use a tray to carry it all to the living room where I can eat in front of the tv like a civilized human.

Here are my tray picks:

One: Acrylic Tray (Target)

This is the tray that had me falling in love with trays. I have one in my room that holds my makeup as you can see above. There is another on the coffee table (as you can see above). And another in the office which you’ll see someday. You can’t beat the price and I love clear and clean look of them. #TargetDoesItAgain

Two: White Tray with Gold Leaf (Etsy)

This is perfect if you want the tray to be a centerpiece for your table, your vanity, or your kitchen (or wherever else you may find a place for a tray…like a guest bed!). It’s a showstopper for sure.

Three: Marble Tray (Target)

I love that this is round but also has handles and we all know I am into faux marble. I mean, I would go for real marble but money, you know. This would be gorgeous with candles on it. You could also use it as a great cheese tray too.

Four: Bamboo Criss-Cross Tray (Target)

I used a similar tray to this one in San Francisco. It was a centerpiece to the glam going on around it. I filled it with coffee table books and candles. And I loved it.

Five: Wood Serving Tray (Etsy)

I love that this is rustic but also modern. You could put this anywhere and it would look great. Who wants to serve me breakfast on this though?

Six: Vintage Silver Tray (Etsy)

I have one similar to this that I need to dig out of a box. I like to display my perfume on it.

Seven: Rustic Industrial Tray (Etsy)

This is more on the rustic side and I can see it on a guest bed with a book and a welcome note. I love that it feels both industrial and rustic and that it lays flat so that the handles are unique. It’s a great piece.

What do you think? Have I made the case for trays?




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