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The Christmas List.

This year, not unlike last year, I have found surprising comfort in Christmas traditions including making the Christmas List. Yeah, I get it. It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. But last year, after the election, my roomie and I could barely pick ourselves up (both literally and figuratively). We struggled hard. In the end, it wasn’t a person or thing that got us off our respective couches but rather Christmas lights, songs, baking, festive jammies, and decorating the apartment. We created the homiest and most cheerful of places to bundle ourselves in and we hoped that some Christmas magic could propel us forward while buffering us from what was going on outside our make-believe snowglobe. And it did in a way. Listening to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” on repeat, we let both the melancholy and yearning in the song move us along like something floating in the ocean.

It wasn’t graceful or perfect. There was no moment where we were better (I’ll let you know when that happens). But honestly, I don’t know what would have happened without those Christmas touchstones we surrounded ourselves with. So I’m doing it again. And from what I see on social media or simply driving down the street, I’m not alone. It seems like a lot of people are immersing themselves as early as possible in the season. That includes gifting. I love giving gifts so much and in my family, we are really asked to provide what we’d like within certain budgets for different people.

I’m not ignoring what’s going on in the world. I can’t. And yes, I’m posting about my Christmas list (it does have affliate links by the way). If nothing else, making it was a brief escape for my mind so I could have enough reserves to engage in the ongoing work. I just want to be super clear that this is not the time to completely avoid hard topics. We all have to engage in whatever ways we can when we can.


1. Letterfolk Felt Boards: This list is in no particular order but I really want this one. Ideally, I’d like the bigger one but also, I like to give price options. So I’d also love the smaller one. I’m digging gray but there is also black and white. Either way, I have just the place to put it.

2. Diorshow Mascara: Yeah, I like an expensive mascara and I swear by it. I typically like to ask for it for Christmas so my family has something to get me that I really use very regularly (I’d say every day but as a writer, I’m not putting on makeup every day…not going to lie to you).

3. Kate Spade Leopard iPhone 7 Case: I had this case for my old phone (it didn’t fit this newer one) and I loved the way my gold phone looked in it. It was just very me (or one facet of me). Love leopard? I put together some of my favorite leopard items here.

4. Sunday Riley Good Genes: I have fallen in love with this skincare brand. I actually tried this lactic acid treatment in this kit which was amazing because I also love the Luna Night Oil. But the investment for the full size is so worth it. I will definitely use this every day. They also now have another kit option with this and their vitamin c treatment that I love, love, love for skin brightening (The kit is called Pretty Bright Thing so…). That combo is bomb. But I’ve gone through Good Genes the quickest.

5. Savor It All Keepsake Box: So they have these for weddings, births and babies, and school years for the kids. I am just obsessed. I am so nostalgic so if without guidance I am sure I will hoard everything from the wedding. I love the idea of having all the important things organized in one place. I found this on the Home Edit’s Instagram. If you don’t follow them, they are amazing. Seriously. #Goals

6. Lorac Mega Pro Palette 4: When I was in college I had a Lorac Palette that my mom gifted me for Christmas. It seriously had the perfect colors for me and I kept it way longer than one should until my favorite colors were dust. Since then, I am always on the lookout for that perfect combo of colors in a palette. I didn’t find them until this (and it is on sale). This would literally replace every eyeshadow palette I have. Lorac shadows are also just great. I’m so excited about this and the makeup purge that would happen if I do get it. (For family members reading, I am 99% positive someone bought this for me already so…)

7. Sunday Riley UFO Set: Like I said, I love Sunday Riley. My skin has greatly improved. But I’d love to try this set specifically for acne prone skin (when will the threat of acne leave me?). These kits give you so much product for the money and allow you try someone. I am dying to try a Sunday Riley mask so this one seems ideal for me.

8. Lush Sleep Lotion: This has a cult following. People swear that you put this on and fall asleep 15 minutes later. So I am really hoping Santa puts this in my stocking. (And I also may gift it!).

9. Anthropologie Capri Blue Silver Candle: I don’t think there’s any question that I love this candle. It’s probably the one consistent thing I have talked about since this blog’s inception. Gah. But I love this scent so much. I have been keeping and collecting the jars of these for years (the $28.00 size) and last year when my roomie saw how many I had, she was ready to get the garbage bag. I was like, “No!” When she wanted to know why, I told her I would use them in my wedding. I hadn’t even met C yet and I wasn’t the type to have any picture of what my wedding would even be then! Ha. So now, I just need a few more once I collect from relatives (since getting engaged I have gifted this candle to people and been like, so there’s one catch. Can you give it back to me once you’re done with the candle? How ridic.) I’m so close to having enough for one at each table as a part of the centerpiece look. Plus, again, this is only my favorite scent in the world so I’d love to burn it for the sheer pleasure of that in the house.

Tell me what is on your list because I always have family members demanding I get a list together (which is so sweet) and it’s sometimes hard to come up with things. That’s why as many gift guides that there are this time of year, and yeah, I do get burned out on them, I still find them useful a lot of the time. So yeah, what are you asking Santa for?


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Leopard Love.

I decided to lighten things up after my last post.

Jenna Lyons, formerly of J. Crew, famously said, “Leopard is a neutral.” Well, I happen to agree. I’ve always loved a touch of leopard. Too much is too much, but one piece? I constantly find myself drifting towards it. So much so that one of my bridesmaid’s asked me if she could wear leopard shoes in my honor. I told her, “Of course!” Because I’ve got some leopard love.

Once I had someone assume, aloud, that it was because I am Italian. I don’t see the correlation except maybe that Jersey Shore was on at the time and when leopard is done wrong, it is so very wrong? Or maybe because the Real Housewives of New Jersey (most of whom are Italian) wear a lot of animal prints? I didn’t take offense to the comment because first of all, she meant nothing by it. Second of all, it’s now a joke between us. And thirdly, I probably have done leopard wrong in my life.

But I won’t steer you wrong here. (And yeah, I did use affiliate links. They cost you nothing. But I’m hoping they pay for another year of hosting this blog).

Here are five pieces of leopard out this season that I love (a few of which I have my eye seriously on):

1. Claire V. Calf Hair Foldover Clutch

I’ve had my eye on this bad boy for years. I just can’t bring myself to pull the trigger. But, how chic, right? It could dress up jeans or pair with an LBD.

2. Kate Spade Leopard iPhone 7 Case

I had this and I loved it but then I upgraded my phone and it didn’t fit anymore. I’ll probably ask for this as a stocking stuffer. But if you have a good iPhone? How can you resist?

3. Leopard Pattern Apple Watch Strap

Do I have an apple watch? No. Does this make me want one? Kind of. If you have one, upgrade your strap. Super affordable!

4. BP Mixed Leopard Scarf

Again, affordable in the BP section of Nordstrom’s. It also looks bigger than the normal scarf. I’m not saying it’s a blanket scarf but…it’s amazing enough that I want to do some research. Love this look with jeans and a black shirt so much! Add a camel color riding boot and bam.

5. Kate Spade Blush Fawn Leopard Calfskin Milano Too Heel

Confession: I am seriously considering getting these for engagement photos. There the right height to still be comfortable. It’s a pump heel so that’s also comfortable and they are gorgeous. Is it a splurge? Yes. But as someone who studies leopard,  I am very picky. It’s been years and years since I found a leopard shoe that I could truly get behind. (That time it was Target so you win some, you lost some).

Do you dig leopard or not? Man, it’s weird to ask a question like that and write a post like this one. But I’m trying it on, to see how it fits.

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Treat Yo’ Self for Valentine’s Day.

Heart Jammies Set | Shine Bright Mug | Ugg Luscious Robe
Roses Candle | Monogrammed Business Card Holder
Fresh Sugar Lip | Volupsa Amaranth + Jasmine | Donut You Love Me Jammies
XO Journal | Heart Dressy Sweatshirt | Philosophy Grace Set
Treat Yo’ Self Reusable Bag | Follow Your Heart Throw Pillow | Heart Dressy Sweatshirt (aff)

Growing up my parents would always give us a little something on holidays like Valentine’s Day. These gifts were never lavish; that wasn’t the point. It was just something special between us that made us feel loved and remembered. It was usually a card and maybe chocolate. It depended.

Except the one year where I accidentally was given Hunter’s Boots.

I was flipping through a random catalogue of things and saw these light pink rain boots. I thought they would be so cute for Valentine’s Day. My parents were divorced at that point and so I knew my dad may need some help when it came knowing what to get. So, from this catalogue, where I saw the price as $28.00, I pointed them out to him. I told him maybe he could get them for me for my birthday but in time for Valentine’s Day.

I did not know I pointed out kids boots.

I didn’t even know what Hunter’s were back then in High School.

(If I did know, I probably wouldn’t have chosen light pink.)


[Darling] Rainy Daze ☔️☔️☔️ #theeverygirl #theeverydayproject #chicagoblogger

A photo posted by Nina B. (@nbwearsflowers) on

Not knowing any of this, on Valentine’s Day morning my dad gave me the boots. I was so excited to wear them. “You know,” he told me. “The ones you showed me in the catalogue were for little kids.”

I was shocked but also laughed at my mistake (I must have said: how dumb of me! I’m so sorry!). Remember…I had no idea what Hunter’s were or what they were priced. My dad just told me, “It’s been a tough year and so I went ahead and got them anyway but I want you to know those are really, really, really nice rain boots.”

Please insert the laughing, crying emoji here. Also an applause emoji for my dad. To this day, no matter if I have been dating someone or not in February, that Valentine’s Day present from my dad is the most lavish. It was one of the roughest years for our family so I’ll also never forget it.

(For the record, we are back to a simple card on Valentine’s Day from Dad. Ha!)

All that to say, Valentine’s Day is in the middle of the worst part of winter, when you’re dying for Spring without Christmas to look forward too. Snow has turned dingy. If you live in Chicago, you know you have a minimum of two months (but probably three or four) of gray, cold, winter. Maybe there is someone your life sending you flowers; maybe there isn’t. Who the heck cares? Treat yo’ self for Valentine’s Day. Or you know, here are some great gift ideas for people you love.

I picked things that I want to curl up with–whether it’s a mug or the cutest jams (or these or these) with a luxurious robe and a beautiful smelling candle (or this one) curled around a pillow.

There are practical things too, like the reusable bag. As for the business card holder, let me just tell you, it’s SO practical. When I switch purses, mine goes with me along with my keys and wallet so I am never without my cards…but mine is a couple year’s old and banged up a bit. Everyone needs a journal, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to spoil your body too. Your lips are seriously missing out if they have never tried Fresh’s Sugar Lip (there are a ton of colors including clear). I live for it. And this Philosophy Grace Set is an anniversary set and on sale. I love this chic sweatshirt because I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve…just on my entire torso (laughing so hard at my cheese factor there…).

Maybe you’ll buy a little something for yourself. Maybe you’ll subtly point something out to your significant other. I just want you to know that everything is adult sized and adult priced.




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Loving and Coveting in January.

It’s winter in Chicago, people. Having spent most of my life living in such winters I’ve learned that certain comforts inside (and a few outside) the home are so helpful in the quest to stay cozy. Since I am transition (I just moved but I am sleeping in the Dining Room until the third roomie moves out) the things that are comforting and cozy to me are small and simple. Plus since I am living out of a suitcase, my wardrobe is limited which means it is more important than ever to have pieces I can cuddle up with. I know Christmas just passed so this isn’t a wish list but instead what I am loving and coveting in January to stay cozy and feel at home (also I’m sure we all have some giftcards burning a whole in our wallet).

I am not going to lie; I judged Ugg slippers. I thought: how in the world can one justify the price? Can they really be worth it? They can. They truly can. I sometimes keep mine on my bed because they are just that comfortable. As someone who struggles with chronic pain, they are a Godsend, no joke. But everyone I know who has them, says they are worth every penny. I am loving these more than ever during the move as I find the warm spots in the house.

My roommate, MK, came home with these ROAM candles and they smell amazing and have special meaning as well because each scent represents a city. MK spent a large chunk of her life in NY and I spent a chunk in SF so she got one of each. They also smell incredible. Little touches like lighting a candle, especially one like this make me feel warm and fuzzy amidst the chaos that is my current life.

A classic piece like this watch just makes a girl feel put together on days when she is anything but. You feel me?

Hand Cream like this is a luxury. And when you are living out of a suitcase you take your tiny luxuries where you can get them. This scent? It’s the same as my favorite candle so I am coveting this pretty badly.

I found this oversized leopard cardigan at Target on sale. I plan on living in it these next few weeks until I have a closet.

You know how I feel about a bright lip…Everything is gray around these parts, but my lips don’t have to be. I love this color on its own or to layer. But lipstick as I switch out items in my suitcase may be my saving grace.

If you have Hunter Boots and you live anywhere that gets remotely cold, do yourself a favor and get some Hunter inserts. They come in all sorts of styles (I have leopard…are you sensing a trend?) but your Hunter’s can double as snow boots and you don’t need another pair of shoes (like I have room for them anyway right now).

If you don’t have Hunters stay cozy with socks like this. I am not going to lie…I hate sleeping in long pants but when I am lounging I get cold. Here is the solution. Also what a great boot sock.

I am dying for a faux fur vest and I love this one. I would live in it. Definitely coveting.

Finally, these curtains. Again, this is a covet for me. But have you seen my vision for my room? As I write this in a room full of boxes that cannot be unpacked yet, I am dying to nest. Anthro, why do you do this to me?

Anything here strike your fancy? What is keeping you cozy in the new year?





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First Fix of Stitch Fix.

First Fix of Stitch FixSo here is the thing. How many blogs have you read about Stitch Fix? Probably a lot because I’ve read a lot as well. All I can tell you is that I will be honest. I won’t be blogging every box I get but I wanted to tell you about my first experience.

For so long, I wanted to do it but something held me back: whether it was my health, my budget, or just how much weight I am losing in this transition to help with my health. It just never made sense (also I like to shop and I like a deal). But I have Influence Conference coming up, my body is in changing as I made my health a priority this summer, and I don’t have anything. So I tried Stitch Fix and I am so glad I did.

If you’re not sure whether to try it, I say give it a try. The best advice I can give to get a great first box is to be extremely honest with sizing, what flatters you, and with your style. The more honest you are about your needs and the more specific you are, the better the box (I think?). I am literally set for Influence based on this box alone. 

I was skeptical, very much so, especially with my body changing every day (I’m not lying; this food as medicine thing is crazy). But…

Fair warning, after my flower crown solo shoot, I did not have the energy to do another with five outfits. One day, I promise to tell you the story behind the scenes when taking photos of yourself.

1. Taylor, Poe DressFirst Fix of Stitch Fix 1I liked this and I had to ask a friend if it would be appropriate for the conference (I can also wear it to church). Apparently there is a party at Influence where there is sometimes a theme. If I don’t match the theme, that’s going to be too bad. I do love a theme but I just don’t have the money or the time or the patience to find a dress on short notice that will fit whatever the theme will be. This hits me right below the knee with an amazing floral skirt. I won’t lie…I worried over the horizontal stripes because of the girls but it works. Extra points because I can belt when I end up whatever size at the end of the health journey. Bonus: pockets!

2. Pixley, Bixby Print Tab Sleeve BlouseFirst Fix of Stitch Fix 2This is very much my style. I can wear it on the daily and I can also dress it up. I love the pearl detail and I have to say I kept this as well. Perfect for the freelance lifestyle or to dress up.

3 & 4. Lila Ryan, Skinny Jeans & Brixon Ivy, Glenn Swiss Dot Panel TopFirst Fix of Stitch Fix 3These jeans! They give me a butt. I don’t care what size I’ve been–zero to XL (seriously I have been every size), my butt is never great. But these jeans. As soon as I put them on, and they were the first thing I put on, I knew I was keeping them. The material and fit are perfect. I’d prefer if there wasn’t the distress at the knee but my butt! My butt, guys!

When I put on the white polka dot top and looked in the mirror, I felt pretty for the first time in so long. It was late at night, my hair was in a top knot, and I had no make up on. But I just felt good and like myself in a way that I haven’t because of the health stuff. Again, this is a shirt I can dress up or down and wear on the daily. Like the blouse, it will transition to late summer and fall in Chicago. Meanwhile, amazing jeans are amazing jeans and go with my lifestyle, especially as a freelancer.

Remember, your $20.00 styling fee goes towards what you get in the box. Also, if you keep all five items you receive 20% off.

I was borderline on one thing…

5. Bay to Baubles, Missie Hammered Bar NecklaceFirst Fix of Stitch Fix 5At first, I was underwhelmed. A, I have a special necklace in white gold I just don’t take off. B, this was $28.00 (without the discount) and at first glance, through the packaging, I didn’t know if it was well made. But I did some math and if I didn’t keep it, I’d be paying $100 more. In the end, I am glad I kept it because I saved money (very important, especially right now) and because I was wrong. It is extremely well made; it looks gorgeous with the necklace I already wear, and I love the texture.

Yes, I kept the entire box and in doing so I saved close to $100. I also am no longer worried about Influence and I have some clothes to feel pretty in. Even though I loved the box, because of how aggressively I am losing weight (due to the changes I am making for health, not for vanity), I won’t be getting another box until I hit another milestone. I know all the pieces I kept (except the jeans but I did need jeans) will transition with me as I become healthier.

I like that you can get boxes when you want them or schedule them. You can also ask for specifics: like I have a wedding coming up or like I said, I’ve got this conference. My stylist, Kaitlyn, was fantastic. I couldn’t be more happy. Her note and the clothes showed she put a lot of thought into everything.

What do you guys think? Do you think I made the right decisions? Do you use Stitch Fix? Will you try it? I also think it would be a great gift now that I have tried it.




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