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New Apartment Bedroom Inspiration.

Moving is driving me a bit crazy, more specifically, packing. I can’t even say I have done a ton of work because I am intimidated. Instead, I am so overwhelmed I cannot tell you. Moving back from San Francisco was so insane but moving within a city is just as crazy. Basically, as one person told me in the comments: moving is awful; don’t do it. That is not an option though so this past weekend and on Cyber Monday, I dreamt a little of the new apartment bedroom inspiration.

I looked around the space I created here in this tiny studio. I’m so excited to have more space at the new place, truly. But because of my chronic pain, my bedroom will always be my oasis. It has to be. So I looked at what I already had and just dreamt a little about what I would want in my new space. I can’t spend much money and it’s definitely a use what you have situation.

I’ll be going with white bed linens and a white duvet again. I once wrote about what it means to me to have white bedding but I got over it and I love it. Although I have to say, after nearly two years, the current white duvet has to go.

On Cyber Monday, I got a deal on a duvet from Target I have been eyeing (it’s reasonable even when it is not Cyber Monday). I knew I wanted some type of ruffle or ruching. I wanted to keep it simple but white bedding shows wrinkles. This one should be great. The whole point of having white bedding is for it to be clean and crisp and so in this case the ruching keeps wrinkles from showing.

I’m keeping my beloved Belquist Throw Pillows and the Faux Fur Throw I got last Christmas. I love them.

I am also keeping my mirrored nightstand. I love the mirrored look and this was definitely a great purchase when I was in SF. I love that it is so tall with plenty of storage. I got it at a great price too.

As for the art, I have so many gallery walls currently that I want to keep it simple with black frames. I’ll buy a canvas and do the DIY abstract animal art.

I will (very securely) hang the white elephant over my bed (he is currently in my hallway). I love the white on white on white look with as many neutrals as possible.

Meanwhile, I have been dreaming of an overdyed Persian Rug. Rugs are so very expensive though! I knew it was not in my budget and that I would probably have to wait a year. And then I saw almost an exact replica on my good friend, Bex’s blog. I told her, “I have been looking at the same rug!” But it wasn’t the same rug. The one she found was on sale at Target! I’m talking less than $100 for the bigger size (with my Target debit card). I feel like it will ground the room and also be the only real and true color.

I also found a great deal on Cyber Monday for headboard. The last year and a half I’ve had a platform bed. I love the look but it’s better for my back to have a headboard so that will be added as well. It’s a very subtle gray with some grommets that attaches to a simple bed frame (which I still have to get). I could have made it. But it was under a hundred dollars…with supplies and time and everything it was worth it (remember to DIY or not to DIY?)

You can click on the picture to see any of these items (or in a few cases, similar items). Fair warning, a lot of it was on sale when I did get it, whether it was Cyber Monday or back in the day in SF. Also, it may be on further sale. Who knows?

Any of the stuff featured was my choice and I put together this based on what I wanted and I like. I am not at the point in blogging where people are sending me beds. Haha! As always though, I just want you to know that if you make a purchase, that brand pays this blog a few cents (at no cost to you) that keeps this blog running. I always give you full disclosure because I think you’d be shocked to know all the links you click on in this blogging world!

So what do you think? My only concern is that it remains simple and neutral. When I crammed everything together on Photoshop I liked it (and I still do) but it will still be interesting for it to all come together.

What do you think?





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Perfect Hostess Gifts with Lovely Wrapping.

hostessgiftpinI grew up with a mom who taught me to write thank you notes. In fact, my packing list always includes them if I am staying with someone. I like to write it while I am there and then leave them for people to find. She also taught me about hostess gifts. Up until recently, my age exempted me from the hostess gift in most cases. My friends didn’t really have homes and I wasn’t visiting them for housewarming parties or dinner parties. But we grow up, you know?

I have six go to hostess gifts. I also use these as little gifts when the occasion falls for it. The reason there is six is because they never fail, especially for the price. (Okay, I have never given the elephant planter but I could not resist including it).

Let me give away a secret. They are all from Anthropologie. I wish Anthropologie was sponsoring this but they are not. It’s just that for my price range (the mugs start at $8,) I can get a friend something truly lovely and let’s be honest, they usually think it is more than $8 because it is from Anthro. There, now my secret is out.

When I was at the Influence Conference, I wanted to get my roommates a little something. It wasn’t a straight up hostess gift because who is the hostess of the hotel room? But it was a Hey-I’m-Glad-We’re-Rooming-Together gift, a gesture of goodwill. I gave them these Anthro mugs because I am on a budget with a capital B.hostess1

Just to give you some reference, the initial mugs are only $8 which seems pretty reasonable to me for a thoughtful gift. The city mugs–which include some of the best cities in the world: SF, Rome, NYC, Paris, London, more–are just a few dollars more. None of these mugs ever miss.

The candle below is my go-to gift for pretty much everything (there are two sizes). You may have heard me call it my Oprah gift because if I could I would buy you all one and say, “You get a candle, and you get a candle, and you get a candle!!”

The scent is divine. It is the best smell in the entire world. And the jars…When the candle is done (so sad), you simply put the galvanized container in the freezer overnight so that you can pop the little wax out easily and it’s a beautiful place to keep things. The biggest one I’ve included here (there is an even bigger one but I’ve never bought it) is the perfect amount for my aunt, who loves the candle too. I get her one every year. There is also a baby version (closer to the mugs prices) that would be a great hostess gift that comes in a variety of iridescent shades and galvanized silver (I just saw they now come in beautiful emerald and red…how perfect for the holidays!).

I don’t feel bad giving a candle (you know how a candle can be kind of impersonal) because this is the candle. Once you try it, you can never go back.

And yes, I sure did include the elephant planter. There is a giraffe and a zebra too. Why bring flowers and a bottle of wine when you could bring this with a succulent? It’s new so I can’t vouch for it the way I can for the mugs and candles but I can say: it’s an elephant planter.

Also, just want to share that Anthro is doing free shipping right now. Click below and shop those items or others.

Part of giving a great gift, in my opinion, is presentation. It’s not a matter of the look of things and wanting to be seen in a certain way. It just shows you went the extra mile and took care with those $8 mugs (also I just thought of this: what a great stocking stuffer to stick a gift card in?). I live in a studio apartment as I have mentioned 1000 times so I don’t have a wrapping paper room. Shocker, I know. I’ve found that brown kraft paper is great because you turn it into anything. I love the look of it with twine. In this case, I mimicked the initial theme of the mugs and tried to pick colors I thought or knew the girls liked. It was a blogging conference so I chose flowered paper because…my blog title.hostess2

I knew I had to include something elephant related so I cut out tiny cards in the shape of the elephant from that same paper and wrote a short note to each of them and tied it with twine to the mug handle. Then I tied everything up with twine because I like how it looks.

(I see this look at stores and it’s so expensive. Go to Amazon and I think I got the twine at Etsy. Please. It’s brown kraft paper.)

By the way, ignore the wet part of the brown paper in the photos. It was modgepodge and dried clear. Finally, I must keep it real. I ran out of the brown paper while wrapping these! So I rationed it out and gave them all an equal amount and then I told them the truth and we all laughed. See, things don’t have to be perfect. You just have to care.

I am always searching for the perfect gift for people. If I find it in June, I will buy it for Christmas. Check out my pinterest board for some really awesome DIYs and products!

Follow Flowers in my Hair | NB Creative Inc.’s board Gifts on Pinterest.
Aren’t those prices reasonable? Like I said, they are my go to all year round but not going to lie, they will come in handy at Christmas. What is your go to?


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All Things Pumpkin in One Post.

Both healthy and not so healthy…pumpkinpin

I’ve seen all things pumpkin blogged about so I thought I would do one master post because yes, I am basic but I also can’t drag this pumpkin thing on forever. You know? So I am doing all things pumpkin in one post and calling it a freaking day.

Let’s start with my mom’s infamous pumpkin sheet cake.

pumpkin5Nearly everything I make around this time of year (and 99.9% of things I make that involve pumpkin) come from this original recipe. I will never forget the first Thanksgiving my whole family met up for dessert at my dad’s house. The table include my mom, my dad, my stepmom, my little sister, and myself (my brother was watching football, obviously). It could have been awkward but everyone was too busy making delicious sounds every time they took a bite. In my mind, this sheet cake (and therefore, all the recipes that evolved from it) broke the ice.


I originally told this story and shared the for the pumpkin sheet cake here. It’s my words and my ma’s recipe, I promise. I just want the place I originally published it to get the credit.


Then there are the cookies. Oh my goodness, yum. Yum. Just…yum.


Again, you can find the original recipe for the pumpkin cookies at My Cooking Spot here where I originally shared it. And did I mention all of this is so supremely easy it is almost sickening?

You can’t forget the frosting. I shared it with you all last year.


This frosting is the easiest and most delicious cream cheese frosting ever. You could easily use it for a Red Velvet Cake or really anything. I sure do.

I veered away from Mom’s recipe to try my hand at Pumpkin Macarons with Pumpkin Spice Filling. Okay, here is the thing. I had the wrong pan so they didn’t look the prettiest.


But the filling. Oh, gosh. I could have eaten the filling with a spoon. Maybe next time? Here is the recipe.

Speaking of spoons, for those of us who are trying to treat food as medicine…none of this is medicine. This is the sound I am making: womp, womp, womp. However, I did create a Pumpkin Spice Greek Yogurt recipe (can you even call it a recipe when it is so easy?).pumpkin

Again, you can find this original recipe at My Cooking Spot. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers make their own pumpkin spice so maybe that is something to try this year.

Buon Appetito!




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Flowers in my Hair Playlist + Giveaway.


I’ve had this on my list to do for over a year–as in since last summer. All the songs either have flowers or a type of flower in their title or they are a part of why I named the blog Flowers in my Hair. It’s a mixture of new songs for me, old favorites, great songs for writing, or cleaning, or crafting or anything. Am I missing one you love? Hit me up!

So today a Flowers in my Hair Playlist + Giveaway.

Hosted by:The lovely co-hosts:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I mean, don’t you love the Gigi clutch and the Kate Spade earrings? Fab. And don’t forget to let me know if I missed a great song for this playlist. Also don’t forget the 25% off discount for any sponsorship. Just use the code: MintToBe xx, Signature

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DIY Flower Crown.

flowercrownpinHow long have I wanted to make a DIY Flower Crown? Probably since I started this blog two years ago. The goal is to someday get new a new headshot with a flower crown in my hair…and that has been the goal for two years. So, I finally made one. It was easier and more difficult than I imagined (I think I am not good with floral tape) but I’ll explain.

There is something about flowers in one’s hair…It’s why part of the reason why I named the blog what I did which was before everyone started wearing flowers in their hair (which I am totally cool with) because a girl with flowers in her hair is pretty special.

Here is what you’ll need:flowercrownFloral Tape | Floral Wire | Floral Wire Cutters | Greens | Flowers

From my experience, you can most definitely use real flowers or fake flowers. I happened to use fake because goodness knows when I will finally get a head shot done. I mean, I did one on my own…You’ll see below but I mean, it was a circus, shooting manually on a tripod and using a remote to get the photo. Also don’t forget that I did my hair and make up for this just hoping I would get some kind of picture with a human wearing this flower crown.flowercrown1First, measure with the floral wire around your head. Use the floral tape to overlap the ends and then it’s best to wrap the whole circlet with that floral tape. flowercrown2Secondly, it is time for the greenery! I used two shades at the same time…It’s actually a trick I use for a lot of things. flowercrown3I then started to add in some of the flowers and realized I bought way too much. But I was fortunate because everything was half off and now I have enough stuff to make so many flower crowns. Want one? Ha! Since this was my first DIY Flower Crown it was at this point that I realized the huge peony and huge rose probably wasn’t going to make the cut for this one. I guess I will have to make another.

flower crown diy pic monkeyAnd ta-da!flowercrown4I wish you could see the circus that was taking place in order to get these photos–a tripod, trying to set up the photos manually, using a remote to take the photos. The things you do for blogging. But considering that I have wanted to do this for two years, I feel like the amount of sweat dripping down my face was worth it.

Have you ever made a flower crown? Do you have any questions?


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