An Easy, Inexpensive, Organized, Chic Vanity.

Here is the deal. I feel as if I have hacked the whole vanity situation. While the dresser it sits on was  in my nursery and my girlhood room and the beautiful mirror above it lived not only there too but in my own mother’s as well, I have a special affection for everything here. […]

5 Tips for Getting Organized When it Doesn’t Come Naturally.

If you’ve been around for awhile you may gotten the distinct impression that I struggle to be organized in my home/apartment. Business is different and so is writing. But my apartment…You also may have gotten the impression that even though being organized in my living space doesn’t come naturally to me, I desperately want to […]

Getting Organized.

So, let me honest. I love to be organized but I am not good at organization upkeep. That’s code for: I intensely clean and then mess things up intensely. I don’t know how this happens. Well, technically I do know. But every time, I think: how did this happen? But I realized I am happier […]