DIY Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes.

Living a studio apartment, there aren’t many ways to hide things (like messes or even organized piles and files). Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to get more organized. Enter: storage boxes that I can easily fit on top of my book cases. Of course, I fell in love with the Kate Spade storage boxes that were outrageously […]

DIY Flower Crown.

How long have I wanted to make a DIY Flower Crown? Probably since I started this blog two years ago. The goal is to someday get new a new headshot with a flower crown in my hair…and that has been the goal for two years. So, I finally made one. It was easier and more […]

DIY Hair Masks.

When Bex and I were together at the beach, we talked about our hair issues. She had product buildup…probably because I kept putting product in it when I would do it for her and then I would tell her the next day not to wash it because it had even more volume for photos. So […]

DIY Mani: lasts 10 days, no gel, no damaged nails.

First, I know it is spring and this dark color doesn’t scream April. But I finally was able to watch Nashville and Rayna James inspired me. Now let’s get to it. The DIY Mani which lasts 10 days, no gel, no damaged nails: I’ve gone through phases with nails. I got acrylics once in high school […]