Leopard Love.

I decided to lighten things up after my last post.

Jenna Lyons, formerly of J. Crew, famously said, “Leopard is a neutral.” Well, I happen to agree. I’ve always loved a touch of leopard. Too much is too much, but one piece? I constantly find myself drifting towards it. So much so that one of my bridesmaid’s asked me if she could wear leopard shoes in my honor. I told her, “Of course!” Because I’ve got some leopard love.

Once I had someone assume, aloud, that it was because I am Italian. I don’t see the correlation except maybe that Jersey Shore was on at the time and when leopard is done wrong, it is so very wrong? Or maybe because the Real Housewives of New Jersey (most of whom are Italian) wear a lot of animal prints? I didn’t take offense to the comment because first of all, she meant nothing by it. Second of all, it’s now a joke between us. And thirdly, I probably have done leopard wrong in my life.

But I won’t steer you wrong here. (And yeah, I did use affiliate links. They cost you nothing. But I’m hoping they pay for another year of hosting this blog).

Here are five pieces of leopard out this season that I love (a few of which I have my eye seriously on):

1. Claire V. Calf Hair Foldover Clutch

I’ve had my eye on this bad boy for years. I just can’t bring myself to pull the trigger. But, how chic, right? It could dress up jeans or pair with an LBD.

2. Kate Spade Leopard iPhone 7 Case

I had this and I loved it but then I upgraded my phone and it didn’t fit anymore. I’ll probably ask for this as a stocking stuffer. But if you have a good iPhone? How can you resist?

3. Leopard Pattern Apple Watch Strap

Do I have an apple watch? No. Does this make me want one? Kind of. If you have one, upgrade your strap. Super affordable!

4. BP Mixed Leopard Scarf

Again, affordable in the BP section of Nordstrom’s. It also looks bigger than the normal scarf. I’m not saying it’s a blanket scarf but…it’s amazing enough that I want to do some research. Love this look with jeans and a black shirt so much! Add a camel color riding boot and bam.

5. Kate Spade Blush Fawn Leopard Calfskin Milano Too Heel

Confession: I am seriously considering getting these for engagement photos. There the right height to still be comfortable. It’s a pump heel so that’s also comfortable and they are gorgeous. Is it a splurge? Yes. But as someone who studies leopard,  I am very picky. It’s been years and years since I found a leopard shoe that I could truly get behind. (That time it was Target so you win some, you lost some).

Do you dig leopard or not? Man, it’s weird to ask a question like that and write a post like this one. But I’m trying it on, to see how it fits.

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