Words Matter.

I have tried to start this blog post many times. I have struggled. Words are important to me. Part of that has always been true because I’ve always been a writer. Part of that has been made abundantly clear since the 2016 election through today.

Words matter. They matter to me. And they should matter to you.

Words like the “alt-right” are no longer acceptable. I want to hit the “replace all” button for that word. The correct terminology is “white supremacists.”

When we talk about fringe groups, let us be accurate. Men and women who, as a group, believe that one race is superior to others is not a fringe group. This group, with this ideology, has survived and existed throughout history in various forms.

When this group uses a swastika, a symbol for the Nazi movement while also saying awful things about Jewish people, they are called Nazis.

Flexibility has its place. But this is not that place. That is not where we are. There are no “both sides.” Do you believe that one race is superior to the other, specifically the Caucasian race? And furthermore, do you believe that all other races should be eradicated? If so, you are on the wrong side. You are also a white supremacist. You are a Nazi. You are also not part of a fringe group. You are a part of the evil that has gone on for far too long. You are hate incarnate.

My voice is not that big and neither is my platform. But whatever it is, whether I am a writer/blogger, president, pastor, or anyone, silence is unacceptable. Because words are important. Speaking is important. There are two sides. There are not both. There is good and there is evil.

Some of us have had the privilege of either believing that evil like this does not exist or at least not dealing with it directly or on the daily. But let’s stop it. Let’s acknowledge our privilege. Let’s listen to the people of color in our lives because they have dealt with micro and macro aggressions all their lives. Let’s be each other’s neighbors. Let’s be each other’s keepers. Let’s listen. Let’s stand up against the evil.

Let’s speak truth to lies, bring light to darkness. Let’s remember we are all made in God’s image. Let’s remember that we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves.

And let us not allow anyone to do these evil deeds in God’s name, in anyone’s name for that matter.

Was this a perfect post? No. My thoughts are messy because my feelings are messy. It’s like someone scribbled with a permanent marker all over my heart this past weekend. So this is what I have to offer now. I cannot wait anymore in the silence. I had to say something.

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1 thought on “Words Matter.

  1. Brita Long

    Thank you for writing this. Words have power. We need to name hate, even if the words we use to express that, and to express love for people hurting, are messy ones.

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