Great Protein on the Go.

This summer we’ve been way more on the go than I expected. Whether it is a trip out of state to introduce C to some of my friends (or vice versa) or just going out to the suburbs for the day to watch my little sis or just the endless errands, I’ve been out of my comfort zone more than normal. I’m also trying to eat as healthy as I can during all these transitions because I want to keep my chronic condition in check and feel my best. But there aren’t a lot of grab and go healthy options or at least ones that didn’t feel stale.24816D83-0BF1-4F87-BFB0-DABC79789986

Enter Lorissa’s Kitchen Meat Snacks. I know what you’re thinking: I got these for free and that’s why I’m talking about them. Yeah, it is why I am talking about them but I actually really like these meat protein bites. They don’t require refrigeration. They meat is responsibly raised, grass fed, nitrate free (the second can be harder to find than you think!). No antibiotics are used. There are no preservatives. And yeah, there are 11 grams of protein.

So when we went on a road trip? I brought them. When we had a pool day and people were indulging in chips and salsa (no judgment!)? I brought them. When we babysat my little sister and I had to keep up with a seven-year-old’s energy? Yes, I brought them.4F76B543-7EE0-43F1-A181-62EAD86F66A5

There are four flavors (Korean Barbeque, Sweet Chili, Szechuan Peppercorn, and Ginger Teriyaki). Currently, I’m all about the Ginger Teriyaki and I’m going to need to restock. They are so filling and savory that they really hit the spot and I don’t feel like I am missing out and yet I’m still taking care of myself on the go.IMG_1109.JPG

If you want to know more about this brand go to the Lorissa website here. It was new to me so you may way to check it out. If you just want to go ahead and purchase, you can do so here. This is my summer road trip necessity of 2017 without question!


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