The Case for Trays.

Here’s the deal: I always thought trays were decorative, pretty but not necessarily used for function. But after a variety of experiences recently, I am making the case for trays. They are more than functional and you should consider getting yourself one for the following reasons.

a) They keep things organized. You may have seen yesterday how we keep all off coffee tables on the tray. It’s just not feasible to not have odds and ends on a coffee table but put them on a tray and things look organized.livingroom2

b) They make it easier to clean areas. I just pick up the tray on the coffee table and spray my glass cleaner. On my vanity, where I have a tray for my makeup, I pick up and wipe. It’s that easy.

c) They are mobile. I love using a tray for my make up because let’s say I want to get ready in front of the television or MK and I want to get ready while we catch up on like. I just carry my tray to the living room and when I am done, I carry it back…without trying to balance all my makeup and tubes and brushes in my hands.


c) They are useful. I make lunch in the kitchen and use a tray to carry it all to the living room where I can eat in front of the tv like a civilized human.

Here are my tray picks:

One: Acrylic Tray (Target)

This is the tray that had me falling in love with trays. I have one in my room that holds my makeup as you can see above. There is another on the coffee table (as you can see above). And another in the office which you’ll see someday. You can’t beat the price and I love clear and clean look of them. #TargetDoesItAgain

Two: White Tray with Gold Leaf (Etsy)

This is perfect if you want the tray to be a centerpiece for your table, your vanity, or your kitchen (or wherever else you may find a place for a tray…like a guest bed!). It’s a showstopper for sure.

Three: Marble Tray (Target)

I love that this is round but also has handles and we all know I am into faux marble. I mean, I would go for real marble but money, you know. This would be gorgeous with candles on it. You could also use it as a great cheese tray too.

Four: Bamboo Criss-Cross Tray (Target)

I used a similar tray to this one in San Francisco. It was a centerpiece to the glam going on around it. I filled it with coffee table books and candles. And I loved it.

Five: Wood Serving Tray (Etsy)

I love that this is rustic but also modern. You could put this anywhere and it would look great. Who wants to serve me breakfast on this though?

Six: Vintage Silver Tray (Etsy)

I have one similar to this that I need to dig out of a box. I like to display my perfume on it.

Seven: Rustic Industrial Tray (Etsy)

This is more on the rustic side and I can see it on a guest bed with a book and a welcome note. I love that it feels both industrial and rustic and that it lays flat so that the handles are unique. It’s a great piece.

What do you think? Have I made the case for trays?




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8 thoughts on “The Case for Trays.

  1. Rebecca

    I am a big fan of trays – I have a large basket tray with handles on our coffee table for holding books and coasters, a small acrylic tray on the bathroom sink for keeping all of my jars and bottles somewhere that I can EASILY move them to clean the counter, and another set of acrylic ones with compartments in my vanity draw to organize all of my makeup and brushes. SO useful. (Not to count the zillions in the kitchen drawers for bits and bobs). I don’t know what it is, but I really love silver trays like that vintage one…I guess my style leans more towards the vintage than I thought! 😉

  2. Emelia

    I LOVE trays! I made one for my bedroom for perfume and it’s so perfect, and am thinking we need another for the living room too! These are all so great!

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