A Big White Duvet and Coming Back to Life.


In my life, there have been days where I have not been able to get out of bed (and I am grateful those are many years behind me because that was a special type of hell).

There are days I have found solace there from the chronic body pain I have and a good Tempurpedic mattress pad that offers me some relief.

I have written from my bed and even at times (gasp!) eaten from my bed. I read from my bed every night. Lately, I have snuggled in as my diffuser goes off, trying to speed up my recovery, covered in blankets and faux fur blankets.

My bed is a solace for me, an oasis. With my chronic condition, it has to be. Still, I am going to talk about the bed as a metaphor. In recent weeks I have gotten incredible news from some close friends, the best kinds of news from across the country about all types of life events, and as planning revs up and life moves forward, I know it is time to step back into life.

Because as much as my bed as a thing of solace is necessary, there is a thin line between that and a big white duvet tucked over my head as a crutch. I’m still tiring a bit more easily from the ‘flu but I really am taking steps to come back to life. I mean, really…I’m an extrovert who needs time alone but due to something that took place a couple of years ago I retreated into a bit of a shell (Maybe someday I’ll tell you about it; I’m getting closer to being able to tell that story). Every now and again, I’ve poked my head out but I’ve scurried back to my safe place.

Guys, it’s time.




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14 thoughts on “A Big White Duvet and Coming Back to Life.

  1. Bex Stark

    i’m happy you’re getting back out in the world so we can talk more again because I’ve missed you. i’ll be hanging out in my bed while we talk . .. you know why 🙂

    1. Nina Post author

      I got a really great deal on it on cyber Monday where the supplies and time would have been more so I lucked out!

  2. Anne

    I find nothing wrong with having a retreat and a place to call your own that is comforting. We all need that and when our minds and bodies are ready we slowly come out of that cocoon hopefully healed and ready to tackle the world again!

  3. Kelli {A Deeper Joy}

    You place of solace is a comfy place from the photos I’ve seen. And I’m jealous that you can do white. I’d totally get it dirty. I pray for you often, Nina. I want the pain to go away badly.

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