The Real Deal on Moving

realdealmovingGuys, you know those “how to” posts when it comes to moving? I feel like I should write “How not to Move,” as I sit here on my bed which is in the Dining Room of my new place. I am happy to say that all my belongings are here too which is a feat in and of itself (with many thanks to my mom and my dad and my friends Liz and Kate…If anything, moving shows you who is willing to lend a helping a hand and who is not willing. Because I am the type of person who struggles to ask for help, I was so humbled by the help that I did get).

Yes, so here I sit. Gather around for the real deal on moving. There are lots of piles, guys. Lots and lots of piles. But as of right now, we are three people living in a two person apartment until March (although the third person will slowly be moving out). I plan on living out of a suitcase for the next several weeks and I know I can do it because I had to do it for quite some time in SF. I know it would be so fabulous to have incredible room reveals this week but hey, I don’t know if you noticed, but this is real life.

So yes, I cannot wait to share the new place with you but it will most likely will be a bit as you can see from the few pictures up there. The other night, MK and I went to the hardware store and bought some tools I can guarantee you have never heard of to try and fix up the bathroom (there is good news and there is bad news). But hopefully, in the right time, I’ll slowly show you guys stuff. It’s a lot different than my other place in a lot of ways but I think it’s very charming.

Moving is hard. I don’t think it is the hardest thing in the world by any means but it is not the easiest. I kept trying to look at things in a positive light: thanking the people that helped me, thanking my body for waiting until the very end to totally give up on me, etc. Honestly, I am just glad it is over. Now comes the weird Tetris game of living in a two bedroom with three people for just a few months, living out of that suitcase, unpacking and all that fun stuff. I can promise you I do have the gumption to do it though.

Thank you so much for bearing with me through the move and the holidays (whoa, man…those two things nearly knocked me flat on my back…and maybe they did). I have some exciting things coming up and possibly a new look and name. Stay tuned.






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12 thoughts on “The Real Deal on Moving

  1. Rebekah | Rebekah & Co.

    Moving is so stressful and I cannot imagine going through such a big transition during the holidays! I hope the unpacking goes smoothly and you get your new place feeling like home as soon as possible!

  2. Emily

    Oh girl. Moving totally sucks and IS hard. Moving bruises are REAL (and seem to stay forever) and yes, it will most likely take me a full year before I have the rooms at my place just the way I want them. Hope you get some rest somewhere in there so that you can begin to enjoy the adventure of your new place!

  3. Jo-Anne

    I have not moved in so damn long since I have been in this house from 1988, and plan to say here till I am old and grey, ok I am already grey but I an not old being only how old am I again, oh yeah I am 53 years old so that is not old, just saying………….

  4. Kelli {A Deeper Joy}

    Oh my gosh, yes, it’s hard! We did it over Christmas and my hubby is a neat freak and wanted everything in a 3400 sq ft house unpacked and perfect within a few days. My feet hurt so bad but it’s almost done. I would have most definitely stretched it out if it were just me. All I need now is a vanity for all of my bathroom stuff and I seem to be struggling with finding one!

  5. LIndsay

    Glad you are moved in, even if it’s not “there” yet! I cannot imagine moving during the holidays. You’re stronger than you think, girlfriend. Can’t wait to see what you have in store this year!

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  7. Bex Stark

    you is moved tho! it’s almost over! and unpacking is fun! also the holidays are over so i’ll accept that first class ticket now 😉

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