The Gift of Hope with CARE.

It seems like lately, every morning I open my eyes and look at the news. The stories are different but they read like hopelessness; hope actually feels like trying to cup water in one’s hands. But on these mornings when I wake up, I do so in my bed, with a roof over my head. I take a sip of clean drinking water. I have medicine to help with my chronic pain. I am able to read the news because as a girl I was taught to read.

Are you looking for hope? You can give it. And here it the catalogue to do it.

So as I think of the famous Mr. Roger’s quote everyone has been using lately: look for the helpers. The organization, CARE, is a helper: a global humanitarian organization that fights poverty by empowering girls and women. In a world of increasing darkness, CARE sheds light in a real and active way. So this Holiday season, when you are considering what gifts you want to share with the people you love, I am asking you to consider the bed you sleep in, the water you drink, and the privilege of reading.

There are so many gifts you can through CARE but I have chosen five that are close to my heart and are in my price range (that’s the awesome part…if you think your income or lack thereof keeps you from helping, I have to tell you, you’re wrong). In my case, I have chosen gifts between $25-$50 and I think you will be shocked at how that amount can change a life (and if you have more, I ask you to deeply consider giving a gift of a higher value).

Here are five of my choices but there is everything from clean water to soccer balls. This is the catalogue we should all be looking at this Holiday. There are so many choices!

Textbooks and School Supplies for One year ($44)care
(Photo Courtesy of CARE)

Can you imagine a girl named Pinki in India, denied education because she was a girl? She is now a graduate of CARE’s school. She has taught her own mother to read. She says her greatest accomplishment is that now her father listens to her; now he realizes the importance of educating girls and women.

Blackboard for a Classroom ($44)

Imagine helping educate an entire community for less than $50? Did you know a woman’s earnings rise 20% for every completed school year beyond fourth grade (according to CARE’s website)?

Goat ($45)care1(Photo Courtesy of CARE)

A goat can nourish a family with its milk and also provide income because that family can sell the milk. Please read about Soto Tenorio, from Peru, who went from watching his own children be malnourished from lack of food to banding together with fellow farmers to have a steady crop.

A Set of Library Books for a Refugee Camp ($30)

care2(Photo Courtesy of CARE)

Oh, my heart. I read about refugees around the world every day and my heart breaks. I think…what can I do? This. This I can do.

3 Feminine-Hygiene Kits for Teen Girls ($30)

As if educating young girls around the world isn’t already society needs to do something about, there are so many cultures where monthly menstruation keeps girls from attending school. And guess what? You and I can do something about that.

Will you consider giving a present this year that can change a life? I would be happy for someone to wrap an envelope telling me they bought a Blackboard for a Classroom. Would you? Check out the catalogue. What would or will you buy?





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