All Things Pumpkin in One Post.

Both healthy and not so healthy…pumpkinpin

I’ve seen all things pumpkin blogged about so I thought I would do one master post because yes, I am basic but I also can’t drag this pumpkin thing on forever. You know? So I am doing all things pumpkin in one post and calling it a freaking day.

Let’s start with my mom’s infamous pumpkin sheet cake.

pumpkin5Nearly everything I make around this time of year (and 99.9% of things I make that involve pumpkin) come from this original recipe. I will never forget the first Thanksgiving my whole family met up for dessert at my dad’s house. The table include my mom, my dad, my stepmom, my little sister, and myself (my brother was watching football, obviously). It could have been awkward but everyone was too busy making delicious sounds every time they took a bite. In my mind, this sheet cake (and therefore, all the recipes that evolved from it) broke the ice.


I originally told this story and shared the for the pumpkin sheet cake here. It’s my words and my ma’s recipe, I promise. I just want the place I originally published it to get the credit.


Then there are the cookies. Oh my goodness, yum. Yum. Just…yum.


Again, you can find the original recipe for the pumpkin cookies at My Cooking Spot here where I originally shared it. And did I mention all of this is so supremely easy it is almost sickening?

You can’t forget the frosting. I shared it with you all last year.


This frosting is the easiest and most delicious cream cheese frosting ever. You could easily use it for a Red Velvet Cake or really anything. I sure do.

I veered away from Mom’s recipe to try my hand at Pumpkin Macarons with Pumpkin Spice Filling. Okay, here is the thing. I had the wrong pan so they didn’t look the prettiest.


But the filling. Oh, gosh. I could have eaten the filling with a spoon. Maybe next time? Here is the recipe.

Speaking of spoons, for those of us who are trying to treat food as medicine…none of this is medicine. This is the sound I am making: womp, womp, womp. However, I did create a Pumpkin Spice Greek Yogurt recipe (can you even call it a recipe when it is so easy?).pumpkin

Again, you can find this original recipe at My Cooking Spot. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers make their own pumpkin spice so maybe that is something to try this year.

Buon Appetito!




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