The Great Tragedy of Living Cautiously.

Whenever I have to be particularly introspective when it comes to this whole recovering perfectionist thing…or I should call it the perfectionist thing, since I’ve done some back sliding (obviously), I come back to this quote. I know that the words “good enough” do not even compute for me. It’s hard for me to know when I am letting something go–a project, a writing piece, anything–for good and healthy reasons or due to fear: if I can’t do this perfectly, maybe I shouldn’t deal with it at all.

So, this, if you take J.K. Rowling’s wisdom from a commencement speech she gave to Harvard students (I love that she chose to speak purposefully about failure to a group of people who are high-achievers…the lady has wisdom).The Great Tragedy of Living CautiouslyThe way she delivers this truth makes me understand the great tragedy that can take place when fear and perfectionism and vulnerability create this cocktail, the great tragedy of living cautiously in this world, with the lives God asks us to be good stewards of for Him.

This way of living? It’s not His desire for us. And it doesn’t work. As good ole Jo clearly states (love her).




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14 thoughts on “The Great Tragedy of Living Cautiously.

  1. Emily

    Definitely. For me, it’s easier if I take everything one day at a time… and I know we always say that but when I actually and consciously take each day that way, that’s when I feel like I’m able to let go. It’s really hard for me to let go of things when I look at them as this huge, end result thing (if that makes sense??) I begin to obsess over them. Instead, I make the choice each day to let it go (“it” being perfection or possibly an actual thing like blogging, worries, etc.)… some days it’s easier than others but making the choice each day is enough to help me move on to other things that are better for me.

    1. Nina Post author

      Moving across the country taught me that I can’t even take it a day at time. I have to take it a task at a time. Haha. But sometimes I forget that. I forget that I knew no one and I needed a bed. And so I had to get a bed. I could not worry about anything else but that. 🙂 It really goes in phases for me and now I am trying to make a conscious effort to get back into a good rhythm. Thanks for all your support, Emily!!

  2. Anne

    Nina…..I love that quote! How true is that? I think you are 100% correct in saying that she chose the perfect quote for Harvard. This journey you are on is by no means easy but I love that you are sharing it with us.

  3. Heaven

    I wholeheartedly believe this. I am not a perfectionist by a long shot, but I am afraid to step out of my comfort zone although slowly I am getting better at it. My daughter encouraged me to enter a recipe contest. Although I didn’t win, I was a finalist, and that did give me a boost – making me glad I took the step to enter – even if it was at the very last minute. Hopefully, next time I won’t be so shy.

    I found you through the Wednesday Showcase. So glad I did! Following on Pinterest and a subscription. Have a great, brave day!

    1. Nina Post author

      That’s awesome, Heaven. I have a hard time stepping out of my comfort zone too, for fear of failing. It’s so great that you not only took that step (which is the biggest win of all) but that you also did well! Hope to see you back again!

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