Ultimate Makeup Wish List (if money was mostly no object).

Ultimate Makeup Wish List (if money was mostly no object)
I love makeup but a tightening budget has me looking at makeup prices like: whaaa? Still, I do keep an ongoing list of products that I would buy if that bank account wasn’t under self imposed lock and key. Who knows? There are birthdays and Christmas and those times when you find fifty dollars on the sidewalk (okay, so the last one hasn’t happened to me).

These are all attainable products that I could purchase and you probably could (I’m not a celebrity who can take baths in La Mer) but right now when I am watching what I spend, they are remaining on a list.

Touche Eclat Blur Perfector

This is supposed to be amazing and worth every penny. It goes from balm to powder, is great for all skin types and tones, you can use it to set your makeup or all over to be one of those people with “perfect glowing skin.” Every blogger has raved about it. I read about it on beauty sites. It’s supposed to be amazing.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

I have been eyeing this for a long time (not sure if I would go for the cream or the powder option but a long time). I love highlighting and contouring and this kit is supposed to be bananas.

DiorShow Mascara

Confession: I used to exclusively wear this. It. is. amazing. in. every. way. But lately, you know, back to that whole money thing, I have been using up all my sample mascaras. I have not found one to match this. Benefit’s mascara compared to this is blech. MAC? Love their lipstick but just no. No. This is the best.

 StriVectinLABS™ ‘Anti-Wrinkle’ Hydra Gel Treatment System

You put these pads on under your eyes for 15 minutes and then the gel after. They are supposed to be the holy grail for under eye bags and dark circles. It also sounds so relaxing. I’ve seen it all over IG and this was recipient of Allure Mag’s Best of Beauty.

SK-II Pitera™ Essence Set Pink Flower Limited Edition

Truth be told I have wanted to try SK-II whole face system for a long time. It is supposed to be amazing. I mean Cate Blanchett uses it. Have you seen Cate Blanchett’s skin? Apparently there is a limited edition set right now at Sephora that is more affordable. So I mean, maybe?

Giorgio Armani: Eyes To Kill Silk Eye Shadow

I’ve used this stuff on one of the brides makeup and it is amazing-ing-ing-ing. So is his foundation. His foundation is just…it maybe the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of applying on someone.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

All summer all the bloggers have been talking about this. So obviously…

What is on your Ultimate Makeup Wish List? Or what have I missed on mine?

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P.S. If you do get any of these products, it helps support this blog at no cost to you. Also let me know how they are in real life, you know?



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30 thoughts on “Ultimate Makeup Wish List (if money was mostly no object).

  1. Lindsay

    The blur perfector is great. I of course got it for free and not sure I’d actually have spent the money on it. And the setting spray is worth the money! I do think you can buy a smaller bottle!

  2. Katie Elizabeth

    I would seriously go crazy in Sephora if money was no object. There is so much that I want! I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of the Blur Perfector before, but now I definitely need that. And I’m a huge Benefit mascara fan so does this mean DiorShow will blow me out of the water?!

    1. Nina Post author

      I mean, I didn’t love the Benefit Mascara because it didn’t live up to the DiorShow…I could never admit that to you before.

  3. Anne

    In a perfect world I would have all of these items and a hefty bank account. Sadly, I have neither so I will ooh and aah and hope that someday I may be able try them. Love seeing these posts though so I can keep up to date with what’s out there!

  4. Bex Stark

    maybe we should split the hydra gel and try it together. also elf has a pretty good much cheaper setting spray that I enjoy. i’ll bring it to influence.

    1. Nina Post author

      Except how could we share the pads? Each get one? haha and yes, can i try it at influence? 🙂 xox

  5. Cassie

    I have actually never heard of any of these. I want to love makeup but I just suck at it. I’m going to pin this for holidays though when I’m thinking of gifts for others 🙂

    1. Nina Post author

      Those are some nice gifts 🙂 Haha. I like the creativity in it. I don’t feel like I need it…but I also think it’s fun to play 🙂

  6. Sheryl

    Somehow I scored several sample/travel sizes of the Dior mascara and I love it but I know I probably wouldn’t pay for it – unless it was a big occasion. I did purchase one of the Hourglass eyeshadows at Sephora. At first I was afraid it wasn’t worth the money but it stays on the whole day and is gluten free. (I’m beginning to think I need to consider the gluten in my make up so I wanted to give it a try)

  7. Brittany @ Everyday Thoughts

    I love this list and I might need to splurge on one or two of these items. I’ve started buy one expensive item every two weeks or so, so that it doesn’t all add up at one time. I think my next purchase might be the Touche Eclat Blur Perfector or the StriVectinLABS™ ‘Anti-Wrinkle’ Hydra Gel Treatment System. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve pinned this so I remember all these great suggestions.

  8. Chelsea

    Hourglass primer serum! Super hydrating and gives that dewy look. Great for dry skin and minimizing the look of wrinkles.

    Mac Pro-longwear lip liners and lip creams

    NYX born to glow illuminator- just as good as Nars illuminator in orgasm.

    1. Nina Post author

      Chels….I did not even noticed this was you!! Where have I been? We still need to do a feature of you! I plan on switching a ton of stuff to NYX once I run out, you know? I definitely will look into that serum! Love you,Chelsea Ann Scott Hair and Make Up

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