Five Fave Lipsticks for All Four Seasons.

fivefavelipsticksHere is the deal. It’s a known fact that you have to wear lipstick around Nonna. I mean, maybe you don’t have to but I have to and so does my aunt and my cousins. Because according to Nonna, lipstick takes anyone’s appearance up a few notches. So if you are just running out the door and your hair is wet? Put on some lipstick. If you are going to a formal event? Put on some lipstick. I don’t know when (which age) this rule started to apply to me but let me tell you, it does. Thankfully, I love lipstick. And I wear it whether or not I am seeing Nonna.

Gloss…has it’s place. My issue is that my hair is a crazy beast that attacks the gloss and in two minutes the gloss is gone. I do have some favorite glosses though that I will be sharing at some point but these five lipsticks are my old favorites that I am almost out of and some new favorites. Seriously, with these five shades, you are covered in the lipstick department. If you’re looking for a nude (well, that’s another post…Nonna would say: what’s the point of a nude lip? But I am not Nonna), give it time and I’ll get there.

You may have noticed that these are all MAC lipsticks. No, this blog has not been endorsed by MAC (I wish…?) I have just found that for the price (and their wide variety of colors) they have become my go to over the years. It wasn’t always this way but it is now. I mean, once upon a time I spent too much money on a YSL lipstick and it was a pretty case and the lipstick was nice but I didn’t finish it and I had to throw it away. I love MAC’s selection vs. price vs. how long it lasts. There is also no weird odor (which I am not into. Maybe you are?).

lipsticksamplesFor the record, it can be hard to take a picture of your own arm.

Without further ado, Five Fave Lipsticks for All Four Seasons:

1. Amplified Girl About Town

This may be one of MAC’s most popular lipsticks. It’s a color that looks great on most everyone because it seems to adapt to every skin tone. It’s definitely a pop of color but depending on you and what you’re wearing, it may have more magenta than pink or the other way around. This is the lipstick I actually use most often. It’s definitely a pick me up and also appropriate for the office. I am almost out of it so it hurt me to even do a swatch of it.

2. Matte Damn Glamorous (no longer available BUT try this: Dangerous)

And is it ever! This was actually gifted to me by Chels (only super good friends know how to pick a lipstick out for you). She said she wanted to get me a color I wouldn’t pick out for myself but that was still me. She nailed it. I love reds. There is nothing so glamorous as a red lip (am I my nonna’s granddaughter or what?). But this is matte, something I didn’t have. And it also has the tiniest bit of orange in it. Now, you may know that reds have either blue tones or orange tones running through them. Usually one is more flattering than the other and for me it is always blue. But this one is the perfect mixture. I love this lipstick! Apparently, since I just looked up the description, it’s a red with a bit of pink in it which makes it a bit softer, in my opinion. I think it depends on your coloring and the rest of your make up where you wear this but I rock it whenever I can.

3. Amplified Vegas Volt

In my mind, this is the perfect coral. It’s more subtle than my other picks but again, it seems to pick up the rest of your make up, outfit, and look. Sometimes I wear it and feel the volt of it. Other times, it is more subdued. I enjoy it for summer and fall (but also winter and spring). It just goes in my top five for sure.

4. Retro Matte Flat Out Fabulous

I had the conundrum of Girl About Town Running on fumes and I didn’t know whether I should replace it or try something new. I saw this on someone’s blog and I was a sucker. This is a little deeper, more matte, less sheer than Girl About Town. I’ve worn it in the summer and gotten plenty of compliments but I think it will be great for fall and winter (and who am I kidding? Spring, too). I’m still playing around with this and have even combined it with number five with great results.

5. Viva Glam Miley Amplified

I’ve wanted a pink for awhile. I have another one but you’l notice it didn’t make the cut. I wanted something young and hip but also appropriate for all types of things. This is nice and sheer and so you can layer it to make it really pop Miley style or leave it sheer for a touch of pink. I feel like this is one of those colors that truly looks gorgeous on any coloring or complexion. It’s limited edition so get yours when you can.

Bonus: I am no Kylie Jenner when it comes to over lining my lips. Ain’t nobody got time for that. But I do use one single color lip liner for every single one of these lipsticks (and all lipsticks). It’s MAC (I am not doing this on purpose, I swear!) Spice and it goes with anything. It’s also so subtle that I don’t need to be super precise when I am in a hurry!

Have you tried any of these? What is your go to year round lipstick?

So you know, at no cost to you, these are referral links that help this blog stay running! MAC has given me nothing! Swear!

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39 thoughts on “Five Fave Lipsticks for All Four Seasons.

  1. Rebecca

    Oh my goodness yes. As a southern gal I can attest that you never leave the house without lipstick and mascara. *smiles* I am so excited to check some of these out as I am having the hardest time finding a good lipstick color right now because I am so white from treatment. I can’t wait to explore your suggestions and check out these pops of color! Thank you for sharing!!
    Blessings, Rebecca 🙂

  2. Lindsay

    YES. Your Nonna and I would be best friends! I never leave the house without lipstick. It makes you look together, even when you’re not! And I agree that MAC is the best! Checking out these colors now!

  3. Anne

    Let’s talk lip gloss a second….I always end up making strange faces and contorting my lips because my hair blows into the gloss and sticks to it. Lovely visuals I know.

    Lipstick always takes things up a notch yet I lack the knowledge to pick out the correct one. I think I need to bite the bullet and go to an actual makeup counter and have a professional hook me up with the right shade.

    My one pet peeve is a lipstick that fades quickly. How does MAC hold up?

  4. amber

    Ok, I have a ton of lipstick. A TON. Like I go into a phase and buy ALL THE COLORS because I NEED THEM, but this is the thing… I never know how to wear it. I always feel too casual or too this or that. SO PLEASE, tell me how. How do you change this thought process?? Because I LOVE THE COLORS.

    1. Nina Post author

      You just start. You put some on. And you put on your sunglasses and you go about the day. And the first time you look in the mirror you are a bit surprised. And then eventually, you are bit surprised to look in the mirror and not find it on. 🙂

  5. Kenji

    You took my breath away when you said you used the same lip liner for every color. I have so many lip liners it’s crazy. I love a good lip liner and honestly I have a bunch of MAC lipsticks but no lip liners. I’m addicted to NARS lip liner..expensive but so worth it!

  6. Kenji

    okay – I don’t think my comment posted so here goes round 2. You took my breath away when you said you only use one lip liner. I have a ton of lipsticks but also a ton of lip liners. I have every shade in lip liner I feel. I have a bunch of mac lipsticks but no mac lip liner. I’m addicted to NARS lip liner…expensive but totally worth it!

    1. Nina Post author

      I love NARS as a line and really want to try their lippy. I have heard some not great things about the chemicals in the formula though…I need to look more into. But yes, I do use the single liner no matter the color. When I was old enough to wear lipstick and go into MAC I said look, if you want me to wear liner, I am only buying one! And I’ve stuck to it! haha

  7. Laura

    Okay, Nina, you let the secret out of the bag!!! I hate to admit when Nonna is right, but we really do look better with lipstick!!!

  8. Carly

    These are all so, so pretty! MAC knows what they’re doing when it comes to lipstick, I like that regardless of the finish you know you’re getting a great quality lip color!

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