DIY Flower Crown.

flowercrownpinHow long have I wanted to make a DIY Flower Crown? Probably since I started this blog two years ago. The goal is to someday get new a new headshot with a flower crown in my hair…and that has been the goal for two years. So, I finally made one. It was easier and more difficult than I imagined (I think I am not good with floral tape) but I’ll explain.

There is something about flowers in one’s hair…It’s why part of the reason why I named the blog what I did which was before everyone started wearing flowers in their hair (which I am totally cool with) because a girl with flowers in her hair is pretty special.

Here is what you’ll need:flowercrownFloral Tape | Floral Wire | Floral Wire Cutters | Greens | Flowers

From my experience, you can most definitely use real flowers or fake flowers. I happened to use fake because goodness knows when I will finally get a head shot done. I mean, I did one on my own…You’ll see below but I mean, it was a circus, shooting manually on a tripod and using a remote to get the photo. Also don’t forget that I did my hair and make up for this just hoping I would get some kind of picture with a human wearing this flower crown.flowercrown1First, measure with the floral wire around your head. Use the floral tape to overlap the ends and then it’s best to wrap the whole circlet with that floral tape. flowercrown2Secondly, it is time for the greenery! I used two shades at the same time…It’s actually a trick I use for a lot of things. flowercrown3I then started to add in some of the flowers and realized I bought way too much. But I was fortunate because everything was half off and now I have enough stuff to make so many flower crowns. Want one? Ha! Since this was my first DIY Flower Crown it was at this point that I realized the huge peony and huge rose probably wasn’t going to make the cut for this one. I guess I will have to make another.

flower crown diy pic monkeyAnd ta-da!flowercrown4I wish you could see the circus that was taking place in order to get these photos–a tripod, trying to set up the photos manually, using a remote to take the photos. The things you do for blogging. But considering that I have wanted to do this for two years, I feel like the amount of sweat dripping down my face was worth it.

Have you ever made a flower crown? Do you have any questions?


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29 thoughts on “DIY Flower Crown.

  1. Lindsay

    Wow, how gorgeous are you? Breathtaking! Turned out beautifully! I’d love to do this but lack your patience. This might be a project for my momma…

    1. Nina Post author

      Once I got in the groove, it wasn’t awful. And you can definitely just do the front of the side! Depends what you want!

  2. kili namauu

    Hi Nina,
    If you ever come to Maui again we will show you how to make Lei Poʻo. We use fresh flowers and similar to your crown. Every lei is made to fit, whether it is for the head, hat or around the neck.

    with much aloha,
    auntie kili

  3. Anne

    Don’t mind me….just oohing and aahing over here looking at not only the crown (LOVE!!) but also your photos. Love the ones of you as well as the crown. Major photography skills you have there!

  4. Cat

    I remember making these flower crowns with my mom when I was a little girl. They’re absolutely gorgeous, aren’t they? You look beautiful 🙂

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