Chicago Kitchen Reveal.

kitchenSo yes, I’ve lived here a year and I am only now showing you the kitchen. And yes, I live in a studio so it’s not like I have a mansion to reveal room by room (no hate for those that do because I love those posts). Though I have revealed my office, my family room, my entry way, and my beverage bar, I have yet to show you my bathroom (do you even want to see it? I mean, it’s pretty but still a bathroom) and my bedroom. And this is me laughing because I live in a STUDIO (also known as there is no division of rooms (but for the bathroom) so I have used my decorating prowess (still laughing) to create those divisions). Anyway, Chicago Kitchen Reveal.kitchen1As you can see, my kitchen is in a kind of narrow hallway but I love it. Because my apartment in San Francisco was not this nice. While I was there I made the best of it and never complained because it was just my reality, but when looking at this place my nonna said that the SF apartment was a rat’s nest (without any rats!). I demurred that it wasn’t but that gives you an idea (I think I did a lot with what I had and on a budget!). My oven has NUMBERS on it! I don’t have to guess where 375 degrees on the knob should be. And the cabinets are so pretty! I like to keep my favorite candle of all time lit (on sale for 20% off right now!). And that antique phone cover? It was discovered in a resale shop in San Diego. It’s not useful (and in a studio, you don’t have much room for that which isn’t useful) but it’s so pretty that I kept it.kitchen2If you’ve seen the rest of my house (look, I’m not complaining…I am just overjoyed to have a washer and dryer…I can’t even tell you), you probably noticed that I’ve used a a lot white and a bit of gray. In the kitchen, I allowed some fun colors (because I do like fun colors…white just made the other spaces look bigger) in the form of fun potholders (similar, again on sale!) and pretty dish towels (more sale) and a few other things I’ll point out. I also picked a rug that had a lot of white and gray but also teal in it. The kitchen is a place that should feel like you and this one does! Also can I brag on the swifter wetjet? I am so pro this item. On some days my health issues make bending and mopping and all those cleaning activities difficult but this is super helpful to me.

kitchen4I used a small circular cutting board to create a bit of height for my olive oil jar and just make it more interesting to the eye. It also holds my favorite picture I’ve ever taken of my youngest sibling (with an iPhone 4…but I love it!). Like I said, I grew up with kitchens that were warm and inviting–places you want to be. So I like a little peek at someone I love. More on my straw collection to come…kitchen5I keep my smoothie straws in the same thing a barber would use. Gotta keep it interesting, right? And my olive oil (extra virgin) is kept in this beautiful blue and green container my mom got me when we were in Sonoma. See? This place is filled with treasures and finds and memories. I used my Kate Spade Break the Ice Tumbler because it has a lid and I drink water, water, water all day, erry day. It’s hard to see from this angle but I keep my spoons and etc. in this blue ceramic thing that was on sale at anthro.kitchen7There’s the long view from the other side. That calendar was a birthday gift and I adore it so much! July is all about Blueberries! (Here is the 2016 equivalent!)kitchen6Finally, with fresh parsley and basil from my aunt’s garden for my nonna’s recipes, I have some tips for making this space a little less cluttered and a little more pretty. Living in a small space makes it impossible to avoid clutter so when you can cut it down, you do it. I keep my dishwashing soap in a pretty bottle. And that silver pot (which is actually for plants, I believe) holds all my brushes and sponges. The wine bottle is special because my friend got it for me since it is all glass/acrylic and it reminded her of my desk area. I haven’t figured out what I will do with it yet.

Gosh, I am exhausted. Reveals are no joke. Maybe that’s why I’ve put this one off? Haha. So what do you think of my little kitchen? Again, I love it, if only because the oven tells me what temperature it is.




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40 thoughts on “Chicago Kitchen Reveal.

  1. Anne

    Love it… the colors, the backsplash, the way you made it homey. I love all of the little touches that scream “Nina!”. Great job!

    1. Nina Post author

      I rent so I didn’t pick the back splash but I hope the things I’ve collected all through my travels do scream nina 🙂 Thanks, friend!

  2. Emily

    It’s soooo pretty, Nina!!! I love it!! The studio I lived in while in Chicago was one of my most favorite spaces I ever lived… it was small but it was mine and I loved it 🙂

    “My oven has NUMBERS on it!” hahah 😉

    1. Nina Post author

      It is a big deal to have numbers, Emily! Haha. I got lucky with this rental but I love it a lot.

      1. Emily

        oh, you know what?! I was totally reading this as though you had put that backsplash on yourself and this was more of a reno thing! (Ugh – twice now I’ve misspoken in tweets involving you- so sorry!)

        1. Nina Post author

          Dude. It’s totally okay. I take it as a compliment. But I just lucked out. I felt like I owed you the truth. I have no idea how to put up a backsplash LOL

  3. Jaelan

    I am SERIOUSLY in love with your kitchen. I understand how it feels to “upgrade”. My last apartment was HORRENDOUS. And there actually were rats from time to time. *BARF*

  4. Rebecca

    I love all of the little details!! That is where I falter with decor…I never know what to do so I usually end up with plain boring rooms lol. The phone cover, pretty bottles, colorful tea towels, all make it so unique and lovely. (I also looked back at your other reveals and I love how you’ve done that with each of your spaces! My NYC apartment was so tiny and only ever felt cluttered. )

    1. Nina Post author

      If you lived in NYC, I know you feel me about renting and trying to make it my own. It is often cluttered. And I use my pantry as a closet. The kitchen is one area where everything has a place, thank goodness!

    1. Nina Post author

      Thanks. I rent so I didn’t choose it. I feel very lucky. That’s also why I try to add little touches!

  5. Shelby

    Kinda loving the “hallway” setup of your kitchen; it looks like it would be super efficient! I’m back and forth in my teeny apartment kitchen, constantly forgetting where I put something down hah. Nice job!

    1. Nina Post author

      haha yeah i have had “hallway kitchens before but the length of this one is very nice, especially for a studio.

  6. Alduina biagini

    I love the way your kitchen looks. It’s so inviting. Maybe squash pasta one night? I’ll bring the wine.

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