Book Soup: Luckiest Girl Alive.

booksoupThe truth is, I found this book through Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram (and apparently her production company acquired the rights too). I’m a bookie–not the kind that you give money to but the book version of a foodie. I love books. I relish in them. I consider myself a connoisseur.

I got the idea for this feature as I was reading this book: Luckiest Girl Alive (kindle | paperback). This is not to say that if you added all these elements together you would have this book. I have way too much respect for writers and as a wannabe writer myself, I realize it takes a lot more than that to put together a story. Let’s say, as a foodie would, that I recognized some spices and ingredients from some other books, movies, and tv shows that will help you decide if this may be a book for you.


Book Soup: Luckiest Girl Alive

Jessica Knoll’s Luckiest Girl Alive (kindle paperback)is as light as it is dark. With the designer name dropping and cool New York City haunts of Sex and the City, the story is told by a unreliable narrator ala Gone Girl (though like another Gillian Flynn book–Dark Places–Ani is not the most sympathetic…she allows the reader to see her darkest thoughts even as she is smiling at her bro-from-a-WASP-family-fiancé). The chapters switch off between present and the past–when Ani was TifAni in high school–since she has agreed to be part of a documentary about something awful that happened to her then (here is the 19 Minutes reference). I want to make sure you are aware to let you know there is school violence and sexual abuse as a part of this book while maintaining the mystery.

Sure present day Ani has it altogether. She could work for the same magazine as Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (and like that character wants to be writing more serious stuff) and has access to the wardrobe of someone at Vogue, as if her magazine is straight out of the Devil Wears Prada (she’s more Emily Blunt than Anne Hathaway–in the film–by far) while wishing she grew up as the Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl when she was more the Jenny Humphrey. But Ani has a dark past.

At times laugh out loud funny (sometimes I laughed despite myself…Ani is incredibly honest about a lot of things we all may think but never say and then she takes it ten steps farther) and sometimes difficult to read with its grittiness, this thriller mixed with fashion and a girl just trying to find herself has essences of all the other things I’ve mentioned, it’s uniquely its own.

(kindle | paperback)

Have you read it? What have you been reading? Does this sound like something you would read?



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17 thoughts on “Book Soup: Luckiest Girl Alive.

  1. Haleigh

    I just finished this book! I don’t really know how I feel about the ending. I almost felt like there was a chapter missing or something from my eBook. What the heck happened at the end? What happened in that bathroom? Please let me know if you have any theories 🙂

    1. Nina Post author

      I get what you are saying because the we never saw the argument and the “BYE! I’m out” in the bathroom (I’m trying to talk in code not to spoil). Ahhh so hard to talk without spoiling.

  2. Anne

    i have this book on hold at the Library. People have been saying that it’s the next Gone Girl. Looking forward to reading it!

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