5 Ways to Use Your Current Content to Grow Your Blog.

5 Ways to Use Your Current Content to Grow Your BlogWhether you’ve been blogging for a couple of months or a couple of years, you’ve probably realized this simple truth: blogging ain’t no joke. It isn’t easy by any means (so much so that I felt the need to use the grammatically incorrect ain’t in a sentence). What I want to talk about today is getting the most out of the content you work so hard to create.

Here are 5 ways to use your current content to grow your blog:
1. You May Also Like…

Have you ever read a blog post that includes other posts you may enjoy based on the post you are currently reading? A few months ago, I installed a plugin to help with this (there are plenty out there). I realized I was missing a huge opportunity to use all the posts I’ve worked so hard on to increase traffic and your time on my blog. If you click on this post and scroll down, you’ll see four posts that relate to the one you’re reading. Chances are that some people are going to find something to click on there. I really recommend doing this if you haven’t already.

2. Syndicate Your Content with CoSchedule

(just so you know that is a referral link) What I love about CoSchedule is I can easily schedule posts to be promoted the day after a post is published: a day later, a week later, and a month later (or on a custom date). It’s so simple (and there is a trial) to syndicate your content when you schedule the post the first time so that it will be promoted throughout the next month. I was a bit skeptical but I did see an increase in page views during my trial so now CoSchedule and I are going steady.

3. Popular Posts

This is still a work in progress on my blog. But at the top of my blog menu, you will see something called Popular SeriesAs I said, it is a work in progress but it’s a place that readers–both new and old–can click on and find more posts. A lot of times when I go to a new blog, I want to find the heart of the blog and this is great place to go. I recommend creating an obvious place for your most popular posts or the posts that mean the most to you to live.

4. Posts Within Posts

This may be obvious but link to other posts within the post you are writing. Of course, I only link to something when it makes sense but remembering to do this is key. A new reader may want to know more about the story. An old reader may be just as curious. Recently, I wrote a post about my entryway reveal (see what I did there?) I mentioned my papa so I linked to a post about him. I also linked to a tutorial about how I made the deer–one of the things hanging in my entryway.

5. Easy Categories

I will be the first person to tell you that my blog does not have this right now. I am working on decreasing my number of categories. If you have super obvious categories about topics you are passionate about, I am likely to click on them to learn more about you and your blog. Whenever I redesign my blog (this is something I am only beginning to think about; it will be at least a year) this is something I want to work on.
contentDo you have more ideas? I am always open. Let’s share the knowledge. Also, just because I am feeling so much love for my fellow bloggers today, let’s do a sale on sponsorships. Use the code SPRINGSPRANG for 20% off any sponsorship. If you’re on the fence, read the testimonials or check out this post.



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17 thoughts on “5 Ways to Use Your Current Content to Grow Your Blog.

    1. Nina Post author

      Yeah, I used a plug in with wordpress that made it super easy. I am not sure about blogger.

  1. Anne

    Great suggestions! I would love to know what plug in you use for your related posts. I have tried a few and have gone back on forth on them.

    1. Nina Post author

      I have tried several too! I ended up using Related Posts by Zemanta but I had to play with it and make it what I needed. 🙂

  2. Rebecca

    These are great tips, Nina! I’ve really seen a big difference since I’ve started using Co-Schedule as well. It’s nice to have an organized way to share those old posts again.

    1. Nina Post author

      I tried two or three plug ins and ended up with Related Posts by Zemanta for wordpress. I would definitely recommend the trial for coschedule!

    1. Nina Post author

      I did! I have wordpress. Do you? It’s super easy as a plug in. I tried a bunch of them and ended up with Related Posts by Zemanta.

    1. Nina Post author

      Do you use WordPress? I tried a bunch for wordpress and ended up with Related Posts by Zemanta. Also with Coschedule, I felt the same exact way but thought I would try the 10 or maybe 2 week trial (If I remember correctly you don’t need to put in a credit card or anything) and just see if you see a difference. I was convinced it was worth it in a week. 🙂

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  4. Jo-Anne

    I have two blogs one with blogger the other with wordpress have different followers on each so that is ok, I like both just thought I would share that and tell you I liked it here so I will be coming back

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