Five Tips for Giving the Perfect Gift…or Close to it.

Five Tips for Giving the Perfect GiftI’ve been wanting to do a post like this for awhile now but have held off because I did not want it to seem like: look at the amazing gifts I give people and how I present them. I am so awesome. How could it be when I am on a very tight budget? Nor did I want this to be superficial because for me, giving someone a gift is an act of love and celebration. When the person opens it, I want her to feel so warm in fuzzy and genuinely loved and cared for and known (it’s a love language so it definitely does not need to be superficial).

My mom is the best person I know at doing this and one way she does this excellently is with gifts. Since I was a little girl, I have watched her find the perfect present for someone–big or small (to be honest, big presents can be overrated and easy…it’s harder to find something within your budget with a lot of sentiment).  When she gives these gifts, it has nothing to do, in fact, with the amount spent, but the love and creativity poured into whatever she gives anyone. I grew up seeing people’s eyes light up or tear up over her gifts and so naturally, I do love to give gifts. I hope that I have inherited her penchant for giving the loveliest and most meaningful presents–the priceless kind. I just have to give my mom props for all of this.

I don’t have the dollars right now to spend a lot on gifts for people I love. Yet the world continues to turn and there are things to celebrate. In this case, it’s the advent of Heather’s baby. Her shower was in the Carolinas so I knew I couldn’t make it and again there is that money thing. And yet, I, of course, wanted to do something special for my friend because I am incredibly excited for her family and you know, love and friendship and all those things people raise their wine glasses and toast.

So how can I make her feel extra special without breaking the bank? Here’s five tips for giving the perfect gift (or close to it).

1. Really consider special moments or something precious you share with the person who is receiving the gift. Start big picture without worrying about an actual item.

I knew that I wanted to do something to honor the way Heather and I met which was on a mission trip to Rome, Italy. I would have never met her if not for that città and it’s an experience that a handful of people in the world shared. Blogging brought us back together but we started in Rome. So I had the concept of Rome in my head.

Her shower had such an original theme of  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s classic The Little Prince and I really wanted to have fun with it. That was my second big picture idea. I went from there.

2. Consider the person’s taste, likes, dislikes while also considering your price point (duh).babygifting

Normally, I wouldn’t get clothing. It’s hard to know another person’s taste and babies just grow out of it. But Heather loves fashion and she knows what she is doing so this little stud is going to be killin’ it in that department. The Gap was having a major sale. Also, I happen to know she is obsessed with the Baby Gap probably because she texts me, “I am obsessed with the Baby Gap.” Ya think?

The jeans were on the registry but back again to my mom: while it’s important to get people what they need–especially for events like weddings and babies–people are also getting all the practical things on their list so if you can think of idea that a person will love that isn’t on the registry, go for it.  Surprise people in some small way.

3. Give extra thought to the presentation…

IMG_1249especially if you can’t spend a lot on the present (me). This way, the time and effort you put into the presentation is a gift in and of itself. Be creative. In my case, while I would have loved to have gotten amazing wrapping paper, there was my budget again. I’ve also learned that I do not have room to store more than one roll of wrapping paper (hence the brown paper).

I made the wrapping paper to play off The Little Prince theme.

4. The Card.

gifting1My mom is amazing at this. Here is your chance to tie everything together. Anyone and everyone can buy a card and sign it. Do you want the person to laugh when they read the card? Cry? Make it happen. Ha! Also, the card is a chance to tie the bigger themes (tip number one) of your present. I created a scroll for Heather’s little prince.

5. Enjoy the process.

This one is simple. Give gifts out of joy and love, never out of obligation, and they will always be fabulous.

IMG_1255If you have any tips, please share!





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23 thoughts on “Five Tips for Giving the Perfect Gift…or Close to it.

  1. Biana Perez

    I absolutely love giving people presents and love to see their reaction when opening them…where I struggle is the wrapping – OYE i’m so bad LOL! If a store offers wrapping I always ask them to do it for me! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  2. Cassie

    I LOOOOOOOVE this post. I’ve grown to love giving gifts and I really do think you have to enjoy the process to be good at it!

  3. Sarah @ 12 Twenty Seven

    The outfits are absolutely adorable and so is that wrapping! I love that you took the time to think about the bigger picture and used that to come up with one amazing gift! I’m sure your friend absolutely loved it!

  4. Elizabeth T

    I love the little details on the wrapping paper and the card. You can just tell that so much love went into this present! I’m definitely not the best at giving gifts but you’ve really inspired me to try harder!

  5. Amanda Elizabeth

    I am all about the card! I make sure to really take my time to write thoughtfully. I am so bad about waiting to give presents I usually give them right when I get them 🙂

  6. Coley

    I love this post! Such great tips. I never spend enough time on the presentation but I really should. It makes a huge difference 🙂

    1. Nina Post author

      I think it definitely can. When I have the time to do it, I do it. But if it ever feels like a weight hanging over me, I just wrap it normally. LOL Part of giving a gift for me is making sure it isn’t out of obligation. Thanks, Coley!

  7. Brittany @ PerpetuallyDaydreaming

    Love this post! Your present is so special and thoughtful!! I completely agree with you – the bigger presents can be easy, but it’s sometimes the smaller ones that are more meaningful. If I saw someone handmade wrapping paper to match the theme of the shower, I think I might cry! So cute!

    1. Nina Post author

      Aw, thanks. She really loved it and that’s what I care about. You’re so sweet, Brittany!

  8. kenji

    This is so perfect! Also, love how you decorated the paper. I need to get brown can make it work for everyone!!

  9. Kati Rose

    I’m a huge believer that little thoughtful gifts weigh more than big flashy things. I remember my mom always telling me that as a child but I didn’t understand it. I always make a point out of really thinking about what would make the gift extra special, even during little things like $10 secret santa. One point you make that for some reason has never crossed my mind is making the wrapping/packaging extra special too. I may have to start putting effort into that process as well.

    1. Nina Post author

      When you are on a budget, you gotta get creative. I love what your mom said. My mom said the same thing! 🙂 xo

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