Oddly Lovely.

I love Cat from Oddly Lovely and I won’t pretend part of the reason is totally self serving because she lives in in the Bay Area (aka San Francisco and other areas around the bay…You get it? The City by the Bay?). I left a huge part of my heart in San Francisco and reading Cat’s words, seeing her home, or enjoying her creations through the screen make me less homesick for that place. But enough of about me because I have too much to say about Cat. She’s lovely (oddly or not).Nine_Headshot 1She believes in the oxford comma (preach, sister. Writing at a job in the AP style hurts me sometimes), she’s an introvert, and her dog is her best friend. Better yet, she breaks down first, second, and third wave feminism in a blog post asking the question: Can feminist’s wear make-up? Listen, if you’ve heard the word feminist and want to know more or you don’t know what I am referring to when I mention first, second, and third wave feminism, don’t feel bad! Just read this post. It’s worth understanding especially because it’s a word that has a huge connotation with it, depending on the people you are with, political parties, and what day of the week it is. I can’t recommend this post highly enough because she breaks it down.

I want to read posts from smart, thoughtful women like CatNina_HomeHer post about writing and posting controversial pieces really struck a chord with me. What she says is so true: posting those pieces is hard. It’s not fun. I have to almost force myself on the occasion that I have. I don’t agree with Cat on everything but that’s also why I read her blog. I think it’s incredibly important to not only read posts on subjects I may have a different opinion on but to have friends and conversations in that same vein. It’s really easy to be insular and just hang out with people just like you. You won’t ever change or grow because your beliefs won’t ever be challenged. And I don’t want that for me. Neither does Cat.

I love what she says here because it’s something I have recently realized: “Even though I can be sensitive to negative blowback (okay, VERY sensitive to negative blowback), I am working on having a thicker skin and being brave and speaking up for what I believe in. Because the blog posts that make people think – those are the ones that really matter.”


(Also, how does one get thicker skin? We’re working on it. Right, Cat?)Nine_Headshot 2Don’t misunderstand. Her blog is a (oddly) lovely menagerie of her thoughts and opinions and her creations like this Lavender Whipped Body Butter Recipe.Nina_Body ButterShe’s also an incredible cook and if I could taste something through my computer screen I would, like this Kale, Kielbasa, White Bean Soup. Talk about comfort food.Nina_SoupAlso, how could the Italian in me not love this Tomato and Ricotta Focaccia Toast?Nina_Focaccia ToastAs if it is worth noting, don’t you love her oddly lovely style, from her photography to her clothes?

P.S. If you are missing Serial (me!), check out her post 12 Podcasts to Make Life More Interesting.

The longer I blog the more I realize that I need women bloggers like Cat who have similar interests but also challenge me. I am so happy to share her with you. Please check her out. You’ll fall in love, I promise. There is nothing odd about her or her blog–only loveliness.



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