She is Fierce.

Right away, you know Kiersten is unafraid to be brave because she writes exactly what she thinks at She is Fierce, a fierce blog if I ever read one. Right away, she tells you that she is opinionated. I love this. Sometimes I find in this world of blogging that we are so afraid to be different, or to say what we really think for fear that we will be labeled as opinionated or strange or intense or even, let’s say fierce. Kiersten is not. She is a reminder to me and to you too: be authentic, be opinionated. Because if you have an opinion (and you should have opinions because otherwise…what goes on in your brain?) you are opinionated.k

Kiersten says the biggest things college taught her was to have an opinion (yes!) and that, “That without debate, we can never move forward or change as a society.” Kiersten is a girl who knows, “…without (debate) – without differing opinions and the sharing of those viewpoints – we would never move forward together.” It’s a struggle for her (and for me too!) to see the world moving in a direction like this: [she’s] seen more and more lately, this idea that opinions should be kept to oneself and we should all go through life imagining that we all agree on everything lest we should find that someone have an opinion differing from our own.”
 Kiersten is not suggesting we should all argue, far from it. Debating something can be healthy. In fact, I believe sometimes you can learn something. Kiersten writes: Without opinion, Rosa Parks would never have sat at the front of a bus.  Without debate, women would never have gained the right to vote.  Without difference of opinion, freedom of the press would not exist, and you and I would not be here writing every day.”
k2Kiersten says, “Your opinion matters” and I should yes from the rooftops. The thing is, Kiersten may have some opinions that are different from yours and also mine but listening to them is worth it. She doesn’t want kids. She talks about race on her blog, something I commend. Because I have been afraid to and that’s not like me at all. She wrestles with things. She does not have all the answers. She talks about why we still need feminism, how college campuses handle sexual assault (for the most part, and this is just me, very poorly). She believes in some things but there are other things she is figuring out. She breaks the blogging mold.
k3It’s not that I agree with everything Kiersten says or writes. I don’t think she wants me to, actually. It’s that she has created a space where she bravely writes what is on her mind and heart and opens up a dialogue and a conversations. I wish there were more conversations on blogs instead of: great post! I am guilty of this. Kiersten is entirely herself. Yes, she believe in debate but she is also soft (not weak) with compassion in love. Just read what she would tell her daughter if she ever has one.
Kiersten is fierce.




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6 thoughts on “She is Fierce.

  1. Lux Ganzon

    Heading over to that fierce blog now. Lovely shots here by the way. Sunflower is my fave flower of all and I like how crisp the color is in this pic.

  2. Kati Rose

    I’ve always loved how Kiersten creates a discussion about the everyday topics so many are scared to discuss. Having a person start that dialogue makes it less scary for everyone else. Her blog is a breath of fresh air.

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