Christmastime in the City.

Christmastime in the Cityone

Let’s talk about how Chicago has turned it out for Christmas. Everywhere I go, I feel like singing silver bells because, it’s Christmastime in the city. #Holler I do miss parts of San Francisco Christmas too. Like the weather and other beautiful things you can see here with these San Francisco Christmas photos. But Chicago, man. My eyeballs may be freezing (it’s actually been pretty mild) but you may just be worth it. For more lovely photos like what you see up there, you can follow me on instagram @nbwearsflowers (by the way I changed my IG name; it was a way bigger deal in my head than reality). painttheholidaysredfiveawaytwo

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This is my last official post during the Holiday season. Life has been so crazy but I keep writing here because I want to be a writer. So I treat it like a job, a job that doesn’t support me, but that I love so very much. Everyone needs a vacation though. I realized that today and that has been made very clear to me. I am sure I will pop in now and again. I can’t help myself. I can’t quit myself. For all I know, I could be back at this on Monday. This more about giving myself the freedom not to blog during Christmas time. So I really didn’t even need to tell you. Also something great is coming Monday so all of this was just me reminding myself to give myself about a break. Glad we had this talk, guys.christmaswrappingfour

Let’s play a game. How many presents do I have left to buy? Zero. How many do I have left to wrap? All of them minus two. (Guys, I am so good at math.)


And just because I want you to have a fabulous day…I leave you with this.

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23 thoughts on “Christmastime in the City.

  1. Aimee @ Aimlesly Elegant

    The city is SO beautiful this time of year. I remember as kids we used to come down to Chicago for a field trip before the holidays, and part of the trip was just driving down Michigan Ave to see all the pretty lights.

  2. meagan

    City Christmas lights are my favorite! Good for you for taking a little writing break (maybe) enjoy this time and have a happy happy christmas friend!!!

  3. Kelli {A Deeper Joy}

    Breaks are good 🙂 I obviously just couldn’t find time even this week (besides Monday) to post because I never want to feel obligated…especially when I’m stressed. I’m sure I’ll still be talking to you over the holidays! Great giveaway, too! 🙂

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