Rosies & Daisies in December.

 It’s that time to show off some of my favorite ladies. When I started my sponsorship program, I had no idea what I had in store. I honestly have enjoyed my partnerships with all of these ladies (with one exception awhile ago…just keepin’ it real so you know when I say I love these ladies, I really mean it. They are such a joy and I love their blogs.

Just as an FYI, the sponsorship here at Flowers in my Hair has been super successful. As the blog has grown, I have known that I need to raise the prices as my reach increased but it didn’t seem right to do it in the middle of the year so the changes will take place on Jan 1. If you purchase anything before that, you will still receive the price as it is now, even if your sponsorship doesn’t take place until after the new year. Oh, and by the way, here is a discount code: snowflake…for 15% off.

I work really hard to showcase my sponsors in a dynamic way. Take it away, friends…

Rosies:1 // Hi!  I’m Anne and I’m the blogger behind Love the Here and Now, a lifestyle blog that covers just about everything I am currently enjoying in life. 
2 // It is my favorite time of year….the holidays!  I am a huge fan of Christmas and have no shortage of decorations or Christmas trees around my home.  I am proof that DIY Outdoor Decorations are simple and easy to do.
3 // Besides the amazing blogging community, blogging has introduced me to a love of fonts.  I love collecting them and combining them with other fonts to make fun graphics for my blog.  The 2nd Tuesday of each month I share some of my new favorites.    
4 // I am married to my high school sweetheart and together we are navigating this crazy life of ours.  We have been married for almost 18 years.  Looking forward to many more years of marriage!
5 // Fall is definitely my favorite season and occasionally you’ll find me sipping my favorite adult beverage
6 // Sometime you will find recipes on Love the Here and Now.  They have to be simple and delicious to make the cut.  This one fit the bill perfectly.  
7 // As I said, I love Fall, but I can’t ignore the fact that Winter brings some pretty great things with it too.  Hot cocoa anyone?
8 // These three beauties are my world.  Being a mom is the toughest yet most rewarding job there is. 
9 // I host 2 link ups that I would love for you to join.  Every Wednesday I host Wednesday Wishes and the 1st Tuesday of every month I host the Awesome Link Up (share things that make you smile).  
I’d love to have you follow Love the Here and Now.  Stop by and introduce yourself!  You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin’, Pinterest, and Facebook.  

hellorigby! Seattle Fashion & Lifestyle Blog Collage

1. Hi! I’m Jenn, and I blog over at hellorigby! about fashion, life, and beauty.

2. In case you haven’t visited my blog before, you may be interested to know that it’s named after my dog, Rigby. He’s a 2-year-old Shiba Inu, and I think secretly most people who visit like him more than me. πŸ˜‰

3. Besides fashion and life, I also enjoy reading in my (very little) spare time. I usually post what I’ve read recently, and I’m working on finishing my goal of reading 100 books this year!

4. I recently took up vlogging and started my own YouTube channel. My most recent vlog is full of useful hairstyle tips, just in time for the holiday season!

5. I’m a huge fan of shopping, but one of the downfalls is how easy it is to spend money. To create some of my looks, I hit up the local thrift shops. Some of my favorite outfits have been put together with thrifted pieces!

6. Speaking of budgeting, I share what I buy every month in my clothing budget recap post. Some months are better than others… (Oh and PS, those Loubs? Paid less than $50 for both. Score.)

7. When I’m not shopping or reading, I like digging into my makeup bag. Here’s what’s in mine right now!

8. Everyone has a vice. Mine happens to be binging on Netflix re-runs, like The Gilmore Girls. It inspired this post, which is one of my favorites.

9. But most of all, my favorite activity these days is blogging. I’m basically always thinking up what to work on next, and love learning from this amazing community!

hellorigby! blog | Bloglovin’ | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

makemeupmiaOne. Hi! My name is Mia and you can find me over at Make Me Up Mia, a lifestyle & beauty blog. I’m a total girly girl and absolutely LOVE to talk beauty & makeup with anyone who will listen.
Two. My husband Dustin and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary August. Each year gets better & better with my best friend by my side.
Three. We adopted our Pekingese Pixie 7 years ago and yes, we are that couple. 
Four. You’ll find a lot of beauty products & tutorials on my blog. Fun & easy nail looks are something I thoroughly enjoy. 
Five. Dustin and I started our weight loss journey over 3 years ago, we did it the good old fashion way- eating better and working out. We are changed for life & couldn’t be happier. 
Six. That being said, my sweet tooth will never go away. I’m ok with that… 
Seven. My little brother was involved in an ATV accident Sept 2013 and suffered a TBI. He is the strongest fighter I’ve ever known, my true hero#prayformayberry 
Eight. We love traveling and the beach will always be my happy place. We tried to move from Oklahoma to Florida  earlier this year, but our house wouldn’t sell. Maybe someday! 
Nine. My other happy place? My home office, which I upgraded this summer. It makes all the difference when your spot is cozy.

I | Hi everyone! I’m Autumn and I’m a new blogger over at which I started to occupy my post grad days with something creative and meaningful (sitting on the couch watching Netflix all day was getting old). This creative venture has been so great in helping me figure out my style of life.

2 | I LOVE traveling. One day I hope to turn my blog into a travel blog to quench my insatiable desire for experiencing different places and people.

3 | I really enjoy working out. It’s become a great hobby for me and I love giving others fitness and healthy eating tips.

4 | I’m originally from Texas, went to school in California, currently live in South Florida and call the Bahamas my true home. I’m an all around everywhere kinda girl.

Blog | Bloglovin’ | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram


One: Hi everyone! I’m Claire and I blog at Refining Bliss, a lifestyle blog where I write about my time in grad school and life in Columbus!

Two: I’m getting married on October 3, 2015, and this is our venue

Three: I’m in my second year of grad school at The Ohio State University, working towards my Master of Public Health! I graduate in May, and I’ve been a ball of emotions – excited, terrified, and nostalgic.

Four: Crafting is one of my main hobbies. I learned to knit in 5th grade, and actually started an after-school knitting club! More recently, I made my own T-shirt quilt and am frantically trying to finish up Christmas presents.

mindfulmattersOne. Season’s Greetings!  I am Diane from Mindful Matters Jewelry, a unique artisan jewelry boutique featuring many handmade designs using clay, mixed metals …..and lots of other fun media!
Two. Many new Necklace Designs are featured in the Mindful Matters 2014 Collection.
Three. I create beaded bracelets in styles that range from tribal to whimsical.
Four. I delight in designing earthy new earring styles for the art-loving world traveler!

One. Hi, I’m Heather! You’ll find me rambling on about life + style over in my little corner of the interwebs, Style Prescription.

Two. My husband and I are expecting and we found out the gender at our reveal this month! We are over the moon!

Three. Speaking of my husband, we also recently celebrated our 2-year anniversary . I can be mushy sometimes:)

Four. I love styling looks, especially during the holiday season! Check out my most recent party styles here and here .
December Daisy Collage

One: Hi! I’m Liz and I blog over at Baby Got B.A. where I talk about my life as a student/Disney person and all the struggles that are so so real.

Two: I am in full on finals mode over here, but I am pleased to announce that I AM (kind of) DONE WITH CALCULUS FOREVER!!!!

Three: This is not where I blog, but I love the room I’ve put together, even if my apartment is the worst place in the world.

Four: I’M SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS – Disney Christmas, and red cups and EVERYTHING MERRY AND BRIGHT!tab
1. Hey there, I’m Tabitha! A late twenties gal with procrastination tendencies and an obsession with mascara; who happens to be a mom, and believes that a glass of wine can fix anything. I blog over at a lifestyle blog called a hundred tiny wishes … and most of the time it’s a place where I bear my soul. Basically, It’s a place for me to share the beauty of life and just be me. I write about family, diy, beauty, motherhood, style, my many confessions, beauty reviews, and more; because living a hundred tiny wishes at a time is a lifestyle.

2. Like I said, I am a mom to a Lil Man. He just turned four, and is the light of my life. I am also married and you can read our love story to find out the rest.

3. In my free time, I love to paint glassware and make jewelry; so in March 2014, I opened an Etsy Shop called tiny wishes creations.

4. 2. I have a dog- Duce, and since we got him six years ago, I have had a budding obsession with Moose.

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